A Dream of Mine

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A strange, and for some reason un-nerving dream I had last night.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



I had gotten in trouble again; this time was final. My parents punished me by sending me to a different school. That may not seem so bad but for me, that's hell. I can live without my phone and Facebook because I know my friends will still be there for me when I get back to school. But switching my school? Taking me from my friends? Oh no.

I was sent to King High School and the faces if my friends were there--but they weren't my friends. They were just people who looked like them. So when I tried to talk to them, they seemed possessed and tried to attack me. I ran screaming and somehow made it through the day. I went to the dorm rooms but my roomate was a bitch so I went to go to the room of one of my friends who's a junior (I'm a freshman). She was herself still. But when I got in there she was scared too. We were watching tv, lying down, when some huge, muscular guy in a fix came in and started yelling at us. He told as to goto bed or else. He started throwing things at is and tryin.g to attack us. I ran and I was dimly aware of the friend leaving too.

Somehow it was dayliht again outside. I ran into the gym that had a huge auditorium upstairs. I went and sat by one of my best friends. But of course, it wasn't her. She ignored me, gave me dirty looms, and turned around. So I sat by myself and cried. Suddenly one of the seniors from my fifth period (in real life) Josh came in. He sat next to me but I didn't look at him because I thought he was just like everybody else. But he surprised me by putting his arm around my hunched shoulders asI cried. He never said anything, just sat there comforting me. My shouldersslouched forward even more and I leaned onto his shoulder, bawling my eyes out. He just held me whole I cried. He held me as I cried about how terrible my life had turned.

Haa, so that was my dream last night :P It was so weird but I have dreams like that a lot; not like that but just weird dreams lol. It was so weird seeing Josh in class today :P All I could picture was his arm on my shoulders, letting me cry against him. I honestly wanted him to hold me like that again. Really bad lol. And I noticed how blue his eyes were and how cute he really is. And how it kinda made me mad that a girl had her feet in his lap lol. Damn these dreams.

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