You held me in your arms,
I, your one and only love.
I never wished to be free
of your embrace

A wonderful thing, love,
dismissing all your cares.
Oh how alive you feel
when you're in love!

And then he walked by
He looked my way.
And I looked his.
And we held each others' glances
for a moment.

You noticed his look,
and mine as well.
You were apalled
because I was the one
and only girl you'd loved.

But between that boy and me,
there was nothing,
had been nothing,
though I admit I'd
wished there was.

There was no way you could know
what I felt,
for I myself
was still trying
to decipher it

I loved you, but
you could never have his eyes.
You could never have his smile.
You could never be what I couldn't have.

But I loved that.
I loved everything you were,
everything that you could be.
And yet I wished that boy would hold
my heart.

My heart slipped into a coma.
Beated not.
Felt not.
Its occupants moved out,
and I was there alone

For you then rejected my heart.
If not only yours,
then you would not have it
at all, and that boy
was never mine.

I curse my wretched, fickle
heart, and the boy for walking by.
I wished you'd never made your depart,
for my heart, that day,
had died.

Submitted: August 11, 2007

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