A Rock

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Submitted: May 01, 2008

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Submitted: May 01, 2008



I shattered my pride for you
Jumped off my high horse to come clean
And you’ve no response to this…
Do you have a clue what this means?

All you do is stand there
Thinking I can read your mind
Leaving me hurt and confused

Like you’re “one of the guys”
So you’re playing it all cool
But you don’t know what you do

You’re a figurative rock
Your heart is made of stone
You act like it’s no big deal
Leaving me here alone

There’s a beating heart somewhere inside you
But I can’t break the stone to get there
Why can’t you tell me what you feel inside?
What you’re doing to me isn’t fair

If you really feel the same
Then why are we still here?
Back where we started again

Suppressing your emotions
You’re killing me inside
When will it all come to an end?

I think if I could turn back time
I’d have never told a soul
This is all too much agony
And I feel like such a fool

I hate your rock-like qualities
It’s the one thing that I can’t bear
To know that your heart beats with mine
But hides beneath a rock somewhere

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