Cold Feet*

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thoughts going through the mind of a bride on her wedding day

I waited so long
to hear you ask
your question.
And when you did,
I had my answer
all planned out.

I would say yes,
tears of joy
clouding my eyes.
Then you would kiss me,
and we would smile

And I'd live happily
after, with you,
my one true love.
We would make each other
happy. You would hold me
in our paradise.

But as the day neared,
My heart pounded, on
and on, with anxiety,
sadly, not excitement.
Those second
thoughts that brides always
seem to get,
tortured me to the point
I considered leaving.

I wanted to live happily
after, with you, my
"one, true love."
I wished
we could make each other happy,
but that seemed so unlikely

Where is Cupid
when you need him the most?
I'll take an arrow!
Let me fall
in love

With just a few days
til we got to say "I do,"
What do
I do

Take the risk?
Walk away?
Is this my happily
Are you my one
true love?
Will we make each other happy?
Is this all a big

Forget Cupid and his weird
little arrows.
I'll take the bullet
Yes, I'll take the
bloody risk!
I'll marry you!
You'll just have to be
the one.
I did love you once, so
there must be
a reason.

I'll try to live
happily ever after
with you,
whoever you are.
We'll try
to make each other happy.
What more can I expect?

Submitted: August 07, 2007

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oh no, memories of my blind marriage. I promised we'd get married, though when the time got closer I did'nt feel I really loved him though I married him anyway; I mean I DID promise you know? so I vowed to stay happily ever after no matter how miserable I was.
so glad I can laugh about it now though it sure wasn't funny then.----nice piece-:)

Wed, August 8th, 2007 12:21am


Wow. Glad someone can relate to my work! Thanks for the comment, it means so much!

Wed, August 8th, 2007 4:47pm

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