Could It Be?

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Submitted: April 15, 2008

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Submitted: April 15, 2008



I've waited for so long for this time
When you'd be free and look my way
When the thought would occur to you
To give this girl the time of day

Of course I'm taking this all on a guess
But, tell me, I'm right, aren't I?
Or is this all 'cause you're a generous
But really ignorant guy?

I honestly believe that you're feeling
What I've felt all along
Unless I've misinterpreted the signs
Then how could I be wrong?

Your hazel eyes stare back at me
When we collide in the halls
Then you laugh that laugh to yourself
'Cause I just ran into the wall

Your voice lingers in my ears
As you tell me of your day
I sit there and just listen
To every word that you say

You stand in your stance unique to you
As you wait for me by the door
I've seen you do this for other girls
But it's never been me before

I admit that I see what I wish
But how distorted is my view?
Am I wrong to think I stand a chance?
That you feel the way that I do?

I wait for you to make things plain with me
A day like a year in my head
Waiting for you to say something to me
Words that you've never before said

But for now I'll just sit here...

And I'll laught to myself, seeing your quirky smile
Amazed how it raises my spirits for a while

And I'll lie in bed, my mind only on you
Wondering if I make visits to your dreams too

I'll hear a song on the radio
As if written for you and I
Some of which make me want to hold you
While others make me want to cry

And I cling to that one thread of hope
That my heart will survive this unscathed
We'll find a happy ever after
And my dreams of you will never fade

No matter where this crazy world takes us
I know I can make it through
'Cause I have a friend, maybe something more
I have a special someone

...I have you

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