Hopelessly Devoted to You

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Dedicated to You-Know-Who.

Submitted: January 12, 2008

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Submitted: January 12, 2008



I've been thinking a lot
And I finally realized
All that I felt for you
And how none of it ever died

I could tell myself forever
That I'll only be your friend
But I could never fool my heart
My feelings are without end

There's some people I can't tell
'Cause I know they might tell you
And now's not your time to know
If you did, what would I do?

What if I'm just a friend to you
And you don't like me that way
Maybe to you I'm like a sister
You'd never give the time of day

What if you've felt this all along
But never told me so
I can't date 'till I'm seventeen
Whether or not you know...

In truth I'm equally afraid
That you'll say no as that you'll agree
I'm paranoid and I'm so scared
I know, of you, I'll never be free

Generally I don't mind risks
But this terrifies me
I'd hate to think that my mistake
Caused us not to be

If only you could send some sort of sign
"Come closer" or "back away"
I'll grant you either one of these wishes
If you would tell me one day

Because no matter what you say
My feelings for you will not change
As far as control seems to go
This decision is out of my range

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