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I don't want to lose you
To all the evils of this world

It is not for the corruption
Of your ming that I fear
At one time it was
But no longer

I don't want to lose you
To this war going ever on

I don't see you anymore
Every morning I wake
Hoping and praying
That you're alive

You are the love of my life
That's why I'm crying missing you
And trembling for my ignorance
Of your well-being

And I cannot sleep at night
'Cause maybe you can't sleep at night
And if you cannot then I won't
To me that sounds fair

I'm so proud of you, my brave soldier
Never will I regret your decision
To save your people
But I'm still going to cry
And I'll still be scared

I don't want to lose you

Submitted: August 07, 2007

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