I Find You

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dedicated to Matt... (pehaps I'll actually let him read this one... we'll see...)

Submitted: June 05, 2008

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Submitted: June 05, 2008



I don't spend a minute without you
For you are always on my mind
I see you in everything I do
In every shape, in every sign

When the sun rises in the morning
The sky a shade of pink-ish red
I remember when it all slipped out
Because of something I had said

The colors of the morning's sunrise
Were then painted on my face
As I wondered if it'd end in love
Or end in my own disgrace

When the birds nest in their branches
Chirping their songs off-key
I recall my lame choir concert
You were there, supporting

The songs the birds sing each morn'
Made the choir's sound unrehearsed
But still you hugged me good luck
Though, with those songs, we were cursed

When my bare feet brush the dew-filled grass
I invision a bright new day
Not unlike our first day of school when
I recognized you right away

The grass is always a familiar sight
But dew can come as a suprise
Just as you were but a face that I knew
Then one day I looked in your eyes...

When my house is full of commotion
Or the people who cause it, rather
It takes me back to hallways at school
Where the obnoxious people gather

As my household haven is my room
You were mine in the hallways
As you held my hand throughout the noise
A strange sunshine lit my day

When the clouds come together in the sky
And naught but roaring thunder can be heard
I remember all those days at school
When you and I would not exchange a word

Sometimes the silencec was ominous
Like the storm clouds threat'ning the sky
Sometimes it was just an awakward lull
Then those pauses... no one knew why

When the rain decides to pour on down
In numerous sheets of cold and wet
I remember that day at the trains
That fateful day I shall never forget

Although it was raining that day
All of my skies were clear and blue
For in rain or sleet, snow or hail
I'm fine as long as I have you

In this life there are many
Bends and twists and turns
And yet the time that I am lost are few

For around every corner
I find memories
And in every memory, I find you

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