Me Street

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Submitted: May 24, 2009

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Submitted: May 24, 2009



Me Street

People walk through my life like it’s a street
Casually drop their trash, use the sidewalk to wipe their feet
They may take a rest now and then
Stop to enjoy the sights
And when they got no place to go
They take a park bench for the night

A lot of people seem to get lost
Traveling down this street.
Even though I give directions
Or draw a map for them to see
I had no idea
That I was some kind of foreign terrain
Until I watched so many people
Getting lost along the way.

Most of them are just passing through
I’m like that short-cut everybody talks about
The one deep down in the woods
That always sounds good…
Until you get there at the wrong time of day
And wish you’d just taken the long way.

But they always come back again
Like they forgot it’s not an easy road
They throw a tantrum and plead their case
When they see “Detour” and “Road Closed”

I tried to tell them it’s just an empty street
If you come here, you won’t find anyone but Me.
So why do they keep coming here searching,
For someone their not gonna see!

Do you have the wrong address?
Somehow did you take a wrong turn?
The one you’re looking for doesn’t live here
When are you people gonna learn?

Why do you think I closed off the entrance?
Why do you think this shit is blocked off?
This road needs a lot of work
But I can’t get a fuckin day off!
Before someone needs to make it to happiness on time
And they’re pissed if they can’t use this street
Someone else just wants to give it a try
They feel like there’s something they just have to see
They beg me to take down the ropes
They gotta pass through right here, right now
And I…. well sometimes it’s just hard to keep my ground
When it’s been a lifelong desire
To find someone who can see
Passed the eroded surface
And all the over grown weeds

But when I take down the blockades
They don’t respect the fact that shits outta wack!
They run around tearing shit up
Throwing rocks and jumping on cracks
Then when they fall and bump their heads
They stand up and look at me
They wonder where they’re at
And tell me I should fix Me.
They wish they never came
So they call me out my name
No one understands me
And the reactions are all the same

But why should I clean up the neighborhood for you?
When you look just like the last bum who stopped here to take a shit.
You expect your words to go so far
But they can only get you through the entrance
And when the rest isn’t smooth riding
You pissed that you fell in a ditch?
What did you expect?
I told you take time with this shit.
I wrote out a fuckin map!
Told you every step not to take!
You said “I don’t need directions”
But you blaming me for your mistakes.

And when people look at me,
I already know what they see.
A dark, abandoned, lonely, run down, street.
They are intimidated by the dramatic scene
They don’t wanna repeat the past
They can’t see the life-long path
Cause they just want to make this short-cut last.

But not everyone can live here
Not everyone can make it on this side of town.
Not everyone can open their ears
Not everyone can set their pride down
To open their eyes in the dark
Or hear another soul ask,
“Can you see me with your heart? So I can let go of our past?”
Within, my spirit is transformed
And my eyes grow wider everyday
As I embrace myself
In all my flaws
Love myself in everyway
If you tried to understand me but somehow lost your way
I’m sorry but it’s not my fault
That you threw the map away.
I know that no one wants to live on that short-cut up in the woods
They’ll try it one time just so they can say they’ve been here.
Or they’ll take it just because they’re anxious to get somewhere.

So the signs go back up,
You can’t pass through this way
I don’t really care
If you think your happiness is running late.
Since some people don’t understand, “Road Work Ahead”
Next time, do me and you both a favor
Take the long way instead.

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