My Fairy Tale

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dedicated to Matt

Submitted: June 25, 2008

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Submitted: June 25, 2008



You know what they say

How fairy tales don't really
have happy ever afters
And dreams don't really
ever come to be

But who are they to say?
And how are they to know
That a Cinderella can't exist
Nor the occassional Romeo?

They tell you that life can't be perfect
So why don't you give up now?
Maybe that's how their lives go
But I've found clear skies somehow

There may be no castle
Nor a dragon to slay
But this is still my fairy tale
It's just set in modern day

Perhaps not happy forever after
But at least happy for a little while
Of course it's a dream come true
Why else would I dare to smile?

They say "you're just a little kid"
And they say that you can't know love
Well maybe not, but I believe
You were sent to me from above

Perhaps these thoughts are crazy
Surely these thoughts are not few
But I'm not in  a state to reason
Because I'm just too in love with you

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