My Prime Fear

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You-Know-Who again

Submitted: January 21, 2008

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Submitted: January 21, 2008



I've come to that point in my life
When my prime concern is you
What you think, how you feel, and why
Do you feel the way I do?

As of late, all of my dreams
Mentioned you, your face, or name
You're always asked that questioned
In that tone, like it's a game

And you give that same answer
Every single time
You always say you're taken
Never ever mine

Although I know it isn't true
I wake with a cold sweat
Wondering, if that dream were real
Then what would I have left?

Each day I grow impatient
Do I have you or not?
That one day you'll be mine is what
I'd liked to have thought

But there's no real way of telling
Unless I just ask you flat-out
I know what all would be at stake
If you knew this, all about

For if you felt the same way
My problems would disappear
However, if you didn't...
My current and my prime fear

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