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How's THAT for sanity?

Submitted: April 07, 2013

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Submitted: April 07, 2013



When chocolate won't help,
I eat jalapenos,
as though the sting
on my tongue
could somehow ease
the pain
in my heart.

I take naps,
often, as though,
when I wake,
it would somehow be a
better day.

I cry,
and in secret,
and far more often than
I'm told
is normal,
as though every bad thing
in my life
were only inside me,
and somehow I needed to
squeeze them out
through my eyes.

Instead of talking,
I retreat,
back to an inmost corner
of my mind,
and there's no pain
anymore, and you don't exist
anymore, and I'm not afraid
anymore, and it's familiar.

And I'm in control.
And I find peace
in knowing
that you'll never see me again,
that only me
shell will be left,
and I don't have to share
this new world
with you,
or anyone,

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