Sometimes I Log On

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to the man who was like a father to me... but even the good stuff can't last forever...

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



Sometimes I log on
late at night,
just to see if you'll show
again, like you used to,
when goodbye was only a
and more pages remained
before our story's end.

Sometimes I see
your picture and wonder
if I did the right thing,
leaving you like that, without word.
Maybe I should have told you
I was going,
but you only would have told me
to stay. And

sometimes I think
about writing this poem,
but I know it will come out like a
love poem, and even though you and I
both know that it wasn't ever that way,
I'd hate for you -- or someone -- to read it
and misunderstand, so I've delayed ever writing
this for you. And

sometimes it gets to me
that I could never say this to you
in person because
I didn't want to cause a scene,
or I didn't want to see your face
when I hurt you. But

sometimes I hurt too.
In fact, I was pained every moment
that I spent with you, acting
as though all was well,
as though nothing had changed,
as though things could be as they once were
and they can't.
Yes, I was pained every moment
until these words cried out
from the tip of my pen,
and I am free of you. And I realize that

sometimes we have to let go
of the people that we love, and
without erasing them
from our hearts
or prayers, leave them behind
and walk on.

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