Unholy War

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My brother, Joe, wrote this. I thought it was really great, and he wanted me to put it on the internet. I hope you enjoy it too.

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008



A call to arms and the clash of iron and steel rang about the valley. It grew in intensity as the sun passed high overhead. Everywhere men screamed, each side calling upon God to bring them victory over the infidels and heathens that they faced. The desert sand became a moist shade of burgundy. Yet, soon it could not be seen through the shapeless masses that accumulated.

Many miles away, families of both factions prayed that their husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons would come home unscathed. Everyone looked to their god to keep them safe in a conflict man started and only man can end.

The clash of arms gradually abated as the sun cowered in the west and clouds rolled in to shed tears over the sickening creature that Man has become. The rain played a melancholy tune over the armor of the fallen. Those with life and limb ran about the field to the dying and cheerfully told of their victory. Some were knighted or given medals of merit in consolation as they breathed their last in the valley.

The survivors then knelt in silence and thanked God for allowing them to live, so that they can once again meet their rivals in battle. And those that had fled from the victors gathered in the next valley and thanked God for keeping them alive so that they may once again stand against their enemy.

The rain continued its symphony to the dead long into the night. A red sun groped above the eastern horizon as the commander of each army conversed in silence over the day’s plans. Each faction rode out in haste to prepare for the coming conflict, crying out for God to bring them victory this day. Again they met their enemies, each side confident of divine support.

Far away, some families rejoiced and praised God as they opened a letter signed by their loved one. Others wept and cursed God as they received the body of their loved one upon his shield. Many, in grief, abandoned their divine beliefs, for they had looked to God to keep them safe in a conflict man started and only man can end.

The snarls and roars of men carried far in the barren valley. Indeed, the cries of men alone were sufficient enough to instill horror at this scene. But, upon taking in the unspeakable and unparalleled ferocity with which a man fought heathens of other religions; their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters would be staggered at what they perceived as their loved ones. The faces of men, dripping with blood that is not their own, is an abhorred thing to behold; certainly no gift of divine power.

Reinforcements then arrived for both armies, and the fresh soldiers fought with an untapped viciousness as they released more souls from the chaos of the valley. The pieces of broken men mounted in piles to such a point where no foothold could be found on the once level ground and many men stumbled over their fallen comrades.

The heavens refused to shed another tear for the barbarians below and the sun glared at the unceasing and senseless combat before turning its back in the west to shed its light on a more tranquil world.

The night brought with it a peace that was otherwise unheard of in the valley. In which, those men still with life and limb, bore away their dead to make room for a bloodier conflict the following dawn.

In the midst of the fallen, a young man writhed about with a venomous shaft in his breast. He was soon discovered by men of his own nation. His mouth foamed and when he tried to speak it only bubbled more violently. His fellow soldiers awarded him a medal for his outstanding courage in the face of death. And as he clutched the golden cross in his hand he wept at the unjust exchange that he was paid for his flesh and blood. He allowed the award to slip between his fingers, and he closed his eyes.

Back at home families prayed for a rapid victory so that their loved ones might return home. And the soldiers of both sides prayed for the strength to overcome their opposition. And everyone prayed to God to stop a conflict that man started and only man can end.

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