Waiting Pains

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dedicated to You-Know-Who

Submitted: February 22, 2008

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Submitted: February 22, 2008



I finally thought everything was alright
Though I was where I wanted to be
But now I realize I was dead wrong
That this was just a fantasy

And I kept telling myself a time would come
That it all'd be going my way
But now I wonder, was it even worth it?
Is it worth enduring this pain?

And every day I was there for you
When you were with someone, when alone
Always waiting on you hopefully
But I always end up on my own

And I kept telling myself that I could wait
For you to realize
That I'd felt so much for you for oh so long
I convinced myself of lies

We both know this is never going to happen
If I ever had a chance, it's gone
I'm tired of waiting on someone who'll never come
I'm tired of waiting on this someone

And I keep telling myself I'll get through this
That all this pain will subside
But I know you'll never think of me this way
My feelings must always hide

So it's best that I just move on now
And quit while I'm ahead
Don't like this waiting and all this pain
Naught mroe needs to be said

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