What About You, My Friend?

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Dedicated to a very good friend of mine.

Submitted: December 23, 2007

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Submitted: December 23, 2007



How are you different from everyone else
All that way deep down inside
I don't mean your physical features
But that which you care to hide

Is it the way you see the world?
What you think about by day?
The poetry within your heart?
Or what you choose not to say?

I'm unsure what exactly iy is
But there is something different about you
See, for you, I would lower my pride
That isn't something I'd normally do

I hope you do not yet know this
Have not yet deciphered my clues
If you found out before your time
I do not know what I would do

If you do know then don't tell me
Especially if you disagree
Let me cling to my strand of hope
Let my imagination roam free

Spend the next three years my fried
For now let me be
In August 2010
Then you can call me

If by then you've changed your mind
And don't want me anymore
Then perhaps it's best this way
That we've not gone through this door.

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