Danii's Masterpiece Novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Meet my masterpiece. Masterpiece, meet the booksie people. I started writing this years ago, but I have never finnished it. I'm hoping that it will be finnished soon. And properly published. So please read, leave comments and likes !!
(Also please suggest a Title)

Titles Suggested so Far ; DragonHeart, Heart of a Dragon, Queen of Hearts, Princess of Evalade, Attack of the Jedleys, Dragon Wings, Dragon Song

Table of Contents

The Introduction

The Characters Luna – ·Blonde, green eyes ·Best friend ·She is a Peerer (pee-er-ruh) ·Council Member Ember ... Read Chapter


“Put it into a plait.” She asked her ladies maid quietly. “Excusez-moi ma Dame?” (Excuse me, Miss) “Une natte sil vous ... Read Chapter

December... ... Read Chapter


He died with his pride gathered like a blanket around him, with his men fighting gallantly around him, and with the image of his wife in ... Read Chapter


Rising behind the hills of Rhyle, the sun watched suspiciously of the growing mass of Jedley soldiers who were marching along the middle ... Read Chapter


Her long black hair tumbled wildly past her shoulders, level with the bottom of her spine. Quickly, she scanned the tall trees with pierc... Read Chapter


The room around her was posh, the sort of room you would expect in a hotel or a condo belonging to a film star. Ember’s eyes felt heavy... Read Chapter


I woke up to blissful silence and the rare smell of lavender. My headache was reducing slowly; it no longer felt like I had a drummer... Read Chapter