Dark Hearts

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Maria finds herself surrounded in darkness while Kenneth, an evil mastermind with a sinister plot, plays around with what she keeps down in her heart. He shows her what is precious to her the most and attempts to break her.

Submitted: July 11, 2010

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Submitted: July 11, 2010



> Scene is set on a dark stage, light shining only on the main character, Maria, and two figures near the edge of the stage.

Maria: "W-Where am I?" She looks around, trying to make sense of where she is. She sees the two figures and squints at them. "Mom? Dad?!"

> Light shines on a fourth figure, which is quickly recognized as Kenneth, standing behind Maria.

Kenneth: "So this is what is precious to you?"

> Maria turns around, glaring at Kenneth.

Maria: "What is this place?! Answer me, now!"

Kenneth: "To think you'd be such a goody-goody. Your dear mother, your proud father... They don't know a thing, do they? What you've been doing, and where you've been. Who you've been hanging with... Not a thing?" He shakes his head, mocking her.

Maria: "No... Of course not..." She looks down, avoiding Kenneth's gaze. "They'd never understand."

Kenneth: "How tragic it'd be for you, then..." He steps closer to the two figures, eventually standing between them as all three stare at her. "Mother, Father, your daughter..."

Maria: "No..."

Kenneth: "...has been hanging around..."

Maria: "No."

Kenneth: "...with the undead."

Maria: "No! It's not true! It's not..."

> Maria's parents look at one another, expressions of horror and betrayal cast across their aged faces. They step closer to their daughter as Kenneth disappears into the darkness, his light going out to where it only focuses on the other three left.

Maria's Father: "Is this true...?"

Maria: "No..."

Maria's Mother: "I thought we raised you better, Maria!" She starts to cry, burying her face in her hands.

Maria's Father: "Those corpses have ruined you, haven't they? With their rotting flesh and their decaying mind. They've tainted you, and we'll never have our precious little girl ever again..." Anger washed upon his face, which made Maria shrug her shoulders forward and sulk, her eyes staring down at her feet. "Where are they, then?"

Maria: "Don't..."

Maria's Mother: "Such revolting things... They can't even be called people anymore. Maria, why would you do such a thing to us? We were good, weren't we?"

Maria: "It's not that..."

Maria's Father: "This isn't our fault, dear. This is hers. She's paying us back for all the years we've put in, trying our best to raise such a brilliant young girl. This is how she thinks we should be rewarded. She throws it all away for the corpses."

Maria's Mother: "That's it, isn't it?" The sadness she displayed earlier was now replaced with arrogance and bitterness. "You think they're better than us? We, who gave you life, gave you shelter, and helped you grow into what you've become now? You think you're better than us now?"

Maria: "Please, no! That's not it!"

> Maria's father kneels down and picks up a shotgun. He holds it up to his daughter, readying it.

Maria's Father: "You're the same as them. You're not our daughter anymore!"

> Maria hides her face in her hands, crying and not wanting to see what happens. The lights over her parents goes out, and she is left in the darkness with nothing but voices.

Voice of Maria's Father: "They've tainted you..."

Voice of Maria's Mother: "You think they're better than us?"

Voice of Kenneth: "How tragic..."

Maria: "Be quiet..."

Voice of Kenneth: "Poor little Maria..."

Maria: "Shut up..."

Voice of Kenneth: "Disowned by the ones she loved..."

> A light shines on a new figure, their back turned to Maria from across the stage. She looks up and sees it, recognizing it as well.

Maria: "Bastian...?"

Bastian: "You left me alone, Maria... Why?"

Maria: "I... I had to!"

Bastian: "I thought we were friends, though... Is it because... I'm dead?"

> Maria reaches out for him, but he doesn't turn. She opens her mouth to say something, but closes it after not having the nerve to say it.

Bastian: "I see... I thought you were different, Maria. I thought I could trust you..."

Maria: "I am different... Bastian, please!"

> Bastian exits the stage, the light still shining. Kenneth steps back in, grinning widely.

Kenneth: "Disowned by the ones you loved, and left behind by the one you cherished the most. No one in the whole world will mourn for you now."

Maria: "No one..." She looks down at her feet again, hanging her head down low.

> Kenneth walks up to Maria, a knife in his hand.

Kenneth: "No one cares for poor, little Maria. Left all alone, with only the darkness to comfort you."

Maria: "All alone..."

Kenneth: "It hurts, doesn't it? To feel isolated from those you thought cared about you, it must hurt."

> Maria looks down at her feet some more.

Kenneth: "I will be more than happy to end the sadness you're feeling, my dear."

> Maria lifts her head, looking at Kenneth and the knife in his hand.

Maria: "You will? Truly, you'll help?"

Kenneth: "Of course... I will be your only friend in this darkness."

> Maria smiles as Kenneth steps behind her, turning around and holding the knife inches from her throat.

Kenneth: "I will free you of your misery. The darkness will be your friend, Maria. The darkness..."

Maria: "My friend..."

> Bastian's voice yells out at her from the darkness on stage.

Voice of Bastian: "Maria! Wake up!"

Maria: "No one cares for me..." Kenneth's knife nears her throat slowly.

Voice of Bastian: "Maria! Can you hear me?!"

Maria: "The darkness will be my friend..."

> Maria closes her eyes as the knife finally touches her neck. The lights go out on stage.

Voice of Bastian: "Maria!!"

> Suddenly, all of the lights on stage come on, showing Maria standing with her eyes closed, Bastian standing beside her along with some other characters. Maria opens her eyes slowly.

Bastian: "Maria?"

Maria: "Bastian? Is that you...?"

> Bastian gives her a tight hug as she just lets her arms hang limp to her sides.

Bastian: "I thought we'd be too late. Are you OK?"

Maria: "But... why did you come back for me?"

> Bastian stopped hugging her, grasping her arms as he stared at her hard.

Bastian: "Why? We're friends, aren't we? That's what friends do."

Maria: "We're... friends?" She looked back down at her feet for a few seconds, then slowly raised her head back at him. "That's right. We're friends. You, me, and the others. We're friends."

Bastian: "Are you OK though?" He was still holding onto her, looking at her intently.

Maria: "I am now... But Kenneth is nearby. He... I..." She tried to explain what happened, but the words didn't seem to come to her. "Just trust me... I know he's here..."

Bastian: "We're with you until the end." He stepped aside, letting her take a look at the rest of the people that was standing near her. "We're your friends, and we won't let you do this alone."

Maria: "Thank you... Thank you all. Let's finish this."

> They all exit the stage, the lights shortly fading after them.

© Copyright 2020 Gaelin Kyle. All rights reserved.

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