The Story of Blizz

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Short Fantasy story I wrote in 8th grade, my very first work. Hope you enjoy

Submitted: June 25, 2014

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Submitted: June 25, 2014



The Story of Blizz

Jack Ga!ney



 That’s when they left me. I was six years old when my parents went on a 

hunting trip and never returned. Being an impulsive child I found myself out in the 

freezing cold woods without a coat crying for my parents. After a while I decided to go 

back… only I did not know what way WAS back. A fresh blizzard had covered my 

tracks and I was lost. I sat down and began to cry. Cry for my family, cry from the 

cold, and cry for help. That is when I became incased in ice. I have no clue how much 

time had gone by, but I eventually found myself lying on my back in the snow again 

looking up at a very old man carrying a stick with a crystal on top.

 “Well my boy you seem a bit cold there don’t ‘cha!” The man chuckled revealing 

his dandelion yellow teeth, “Why if it wasn’t for me, you would still be frozen like a 

child-sickle,” he laughed again tickling my nose with his smoke-gray beard, “Now tell 

me what is your name kiddo? Speak loudly my hearing ain’t what it used to be.” The 

stranger said smiling down at me.

 “Who are YOU?” I screamed at the scary stranger.

 “Well, I seemed to have asked you ?rst but okay,” the man said sitting down on 

a log pausing to brush o! the snow ?rst, “All you need to know is that my name is 

Hrothgar the wizard, and your mother, gods rest her soul, sent me after you.” Said the 

now “wizard” looking at his feet “And you are?” he said looking up at me “You look like 

you haven’t seen sun in years!” He chuckled again.

 I looked at my hands to see what he was talking about and sure enough they 

were whiter than the snow around us with a ring of ice on my right fore?nger, I picked 

up an ice shard and looked at my head, and to my own shock my brown hair was gray 

like storm clouds. The only thing that had not changed was my blue eyes.

 “I, I don’t know,” I whispered, still looking at my face in shock “My family 

disappeared, I went after them, then a blizzard came…”

 “Blizzard!” he said, I was hoping he would say he was in the same one… “Is 

THAT your NAME?” …nope

 “Ummm uhhhh ummm” I stammered not knowing what to say to Hrothgar.


 “Well, pleased to meet you Blizzard, um that sounds too formal. How ‘bout I 

just call you Blizz?”

 And that is how my adventure started, but now I bet you are wondering how we 

discovered my powers right? Well, to tell you the truth it happened all at once! We 

were going to Hrothgar’s palace and after a while we made a camp, and Hrothgar told 

me to ?nd some food. So I went out to look for something and I found a brown rabbit 

lying asleep in the snow. Without thinking I pounced on it and caught it. The rabbit 

had already died somehow but I didn’t care. I brought it back and promptly showed it 

to Hrothgar who began laughing.

 “That thing may have to thaw a bit boyo!” he howled rocking back and forth.

 I looked to see what he meant and the rabbit had frozen into a rabbit shaped 

case of ice. I tried explaining that the rabbit wasn’t frozen when I caught it, but the 

wizard was too busy su!ocating himself with laughter to listen. We went to sleep 

without food, we couldn’t thaw that rabbit out. At bedtime I saw Hrothgar’s magic for 

the ?rst time, he conjured up a tent with blankets for each of us. Late into the night I 

saw a shadow outside and I heard a deep howl, there was snoring from Hrothgar’s tent 

which was right next to mine so it could not have been him. I went out to have a look 

for myself and saw a white wolf standing over out rabbit trying to thaw it out. When it 

saw me it lunged in my direction. I looked away and swung my ?st horizontally at its 

jaw and it ?ew clean o! the wolf’s face. I spun away just in time to see the wolf 

carcass hit the soft ground. I looked at my hand to see how I had done that and saw 

that an icicle sword had sprouted from my hand. Just then Hrothgar came out of his 

“What is all the commotion about?” he said rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, then he 

saw the sword in my hand and the wolf’s body crumbled on the ground.

I began stammering “I-I don’t know, th-the wolf –jus-just attacked me and I swung 

and, I-I just don’t know!” I cried.

 But Hrothgar just smiled and said “Why are you crying boy? A man’s ?rst animal 

kill is a great occasion! Let us feast in honor of this moment! Hail Blizz!” he cried with 

joy. We ate the wolf’s meat and Hrothgar skinned it from the top jaw to the tail, giving 

it to me as a trophy.

 “All men deserve a pelt as handsome as this.” He said admiringly. He even put a 

charm on it so it would be hard as any armor, but light as a feather and it would grow 

and shrink as I do.

 Eventually we made it Hrothgar’s palace in the high mountains. There, he said, 

he would teach me to control my power and to ?ght in the king’s army. There in his 

palace his elven friends helped us with our training and cooked us our meals. It was 

there I learned that my mother used to live here (for she was an elf) until she met my 


father and fell in love. The two were married and ran away to the wilderness to start 

their new lives together. Then a few weeks ago my mother came in carrying my

father’s corpse behind her. They were attacked by trolls in the forest and they killed 

my father. Those were her ?nal words, as she collapsed and died after coughing up 

blood when she ?nished the sentence. This ?lled me with rage and I swore vengeance 

upon the troll clan that killed my family. But for many years my training continued,

until I was sixteen. Then Hrothgar said to me:

 “You have come very far my boy.”Hrothgar said as a tear formed in his eye, “But 

now it is time for you to go and use your skills for rightness! Go now and join the 

king’s army it is your rightful destiny.”

So I set out to join the ranks of the king’s army, I thought I would never return, but as I 

found out I would be returning home sooner than later…


Chapter 1:


 After weeks of agonizing travel I made it to the king’s palace. The guards 

holding twelve foot spears at the gate guarding the palace stopped me.

 “What do you want?” one guard asked.

 “I wish to speak to the king I am here to…” I began

 “We know who you are!” the ?rst guard gasped, “You are the one who has been 

sending the king threatening messages! Leave or we shall have to kill you!”

 “Jorge calm down, let us hear the boy out ?rst. Then we shall see if we must kill 

him or not.” The other guard said calmly

 “All right.” Said the ?rst guard, apparently Jorge “What do you want?

 “I wish to join the king’s army, I am known as Blizz to my family.” I said trying to 

be as cool (pun) and calm as possible

 “Very well, you may pass.” Said the second guard

 “But if we hear one thing we don’t like coming from the palace,” Jorge said 

poking the ground with the spear, “we will go up there and open you up like a wrapped 


 I was eager to get out of there so I sprinted up the path as fast as I could 

without popping my lungs. When I reached the door, a large door made of wood and 

steel, I grabbed a brass knocker and knocked. A very old man, much older than 

Hrothgar, met me there. 

 “Yes, sir what can I do for you?” the man said quietly, leaning against the heavy 

 “I have come to enlist in the king’s army.” I said, nervously fearing the door may 

swing shut on the man and cut him in half

 “Excuse me for a moment sir.” The man said slamming the door in my face 

before I could respond

 Twenty minutes later he came back.

 “The king will see you now sir.” The man said when he opened the door inviting 

me inside


 I walked in admiring all the paintings of gods and ?ags of the di!erent 

territories in the kingdom.

Then I approached the king and bowed

 “So” he said after studying me for several minutes, “you are interested in joining 

my army, now are you not?” he said

 “Yes, your majesty.” I said still bowing and staring at the stone ?oor.

 “Very well then, your trial shall begin at dawn, until then Briggans,” he said 

looking at the old man, “show him to the guest room, he will spend the night there.”

 “As you wish sire.” Briggans mumbled softly

 Briggans showed me to my sleeping quarters and shut the door. I looked 

outside and thought to myself “Home is so far away now, if I have to go back, I will be 

crushed and so will Hrothgar.’ I decided not to think about it too much and focus on 

tomorrow and work on my strategy. I worked on that for a while until I looked outside 

and saw the sun had gone down. ‘Where did the time go?!’ I panicked to myself. I 

quickly got into my sleeping clothes and folded up the wolf pelt, I would need it for 

tomorrow. I was lying in the bed before I knew it. Before I fell asleep I turned towards 

the door and just as I shut my eyes the door opened a crack and I saw the king’s face 

for the ?rst time, black hair, pointed beard, glowing green eyes, and a cruel grin 

spread across his tanned skin.

 The next morning I awoke to Briggans waking me up. 

 “Sir, sir wake up,” he kept saying, “sir, please sir you don’t want to miss your 

 I woke up at that. I jumped out of bed and told Briggans to tell the king I was 

coming. I quickly pulled on my tunic and put my wolf pelt on over it and dashed out 

the door. 

 I met the king in the Grand Hall.

 “Well, you are up.” He said to me, “Now maybe we can begin. First trial: Disarm 

the guard with the giant war axe without killing him.” He said

 I turned to face the giant guard in iron armor. First thing he did was kick me in 

the chest, if it was not for my wolf pelt, my ribs would have been broken. I retaliated 

by drawing my sword and cutting the axe down the middle, then I chopped o! the 

blade for good measure. The guard stood in shock for several minutes until he ran out 

of the room. The king stood smiling.


 “I see you have the power over ice. A very unique trait for one in the infantry. 

Now time for Trial Two: Kill the orcs before they kill you.” 

 A gate opened revealing three hideous black monsters, with horrible pointed 

teeth, and greasy black hair. The ?rst charged me, it came within ten feet from me 

before I froze him in a case of ice then I punched it and it shattered. The second one 

came at me; I pulled out my sword and stabbed it in the belly. Then I pulled down on 

the hilt and it shattered leaving a hole in the orc as it fell to the ground and died, 

spilling maroon blood all over the ?oor. The third on was not so eager to charge me, 

so he picked up the blade of the war axe at me. I grabbed it in midair and threw it like 

a discus back at the orc, cutting his head clean o!. It stumbled and died. I turned to 

face the king. He smiled at me.

 “Very good,” he said with a snake like smile “most do not even advance to 

the ?nal trial. Now for Trial Three: Do you see that ?ag over there? Bring it to me.” 

The king said cackling like a camp?re.

 I dashed towards the ?ag on the other side of the room. All of a sudden 

three giant lizards came out of nowhere; poison dripped from their mouths and sizzled 

on the ?oor. I jumped on one’s head crushing its skull, and then I tied the other two 

together by their tails and sliced o! their heads in unison. I ran to the other side of 

the room, grabbed the ?ag and hustled back. The king was shocked that I had made 

it. Then his shocked expression turned into a smile. 

“Very good, very good indeed.” He said “You are a true warrior indeed. 

Congratulations, you are now a soldier in my army, Sergeant Olaf Braveheart will show 

you the your sleeping quarters.” He said nodding at a large man in steel armor.

 The man nodded back and showed me a room with a cot, a dresser, a 

bathroom, and that was it. Pleasant dreams the sergeant said closing my door. I 

looked outside to see that yet again the sun was gone. So I crawled into bed and fell 

asleep, but not before I saw the door open a crack and a hint of the king’s face.


Chapter Two:


 For one year I served in the king’s army. I slew orcs, goblins, bandits, and 

monsters, anything that threatened the kingdom I killed. Soon I was promoted to 

captain and assigned my own unit. Together my men and I protected the kingdom 

from rebel armies, and alien invaders. I was more comfortable living in the castle, 

except every night I still saw the king’s face in the doorway. I ?gured that it was an 

inspection, but something about the way he looked at me gave me shivers. I tried to 

put it out of my head, but it was hard. 

 In my last months of service the attacks began dying down, I thought we had 

shown everybody who is boss. The king told me to take my men to the high 

mountains on the border between his kingdom, and the neighboring one.

 “There is a dragon there,” he said grimly, “?nd it, kill it, and you shall be repaid 

tenfold.” He said

I agreed and for weeks we traveled to the mountains. Then we spent a month 

climbing to the highest peak, we lost many men along the way. Eventually we made it 

to the top and discovered a cave. It was big enough to hold a dragon and it smelled 

like it had been too. All of a sudden there was a blood curdling screech and a blast of 

?ame came our way. I created a wall of ice to protect my men, but I had no idea how 

long it would hold. Luckily the ?ame stopped just as the shield gave. I ordered my 

archers to open ?re upon sight of the dragon; it ?ew out almost if in cue. Immediately 

my archers ?red and a cluster of arrows sprouted from its wings and belly. It came 

around for another run picking up two soldiers in each hand and dropping them o! the 

mountain. I then ?red sharp ice shards from my hand that pierced the dragon’s nose 

and mouth letting the blood spill out of it. The dragon clumsily swooped down and hit 

the side of the mountain, killing itself instantly. The survivors cheered and so did I. 

We then returned to the castle after another month of traveling. I returned to the king 

and told him the good news. 

 “Good, now that the dragon is taken care of I have no need of you… Guards! Seize 

him!” He shouted

 Two guards dashed at me. I attempted to freeze them but they just 

would not freeze. They grabbed my arms and dragged me away, only then did I realize 

they were ignis animos, ?re spirits.


They dragged me to the dungeon and locked me in a stone cell. Stones do not 

freeze, so I was trapped. I decided to lie down on the ?oor. After a few hours I heard 

a voice say:

“Well, well boyo looks like I have to bail you out again.”

I turned towards the voice and saw Briggans standing in a corner. But I knew 

who it really was…

“Hrothgar!” I exclaimed jumping up, for I had never been happy to see the old 

wizard in my life

“Well is my disguise really that bad?” he asked dissolving the charm around him.

I sarcastically chuckled and told him to get me out.

“Oaky, keep your pelt on jeez.” He said as he blew the bars apart “Now let’s beat 

that old trash heap in his royal…”

 “Language!” I shouted, cutting him o!, “But ?rst we must form an army of one 

thousand species.”

 And that we did, for many months we drafted many species into our little army, 

dwarves, elves, good types of trolls, and all races of humans. When the time came for 

battle we crossed a meadow path only to ?nd the king’s army waiting there for us 

already. For what seemed like an hour our armies, mine and his, his and mine, just 

stood there. Staring… staring… staring… staring. Finally someone on the king’s side yelled 

“ATTACK!” and all Hades broke loose. Dwarves, trolls, elves, goblins, orcs, and 

humans all ran towards each other and began to get brutally slaughtered. I joined the 

?ght myself, and then from all around the armies stopped ?ghting, and I saw why. A 

man about my age had stepped forward; he was obviously their commanding o#cer; 

he wore red and gold armor and a matching ski mask, he had tanned skin and two 

white eyes, like they were blind, with red veins looked at me from under the mask.

 “I have waited a long time for this and now our battle has come.” He said with a 

deep voice

 “Who are you?” I asked, I had never seen him in the palace before

 “I am Burn, the king’s commanding o#cer; and I am your destroyer!” He 

proclaimed and shouted, the ?ght had begun 


Chapter 3:

Burning for Revenge

Burn charged me. I tried to freeze him in place but the same thing happened 

like with the ignis animos. So I pulled out my sword and he pulled out two short 

swords. Our swords clanked together, and all of a sudden I learned why Burn did not 

freeze, he shot an acre of ?ame at me. I barley jumped out of the way. I know for a 

fact that ?re spirits cannot shoot ?ame, so Burn was something completely di!erent. I 

shot a beam of hard controlled ice at his feet and froze him to the ground somehow, 

good timing I guessed.

 I went over to Burn and pulled o! his mask and was shocked to see… myself. I 

had no idea what to say, which was what Burn was looking for he opened his mouth 

and a bright light blinded me. The last thing I remembered before fainting was 

Hrothgar catching me before I hit the ground.

When I awoke we were in the woods, my guess was ten hours after my ?ght with 

“That was quite a nasty surprise Blizzard my boy.” Hrothgar said tending the 

?ames of the ?re.

“Hrothgar what happened? Did we win? Was he…”

“A creature created by the king based o! of your soul used to create the anti-
you giving him the power of ?re while you had a power over ice? Yep. +

Yes, we won they retreated after that blinding ?ash of light, everyone who 

survived is at the camp.” And he said that all in one breathe

“Well, how did he what do you mean HAD?!” I yelled

“That ice ring in your ?nger that gave you your power. He had a strong enough 

blast of heat to melt it right o!.” He explained sadly

“No… NO! It cannot be true!” But it was

I couldn’t create my ice sword; freeze a branch, of shoot ice from my hands.

“What can we do?” I asked nervously

“Maybe I can help.” Said a deep voice from the woods.

Just then Burn emerged from the blackness of the woods.

“Hrothgar, look out!” I yelled


“No! Do not attack I am here to join you, the king has betrayed me as well and I 

wish to join you to defeat him as well. And I have a peace o!ering as well.” He said 

and tossed me something. 

I caught it and could not believe it, it was my ring!

“How did you…” I asked

“I never melted it; I took it o! your ?nger while you were blind. I wish to join 

you.” He said hopefully

I looked at Hrothgar and he nodded.

“Alright!” I said slipping the ring on my ?nger “Let’s do this.”

Burn and I spent all that night planning our heist. This is what we chose to do:

1.Break into the castle at lunch time

2.Sneak into the dining hall

3.Take out all the people with weapons ?rst

4.Use our combined powers to scald and drown the king

We liked the plan and put it into action.


Chapter 4:

Burning Ice

 When the normal lunch time rolled along, Burn and I snuck into the 

palace via the tower. We then proceeded down the stairs I froze any guard we 

happened to see. We made it to the dining hall burst in and were immediately 

ambushed by guards.

 “Ahhh good to see you again my friends.” The king said grinning wickedly

 “How did you…” I began to say

“Scouts” he said laughing evilly

 I looked at Burn and we both knew we were going to have to ?ght our 

way out. Burn blinded the guards with light and in the confusion I froze most of 

them. After the ?ame died Burn ?red ?reballs at the men causing them to panic 

and douse themselves with wine, which got into their eyes and began the 

confusion all over. We took out the rest of the guards and then turned our 

attention to the king, whose face was disoriented with fear. Before we could 

even shoot him, he clutched his chest, collapsed and died. Burn and I looked at 

each other and silently decided we should rule the kingdom together, so we 

went to the throne room and claimed our rightful place. 


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