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Before the accident Raina was the queen bee. Now she is suffering from amnesia and can't remember what she did to make her best friend hate her.

Sabrina -"Raina, can I tell you a secret?"

Raina -"Sure, you can trust me."

Sabrina - " If I tell you....you have to promise me you wont freak."

Raina - " I promise."

Sabrina - " I sucked Ryan's cock last night."

Raina - " What?!?! You can't be serious, he's slept with  almost every girl on the 11th grade! He's a man-whore! He cheated on me with Leslie, that skank I thought was my friend, then he gave Jamie herpes! How could you do that with him?!?!?"

Sabrina - " The one about Jamie was a rumor."

Raina - "He told you that, didn't he?  Don't be such a stupid hoe! He doesn't care about you. Please tell me that wasn't your first time."

Sabrina - "Your just jealous he's not with you anymore and if anyone is the stupid hoe it's you for sleeping with him without a condom."

Raina - "Later, bitch. I'm getting back to the party."


?Raina - "Hey, party people! Does everybody here know my friend Sabrina and that bastard Ryan? We'll I got a story to tell you!"

?Ryan - " NO!"

?Raina - " Oh yes Ryan, does that sound familiar? Because that was what Sabrina was saying while your cock was in your mouth!"

Party Guests - "Omg!"

Sabrina - "Raina! Get outside, 'cuz I'm about to kick your ass!"

Raina - "Bring it bi-"

Everybody except Raina- "Oh shit! Call 911!"


Mom - " Raina, sweetie wake up!"

?Doctor - "Raina, do you remeber anything?"

?Raina - "I don't remember last night at all."

Mom - "Call Sabrina, she might can help you."

?Raina - "Hey girl, this may sound wierd but I have amnesia and--. She hung up."

Mom - " Did you two have a fight or something?"

Raina - " I don't remember. I'll talk to her at school."


Raina - " Hey, what happened yesterday? Are you mad or something?"

Sabrina - " Does "stupid hoe" sound familair?"

Raina - "LOL! No, Nicki Minaj."

Sabrina- "Wow, you really don't remember?"

?Raina - "Yeah, that's why I need you to help me remember."

?Sabrina - " It's better if you don't remember and never talk to me again."

?Raina - "Don't be like that. I don't remember a thing."

?Sabrina - "Goodbye, forever."

?Raina- "Please don't go!"

?Sabrina - "I can't stay here, everybody thinks I'm a slut because of you!"

Raina - "I'm sorry! Don't go, your my best friend!"

Sabrina - "Bye."


Mom - "Hey baby, do you remember anything yet?"

Raina - "No."

Mom - " I have some grim news."

?Raina - "What is it?"

?Mom - "Sabrina just killed herself."

Mom - ''I have some pictures I found from last night."

Raina - "Oh no."

Mom - "What is it?"

?Raina - "I remember......everything."


Submitted: March 11, 2012

© Copyright 2022 gaga4mars. All rights reserved.

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