Zango--- Continued

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The continuation of the first part, to the conclusion...Thanks for being patient and reading it through. I hope your feedback, will help me improve. This was a big plot that I tried to present in form of short-story. I don't know, ho far I have fared. But, I assure that I gave my best. And I open to feedback, so that I can learn and improve...

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



5.  Zango


23 March 2012, was a day of new Sun. The People rebellion group came in open and established their authority; there was a huge gathering of people that assembled at the central main market to view an undreamed spectacle. The entire surrounding was filled with emotions that were never seen before. The air in Alantino, heard only one chant…

Zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo….

On the street, beaten and bruited were lying three individuals of Anaaran gang. The father—the main head of mafia, the Son—Second most powerful person in the mafia and a step son- the third most loyal man in the mafia. They all were bleeding on the street in front of the mob, they have torture and controlled up till now. It was a time for judgment… it was a time for punishment… it was a time for Zango

From the middle of the mob, arise a lean figure, tall, bald, strong shoulders, oval face, determined in eyes and confident in his walk. The chants grew louder, as he moved closer to the guilty who were crying and pleading for there lives.

He raised his arm, commanding people to maintain silence; it was time for a new leader to speak. He looked at three of them and than to the people, who were standing there to embrace barbarism. And he spoke,

“People today in our feet lay our slavery, our fear, our weakness and our pain. For years we have been mocked, tortured, pushed and have been thrown out of our own lands”. “We were denied the basic necessity for drinking water. We have to pay to feed our children with water. We saw our kids, fathers, mothers, and wives die in front for our eyes because of lack of water. But today that will end and it will end right now”

The silence was broken with a huge roar, and the chants went louder, the passion took over the moment and all that could be heard was;

Zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo….


And between this madness, he roared again:


“This is a declaration to the all the higher authorities that the more we will be pushed the harder we will fight back. The more we will be suppressed the stronger we will rise. If you take our land, we will snatch it back. If you take our rights, we will take it back. You hurt us, we will hurt you back. You kill us, we will kill you back”…


The adrenaline was pumping; in the roaring passionate sound of madness the fretting plea of three people lying on the ground was losing its effect. From his pocket, he took out a machete and pulled up the Son from the ground, holding him by his hair and placed machete right next to his throat. The pleading father held his feet and cried for the mercy on his son.

 “Please leave him, he is innocent, I was the one, who headed this gang and ordered all the curse and trouble you people have to go through, please kill me and let him go”.

He looked at him for a while and replied;

“Don’t worry; you won’t have to bear guilt for long, as you are next. But for few minute I want you to experience the helplessness, what it feels to see someone close to your heart die in front of your eyes. What pain is, I want you to feel the pain”.

Zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. The crowd was getting impatient and eager to witness the grandest spectacle of their lifetime. It was a big day for them and they want to celebrate it with blood of their predators.

People wanted a show and he obliged to it gracefully; he cut his throat, the blood started pouring out, the son was know on his knees, holding his neck, praying for mercy. The father was shouting, crowd was chanting and the step son remained quite. Slowly every breath from his body was going out with the flow of blood, he was hurting and it was visible on his face.

“Zango kill him! Please kill him, don’t torture him…please kill him”…were the last words of a helpless father for his dying son. And Zango obliged.

With the next powerful blow, the son was beheaded. His head was picked by the young kids on the street who started kicking and playing with it much to the amusement of their parents and the public that was standing and chanting.

Zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo….

Now he than went for the step son, who cried and said;

“Zango, I am with you people, I was the one who gave you all the information their plans, strategies, moves and about their hideouts”. Please don’t kill me, I am among you”.

“You bastard!” The father cried out loud.

“Please Zango, please”.

Zango glanced at Alfasanizo, who nodded and confirmed the statement and he was released and joined the mob and shouted;

Zango…zango…zangoooooo…. zango…zango…zangoooooo….

Now it was the father, the mail head. This has to be huge, this has to be the deadliest kill and this has to be for the people. He pulled him up from his neck and pushed him towards hungry and angry mob. His body was torn apart not with knife or hatchet but with hands and teeth. It was a cannibal feast, and people present there were proud of their achievement.




I:  Well, I like the transfer of power but the method in which it was done, was too gruesome and gore to me. You don’t have to be an animal to snatch authority from animals. I mean literally eating a person alive…yaccckkkkkkkkk!

I was honest with my opinion, to me it was pathetic. And that was for the first time I realized, what suppression of anger or disgust can unleash.

Stranger: hmmm… we all have beast inside, it is just that we are not pushed to our limits, who knows when chips are down, what shows up!

His statement was little disturbing to me at that time, but now when I think of it, I guess, maybe he wasn’t completely wrong. But, I held my stand.

I: Still the concept of killing someone so brutally is indigestible to me.

Stranger 1:  May be when the rate of water in your country will reach the rate of gold, you will be able to relate to it more.

Both of us went quite with our point of views, there was a little uneasiness to a free flowing conversation. After few minutes, silence was broken with a question, the question was curious about.

I: What happens next, I mean, how did the messiah turned into a monster, why the most loved person in Zango, suddenly became the most feared one.

Stranger 1:  (With a smile on his face) Politics my friend, the authority was transferred from wolves to hungry dogs, for people it was shift but in reality the power was still with the beast.



6. The Falling


With the shift in power, People rebellion group became the cornerstone of the politics, Anaaran was inactive, incapable and silenced, and it was now headed by the step son who operated silently in dark. The government and authority was with PRG. On Zango’s insistence, the most settle and senior member, Zandirronai was made the leader of the party and for few years he did made a change. He welcomed multinationals back in the country and this time gave them much larger authority. The level of employment with foreign investment increased considerably and for the first time in 30 years the water in some region became free.

Zango was an important member of the party, but he was never active or interested in politics, he was a farmer from heart and worked closely with farmers and got them all the necessary things that were required for good harvest. Those were the best days in the lives of people of Alantino.

They were happy, they were healthy and majority of them were little guilty for what they did to Anaaran. People were living in dream but every dream has its price, when you are free, you become ambitious and ambition is always attracted towards greed, this why it is imperative to have a strong and honest higher authority, unfortunately for destiny of Alantino, the authority for neither strong nor honest. 

The lucrative offers of multinationals were too heavy on the weak hearts of authority and who once rose to aid of people were now aiming to hurt them. PRG was gracefully selling the rights of its people for a handsome bribe. Their method was not brutal but nonetheless it was corrupt.

The greed was slowly breaking the morals of the people and their pockets were showing it, for some it was getting heavy for other it was getting weak. The whole political scenario was again in mess, and once again people were looking up to Zango. 

PGR knew that for their plans and growth, he was a major threat and he had to be removed. Killing him in public was difficult as that could have annihilated the agony of people and might have given birth to another revolution. So there best option was, Alantino Central Prison.


Alantino Central Prison


This was the biggest and the proudest creation of the government in power. Located in the outskirts away from the city, this for a forlorn place designed immaculately for torture and punishment. The walls were strong and gates were impossible to breach. The best, most efficient and close to the government officials were deployed there. There was a famous saying about that prison, ‘you don’t leave the gates, till the time you are ready to behave’. It was ideal an ideal place, to capture, torture and kill Zango. 

Zango, had started questioning the authority, and they didn’t liked it a single bit. So they knew they have to make the first move and make it fast. Zango was too big a personality to be simply arrested and put behind the bars. They needed something influential, something that can first dent his reputation in the eyes of public and then leave him alone on his own.

The arrow had to hit an eagle’s eye and it did. They attacked Zango from behind when he was traveling with his wife alone. They killed her and seriously injured him, lying unconscious he was unable to react or respond to this sudden cruelty of fate. Next morning the entire media was full with reports, ‘Zango arrested for the murder of his wife’, people didn’t believed this news at first, but gradually settled down with their busy lives.

There were few protests, urging to hear from the main man himself but all of them were suppressed with some fabricated explanations. The national hero was turned into a fugitive. He was caught in his own web, defeated in his own game, betrayed by his own people. Lost and hurt, he was now in the prison.

Our flight landed on the airport, and I was still lost for my way. I didn’t want to go home, without listening to the fate of Zango. For some strange reason, I was interested is listening about a stranger, I have never met, never know. I urged him to sit with me in airport cafeteria, and finish the story he started. His obliged to my humble request and the story continues…

I: This is incredibly sad for Zango. He was betrayed by his own men, by the people for whom he once stood and fought. God! This is cruel.

Stranger: Indeed it was.

I: What happened next was he killed?

Stranger 1: killing a man like Zango was not an easy task; even though the prison was set up to aid the government but people working there had high regards for the man who was arrested. They agreed to keep him down but refused to kill or even touch him.

Zango, inside those four walls was helpless, angry but safe.

Stranger: They knew they needed someone new, someone fresh, someone who was brave enough to enter the prison, greedy enough kill Zango and crazy enough to think that it can be done.

The stage was set, and the man was chosen and it was Wild, Mad, Crazy, Ruthless and Greedy….Dangtiou, famous Italian Hit man. Zango’s reputation was big and no one in Alantino dared to see him directly in his eyes. The party anticipated that his death might cause a huge uproar, which might give birth to a new group or a movement to avenge his death. PPR knew all about it, so they wanted an exported bullet for his chest and their answer was Dangtiou.


The Plan was set….the man was chosen…. And it was Dangtiou


7. Dangtiou


5’8’, medium-built, round face, white complexion, curly hairs and very dangerous, this is how his description was published in California, the place where he performed his last ritual before being contacted PPR. His work always kept him moving. Born to an illegitimate father, he performed his first artistry by stabling an old lady to steal her money.

He was caught and sent to child care center, where he met few new friends and retuned from the center strong and determined.  Agile and sharp, he was cunning with his tongue and unpredictable in his actions. He only cared for what he earned and in his profession and perfection he earned massive.

A right person for right job, like Zango he was also the master of disguise and his entry in the jail was made easy, when president of the state decided to hire few more recruits for the prison. New recruitment was done and Dangtiou, made his way in the prison.

We had finished 3 cups of coffee but no one was ready to leave yet. I wanted more information and he was happy to reveal it.

I:  Ah…it was simple from here, I see. Hire a man, give him the position, get the work done, fix the blame, and gain the sympathy….ahhhh…politics at its merciless best. So how long did it take for him to bring down Zango?

Stranger1: No it wasn’t that easy as you think. See the news of new recruit in the prison spread like an uncontrolled flood, and the fact that he was corruptible, made him even more tempting in the eyes of thirsty power dogs. So dice was rolled again and this time it was from the Step Son.

I: Ah…the same person who was speared by Zango. What was he up to now?

Stranger1: It was very clear from the start that he needed power that’s why he helped PPR dismantle his own family dictatorship. He played a cat to PPR and controlled a small region, reviving Anaaran in his own image. He was silently looking for an opportunity to impose himself on the city. And the betrayal by PPR gave him that. He knew that if somehow he can get Zango out, he can throw PPR off power as Zango will stop at nothing to dismantle his enemies.

I: So, what he did?

Stranger: He contacted Dangtiou, and made him an offer- to let Zango free.

That was the most shocking revelation for me, this was a twist, which I least expected at the start of the story.

I:  Wow! I don’t believe this, the people who once stood with him wanted him Dead and people against whom he fought wanted him alive. Bizarre!

Stranger: Brother, it wasn’t a life of a person that was online anymore. It was power, lust of power that was dictating shots.

I: So what happened next, he was sent to kill Zango and he received another offer, which one did he choose?


8. Last Words


PPR wanted things to look dramatic. So they planned a day. Till now, no one either in PPR or in Anaaran knew what Dangtiou had in mind. Neither were they aware that both of them have contacted the same man to do their own personnel respective job. The day decided, was Independence Day of Alantino.  The police dogs in numbers; were busy patrolling the patriotic crowd on the busy street of the town. The atmosphere everywhere was light and easy. It was the best day to break in the cage and free off the bird, in which ever way the predator decides. In case of Zango it was still a mystery.

A day before the Independence Day, Dangtiou decided to have a little conversation with the main man, as he positioned himself near his cell, the idea behind the conversation was nothing. Dangtiou just intended little fun, the crazy burst of madness; no aim just few flames of fire and fury without any reason or purpose.

Dangtiou: Hmmm….So here you are the Icon of this land, rebellious leader who is stabbed by his own knife….Ouuch!  That must have hurt you a little, Big brother.

Zango remained silent, he remained seated and kept staring at the floor, without moving or reacting.

Dangtiou: It’s pathetic to see, in a land where people are dying without water; there is no education or electricity. The main focus of the people is a chained, rebellious, angry person. Those, who are in power and those who wants to be in, are not worried about the welfare of people. They want YOU, Amusing but disgusting.

Still no reaction from the mute listener,

Dangtiou: Personally Brother, I don’t respect you, I don’t think what you did was heroic or worth mentioning, though I applaud the little cannibalism you performed but it was still not impressive to get you in my good books.

Still listening not reacting…

Dangtiou: What! You not in a mood to speak Big Brother, I hope you are not under impression that I will be intimidated by your silence.

Dangtiou bent down on his knees to see him in his eyes.  The mood in the cell, was getting little aggressive.

Dangtiou: I have tamed bigger and stronger Snakes than you, watch it!

Zango raised his eye lids and for the first time looked directly into the eyes of Dangtiou.

Both men keep staring at each other without saying a word or blinking. They kept looking furiously in each other’s eyes, before Dangtiou finally gave up and stood back on his feet and left, while Zango kept staring at him.

What holds in Future was still a mystery….

One person awaited the news of his death and other was preparing grand celebrations. The clock ticks as Dangtiou had made up his mind. For the first time he was sure of what he was going to do. He knew, which offer he was going to accept.


9. Independence Day


The security in charge of the prison that monitored 20 screens from his safe control room were lying unconscious on the floor and on this computer was sitting Dangtiou. 

A massive explosion set the whole prison on blaze. There were shouts and cries all over, as a sudden strike out of blue gripped everyone inside the prison with panic and fear.

The prison security systems were designed that in event of any natural calamity, if the security in charge presses the alarms the prisons cells open automatically and from there the whole situation has to be controlled manually.  The two security men on the duty were knocked out, so the whole system was under his control and he was controlling is very purposely.

He locked the main the gates and electorate it so that the prisoners who will run towards the main ground would not escape the walls, and he made sure that the cell of Zango remained closed. He maximized the screen of the cell where Zango was chained.

Dangtiou: hahahahaha…This is fun everyone is running to their own safety without even bothering that their admired leader is still locked and chained. Wow! You selfish human breed, How can you be trusted for anything? You deserve politicians and co-operate to rule you.

In matter of few minutes, the whole prison was empty everyone barring Zango. The explosives were smartly placed; they were on a timer and were going one after the other, 5 in total. All the bombs were of low intensity and placed away from the targeted cell.

He walked towards his cell, all geared and ready with his sprays and pistols. The instructions were too abided; Zango had to be killed outside the prison. So whether it was freedom from cell or from body, it had to be done outside the prison. Dangtiou, knew that he cannot defeat Zango in fist fight and he cannot practically convince to talk him into his plan of escaping the prison, he knew that he had to knock him unconscious to get him to out there.

He reached near the cell and saw directly in his eyes. Still no panic…no fear…

Dangtiou: You really are a tough bastard to crack, aren’t you… but time move on!

And he fired a bullet of sleeping gas on the wall of the cell, in a second the whole cell was covered with white sleeping fog. He covered himself well to avoid any kind of replications. Few more seconds, and Zango was down, he pulled out the key and entered the prison. There was a secret path that was prepared during the preparation of the cell, the route to which was only known to PPR group and now it was told to Dangtiou. He carried Zango on his back through that route that emerges from the officer’s bathroom sink and leads to the main city street outside, where the vehicle was already parked. 

I: Right! So he came out of the prison, what happened next? Was he left alone or was killed.

Stranger: I respect your curiosity my friend, but there are few questions that must remain the way they are.

And he got from his place and quietly left. Leaving me painfully amazed, I tried to stop him but he didn’t. I tried track him down but failed. This meeting was a year ago, but the story haunts me till this day. What happened to Zango? Who was he? And how did he know so much about what happened during that crazy period in Alantanio. I enquired from the sources, and they confirmed that the story was true. But no one since that day has seen either Zango or Dangtiou. Was he hiding somewhere or was he killed, is a mystery even today. Whatever happened to him, I am not sure, but I know that the answer to this question was hidden somewhere in the story itself.

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