The truth

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A short story about a boy searching for the Ultimate truth.

Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018



The boy enters the room.He feels something strange about the place.Something he is unable to describe.He sees the saint sitting on the carpet

Saint-I was expecting you. 

Boy-Don't do that.I know all your tricks. 

Saint-But do you know his tricks? 

Boy-Youmean god? 

Saint-Do you?

Boy- Anyways.My friend told me that you meditated at this place for 15 hours a day for 7 years and you claim to know the ultimate truth.

Saint -What do you think of that?

Boy -I think its a great way to waste your time

Saint -Time doesn't matter to me.

Boy- You don't make any sense 

Saint-If I started making sense it would be the end of you,me and this whole world. 

Boy-Wow that was great but I came here to know something about the purpose of life and I am getting a feeling that you would disappoint me 

Saint-Purpose of your life?

Boy-No I mean in general Saint- Only one life here has a purpose

Boy- whose?


Boy-You talk like i am somebody special.

Saint-Yes you are.You are the most important person in this world.You are the center of this universe. 

Boy-WellI wished everybody thought like that.Especially girls. Well my friend advised me to talk to you and I think he deserves a slap on his face.

Saint-No He brought you here.

Boy-Yes,Yes the almighty god brought me here. 

Saint-Ithink its the time you to tell the ultimate truth. Boy- Yes the ultimate truth is that I am a stupid guy who follows his friends advice.

Saint-Do you know yours friend's name that advised you?

The boy tries to remember it but to his surprise ,fails.

Saint-You dont know the name of you friend.No problem you would have forgotten.But you can't forget your own name right?

Boy-No i cant remember what does that mean.Did you hypnotize me?

Saint-If you think like that you can exit and wait for effect of hypnosis to fade.


The boy exits the room which opens into a straight road with buildings on both sides.He cant see a single person.He runs down the road only to find its just that - buildings and road.He can't remember anything except his meeting with saint and that his friend advised him to meet the saint.He begins to think he is dreaming so he tries to sleep on the sidewalk hoping he will wake up in his bedroom the next morning. But as he wakes up he realises that it is no dream.He rushes back to saint

Boy-Is it a dream?

Saint-No my friend.You are the protagonist of a story.

At first the boy tries to laugh at that idea but it makes perfect sense.He starts crying

Saint-That is the ultimate truth

Boy-What now? 

Saint-Thestory ends and so does our small world. Embrace the end

The boy takes solace in the fact that he died knowing the truth and maybe some part of him will still live in the imagination of the reader.But will you ever get to know the truth?

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