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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
the year 4078. earth is overpopulated and dying. the mega corporation Speresys is starting construction on a base on jupiter, to save humanity. they come up with some competition to find out who is capable enough for the harsh environment of jupiter. only some are invited to compete. Corporal Brent Caldwell is one of them.

Submitted: December 04, 2016

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Submitted: December 04, 2016






The year 4078. Earth is dying and overpopulated. Spheresys, the company that owns Earth, has decided to relocate a portion of the population to Jupiter. But only the strongest and smartest can go. Spheresys CEO, Zachary Lester, annouced a special competition. But only men and women with an invitation can go, mostly sientist, doctors, botanists, militarymen and policemen. Only 6000 people recieve one. Corporal Brent Caldwell from Phoenix is among them. He reads:

"Dear citizen,
You are hereby invited to take part in the competition.
This competition will determine whether or not you are suited for the journey to Jupiter and for your stay there.
This competition exist of three tests.
First, we will test your athletic ability.
Second, you will take a written test to test your intelligence in your field of work.
And last, we will test if you are capable of being isolated for an extended period of time.
Please prepare yourself.
We will have prepared pick-up points all over the planet. In three months, please get to closest pick-up point to you.
We have included a GPS-tracker to find the pick-up point. This is also proof of your invitation.
Zachary Lester,
Spheresys CEO."

Brent turns the paper over and sees a schedule of cities. He reads:
"San Fransisco, CA. Portland, OR. Seattle, WA. Salt Lake City, UT. Denver, CO, Kansas City, KA. Saint Louis, MO. Indianapolis, IN. Colombus, OH. New York City. Washington D.C, VA. Charlotte, NC. Jacksonville and Tampa, FL. Atlata, GA. Nashville and Memphis, TN. Dallas, TX. Albuquerque, NM. Phoenix, AZ. Los Angeles, CA. Las Vegas, NV. Final destination AREA 51."
"Must be where the pick-up points are located. There's no precise location, but the GPS will help me find it," Brent thinks.
Brent starts to prepare himself for the tests. He goes to the gym and the Information Database, an online library.

In the meantime, Anita Sánchez is already four months pregnant. She cleans for Spheresys Spaceships Division in Yosemite National Park. She cleans the spaceships after use. She hardly gets any pay. She isn't invited to compete for a spot to Jupiter.

Three monts later, Corporal Caldwell has prepared enough and starts his journey to AREA 51. He truns on his GPS-tracker and inputs his location. It beeps a few times and then points South-East. Brent grabs his bag, leaves his appartment near Desert West Park and starts to walk in that direction.

Brent reaches the Salt River and sees a big hoverbus. "That must be it!" he thinks and he runs over. When he reaches the bus he sees a small line in front of some Sheresys officers. They are checking everyone's luggage and checking the GPS-tracker for something. What he notices is that there are only men in the line. "That's strange, I thought there were women invited too," he thinks. The line moves fast, probably due to the officers constantly ordering to hurry up. "Next, please," the officer at the front says. "That would be me," Brent says. "Please but your bag on the table to be searched," the officer says, "Then give me the GPS-device you have been given." Brent puts his bag up and gives the officer the GPS. He inputs some data and the device starts beeping and flashing. "Okay, please get your bag and put it with the others. Here is your seat number. Go get on the bus, we will leave shortly," the officer says. Brent does as he says and gets on the bus. As he searches for his seat he, again, notices there are no women. "That's so weird. Why didn't they include any women?" Brent thinks. He finds his seat at the back of the bus. He setteles in and waits for the bus to leave.

Late in the afternoon, the bus comes to a stop. Brent wakes up, suprised he fell asleep. "This stop: Los Angeles, California," a voice over an intercomsystem says, "Please stay seated, we will leave soon. Your dinner will be served after the others get on the bus." "We get served dinner? Cool!?" Brent thinks. After a while, some guys come on the bus and get seated. "We are sorry for the delay, people, but we are still waiting for one person to arrive." It's the voice on the intercom again.

One hour later and the bus is still sitting in Los Angeles. The people in the bus are getting restless and angry. "Geez, how long do we have to wait? I'm hungry. And the rest of the people are too," Brent thinks. Suddenly, the door opens and a young girl steps in. Everyone turns her way. "I'm sorry  I'm late, guys!" she says with a big smile, "My name is Skye!" "Nobody cares!" someone shouts. Skye acts like she doesn't care and starts looking for her seat. She stops at the row where Brent is sitting. He looks up to look at her. "Hi, I think my seat is next to yours," she says, still smiling, and sits down, "my name is Skye. Who are you?" "I'm Brent," he says, "may I ask, how old are you? You look so young." "I just turned seventeen!" she says proudly, "how old are you?" "I'm twentyfive. But how..? Aren't you waaaay to young to be participating in this? Are your parents even okay with it?" "I don't have any parents. Actually, I have a lot of dads. I was left at the firestation, so the firefighters took care of me. And all of them are men, so yeah," she says, losing her smile a bit, "they've trained me to be a firefighter too. I think that's why they chose me to participate." "Sorry for the delay. Dinner will be served right after we leave," the voice on the intercom says, "Please pull out the table in the seat in front of you." Brent and Skye pull out the table and immediatly, the bus starts to move. Plates with food lower from the ceiling. Brent looks at it with a dirty look on his face. "Yuck, broccoli," he says. "Can I have that then?" Skye asks, "you can have my chicken, I'm vegetarian anyways." "Okay, here you go. And thank you," Brent says.

After they finish their dinner, Skye and Brent sit back and start talking with each other. "So, tell me. Why were you so late?" Brent asks. "Well, it was kinda stupid. I forgot to find me a babysitter for my dog and horse," Skye giggles, "and in the short time left, I couldn't hire anyone. All my dads couldn't help. Eventually, my best friend came through for me." "How do you even have time for pets?" Brent asks. "What do you mean?" Skye replies. "You know, I mean with the economy and Sheresys rules and such," Brent says. "You know, I'm firefighter. And Spheresys is very lenient with us. We get a good pay and, since the work is heavy, we get lots of days off. That's why I can have pets and hobbies," Skye explaines, "if I can go to Jupiter, I'd like to take my dog, Cloud, and my horse, Sunshine, with me." "Really? Cloud and Sunshine? You thought: 'I'm the Sky, so my pets names need to represent that.' Is that it?" Brent laughs. "Something like that, yeah," Skye smiles, "say, do you mind if I sleep a little? I was up at four a.m. to take care of Sunshine." "That's early. Sure, I don't mind. I think I'll sleep too," Brent says with a smile. They fall asleep.

Brent wakes up with a shock. He realizes the bus had stopped. He looks beside him, to Skye. Her head is slumped against is shoulder. She's still deeply asleep. "She's really cute," Brent thinks. "Hey, wake up. We've stopped," he says while gently shaking Skye. "Huh?" Skye rubs her eyes and yawns. "We've stopped. I think something's going to happen," Brent says. "Oh. Thank you," Skye says, still sleepy. They continue to sit inside the bus without any information. "What's going on?" Brent thinks. "Something is wrong," Skye suddenly whispers. "What? Why do you think that?" Brent asks confused. "Look outside," she says. Brent leans over her and looks outside. What he sees, shocks him. The bus is parked in the middle of nowhere. There just desert everywhere he looks. "Shouldn't there be at least some officers around?" Brent thinks out loud. "Exactly. That worries me," Skye still whispers. "Hey, maybe you can check if the driver is still inside," Brent whispers. "Wouldn't that be strange?" Skye asks. "No, if anyone asks, you just tell them you have to go to the restroom," Brent says. "Hmm, okay then," Skye says uneasy and stands up from her chair, "but if anything goes wrong, you'll come and rescue me, right?" "Sure, I promise," Brent smiles.

As Skye is slowly walking through the bus, she notices that everyone is sleeping. "That's strange. Why hasn't anyone woken up?" she thinks. She still feels uneasy as she approaches the drivers cabin. She peeks inside and stumbles back. The driver is dead. He had been shot and now half his head is missing. Quickly, she starts running back to Brent. "Oh no, what do I do? I'm so scared!" she thinks. She feels tears pricking in her eyes. "Skye, you need to run faster," she thinks, "you need to get to Brent, he'll know what to do." She keeps running untill she reaches Brent. She falls to her knees and starts crying. "What happened to you? Are you hurt?" Brent asks shocked. He kneels beside her and tries to console her. "He...He's dead!" Skye says through her tears. "What? Who's dead?" Brent asks. "The driver! He's missing half of his head!" Skye crawles against Brent, seeking some protection. He puts his arm around her.

Suddenly, some screens come down from the ceiling. Brent picks Skye up and puts her back in her seat. "Try to stay calm, okay?" Brent says to her. Skye nods as the screens come to life with a crackling sound. The sound seems to wake everyone. "Thank God. Everyone still is alive!" Skye thinks relieved. A man appears on the screen. "Welcome everyone to your final destination. My name is Zachary Lester," the man says. Nobody needs to know who he is, he is Sheresys CEO. "This is your first test. Try to get off this bus and find the entrance to AREA 51. Oh, and also this: this vehicle has been rigged with C4-explosives. And if you manage to get off, but not in time, we will launch an atom bomb on this location. Good luck!" the man says with a crooked smile on his face. "Get down!" Brent yells to Skye. He lays her on the ground and covers her with his own body. Then the C4 goes off.

When the smoke starts to clear out, Brent carefully gets up. He feels a sharp pain in his left shoulder. When he looks at it, he sees there is a piece of glass wedged in it. "Well, that needs to come out," he thinks. Brent suddenly remembers he was protecting someone. "Skye, are you okay?" he helps the young girl to her feet and examines her. "I'm fine. You protected me. Thank you," she starts to cry again. Brent holds her hand tightly. "Hey, don't cry anymore," he gently says, "we need to get out of here right, like, now!" "What happened to everyone else?" Skye asks. "I'm not sure. Maybe they got out," Brent says, "let's just hope so." Skye nods. "Let's," she says. "Now, come on. Let's get going," Brent looks into her eyes, "I'll protect you. I promise you will see your dads and pets again!" "Really?" she asks. "Yes," he says and resolutely grabs her hand. He gently pulls her out of the rubble.

Outside, the sun is already rising. Brent sees the surroundings for the first time. He only sees desert for miles. Then he notices a small, but high, mountain range to the west. "We need to go there!" he says to Skye while poiting at the mountains. They start running, Brent still holding on to her hand, when Skye spots something. "Look, over there!" she shouts and stops Brent. He looks in the direction she's pointing. He notices a strange, black pile. "What is that?" he thinks out loud while squinting his eyes. "I think we need to go investigate," Skye says. But she doesn't move away or tries to get her hand loose from Brent. "She's still really scared, isn't she?" he thinks. "Alright, let's investigate!" he says and starts walking in the direction of the pile. Skye happily follows him.

When they reach the strange pile, Brent notices a small light. It's being emitted by something inside the pile of rocks. He starts to search for it. Skye helps him and finds the thing which is lighting up. "That looks like a Hologram-device," Brent says. "Let's activate it and see what happens," Skye says carefully. "You sure? After all that happened just now?" Brent looks at her with wide eyes. "Yes. Maybe it can help us find the location we need to get to," Skye says resolute. Brent activates the device. It starts lighting up even brighter and then a hologram appears on it. It's Zachary Lester. "Oh, you got out? Well, congratulations to you. You are still not here. The test goes o-n-n-n-n-n-n bzzzzt," the hologram begins to shake. Brent and Skye notice the image change to another person. "Dear participants. You should not listen to Mister Lester! He only wants to kill you! My name is Juliet Baxter. I work for Mister Lester. I've programmed this device to point you to your destination. Find the chest I hid here and take its contents. Please, stay safe! bzzzzzzt." The device bleeps. "Holofunction off. GPSfunction activated," the device announces. An arrow appears on it's screen. Skye had already begun looking for the chest under the pile of rocks. Brent puts the device in the pocket of his cargopants and starts helping Skye move the rocks. After a while the uncover a large metal chest. They open the chest and see a large dufflebag. Brent takes the bag out and notices it's fairly heavy. He opens the bag and sees a AK-47 rifle and a Scorpion submachine gun. And some dry food and bottles of water. There seem to be plenty of ammo for the guns. Brent gives Skye the Scorpion, since it's smaller, and takes the rifle himself. He puts the bag on his back and takes the device from his pocket. It's still pointing to the mountains Brent saw earlier. Brent and Skye start walking in that direction.

After an hour of walking, Brent and Skye reach the foot of the mountain. It's higher than Brent initially thought. "We need to get to the top of these mountains," he says. "Are you insane?" Skye asks, "how are we ever going to scale that?" "It's not that high! Trust me, for my military bootcamp last summer we had to scale Mount Everest!" Brent laughs, trying to reassure her. "I-I can't!" Skye quietly says. "Why not?" Brent asks her. She blushes. "I'm afraid of hights,"she whispers. "Really? It's okay. I'll protect you, remember?" Brent says, "that also means I'll help you." "Thank you," Skye says, "I'll try and climb with you." "That's great!" Brent says. They start climbing the mountains.

"Ouch!" Skye shrieks. Brent turns around to see Skye had tripped over something. He walks over to her and examines the gash in her knee. It's bleeding profusely. He picks Skye up and sits her on a flat rock. "We need to clean that out," Brent decides. "How?" Skye asks. "With the water that woman left for us," Brent says. "Maybe we can adress your wound in your shoulder too," Skye says. "Later. First you, I'm not the one bleeding right now!" Brent says. "Why is that so important?" Skye asks. Brent grabs a bottle from his bag and starts pouring its contents over Skye's knee. "We don't know if there are any dangerous animals around here. You know, they can smell blood and think it's a wounded prey," he says. After the bottle is empty, Brent rips off a piece of his sleeve and binds it around Skye's knee. "I won't let you walk like this," Brent says. "You're going to leave me here?!" Skye yells. Brent sighs. "She started crying again," he thinks. "No, no! Calm down, Skye!" he says, "I won't leave you here! I'll carry you!" "Really?" Skye stops crying and dries her eyes. "Really. Come on. You'll have to carry the bag," Brent says and puts the bag on Skye's back. He kneels down and Skye climbs onto his back. "You ready?" he asks. "Yes," she says, "I'm ready!" "Then, let's go!" he shouts and stands up. He starts walking further up the mountain.

"We're finally here!" Brent says. He lets Skye get of his back and helps her to a rock so she can sit. Her knee is still hurting badly. Brent sits down beside her, exhausted from the arduous climb. "You want a drink of water?" Skye asks while sifting through the bag. She hands him a bottle of water. "Thanks," Brent says, "which way is that device pointing? Maybe we can see if there is anything there." Skye hands him the device. It's pointing to the left now. Brent walks up to the edge on the left side. "I think I see a building," he says, "it's not to far from here." Skye carefully hobbles over. "I think I can see it too!" she says and sighs of relieve. "Are there any binoculars in that bag?" Brent asks. Skye starts sifting through the bag again. "No, sorry," she says, "there is a laserpointer in here somehow." Suddenly they hear something behind them. "Stay close to me," Brent says. He pushes Skye behind him. "What's wrong?" she asks. "I just heard something. Sounded like growling," he says. Suddenly, a bobcat jumps out from a behind a large boulder. Three tiny heads pop out from beside the boulder. Brent point his rifle at the bobcat. "No!" Skye yells and pulls down the gun. "What's wrong with you? We're in danger here!" Brent shouts at her. "She has babies!" she says. "How are we going to save ourselves now, huh?" he angrily asks. "Just watch me," she says. Skye unbuttons her coat and holds its fronts out to the sides. She starts shouting and yelling at the bobcat and makes herself as big as she possibly can. The bobcat flinches and decides this is not worth the fight. She runs back to her cubs and they walk down the mountain.

"How'd you know it would run?" Brent asks. "Where I come from, we had a little problem with these bobcats in the past. Every kid learns how to deal with it when it comes face to face with them," Skye explains, "who'd known it ever came in handy!" She giggles. A high pitched noise suddenly sounds. Brent and Skye flinch and look up. They see a rocket flying overhead. Brent gets up and follows the rocket with his eyes. "Where's that going?" he asks by himself. Then he realizes the rocket is going towards the location of the bus. BOOM! An enormous explosion. "Uhm, Brent?" Skye says shocked. "What is it?" he asks. "The device, there's something wrong with it," she says. Brent grabs the device from her and examines it. "What is that? Interference?" he asks. The device start bleeping and flashing. Then it turns off. "What the-! It's resetting itself!" Brent says flabbergasted. The device turns back on. "Overwrite complete," it says. The image of Zachary Lester appears as a hologram again. "That was just the first part. If you've survived both the explosion and the rocket, then, well, congratulations to you! Apperently, death doesn't like you! But this isn't all we've got. We're still launching the atom bomb. Better make sure you're inside when that happens, right?" he smirks. The device turns off again. Brent tries to get it back on to the GPS, but it doesn't work. "Damn, it doesn't go back to the arrow!" he furiously says. "It was pointing in the direction we saw that building, right?" Skye asks. "Yes, what do you suggest we do?" Brent asks. "Let's just go to that building and see what it is," she says. "Hmm, okay. Do I have to carry you, or do you think you can walk by yourself?" he asks. "No, I'll walk. My leg is fine, I guess," Skye says. She hands Brent the bag again and prepares herself for the climb down the mountain. "Let's go," Brent says. They begin their descent down the mountain. "Let's find out what that Lester-guy is up to!" Brent thinks

"That wasn't too bad!" Skye sighs. They've finally made it down the mountain. "Yeah, who'd think that mountain streches into a plateau," Brent says, "but let's be careful. Now we're that close, I can see some officers walking around." "Maybe we're not supposed to go there?" Skye asks. "Probably," he says, "Let's just be really quiet." They quietly sneak towards the building, Brent making sure Skye keeps up. "It reeks of death," Skye whispers. They stop when they reach the building's wall. There's an open window. Brent peeks inside and sees a lot of scientists working on something. Skye peeks around the wall, she's shocked at what she sees. She pulls Brents sleeve. "There's a pile of dead people around the corner," she whispers. Brent looks around the corner too. He indeed sees a pile of corpses, but he's more shocked at the other thing he sees. He sees officers wheeling human pods with wounded, half dead people in them, inside. "What are they doing with these people?" Brent thinks out loud. He carefully peeks inside again. Then he realizes it. The scientist are performing experiments to the people inside the pods. "We need to get the heck outta here!" he says to Skye and grabs her arm. "Wha-?" Before she can even respond, Brent already dragged her from the building. He's heading back towards the mountain they came from.

"What are you doing?!" Skye yells. She pulls her arm back. "Be quiet," Brent says, "and get down!" He grabs her arm again and pulls her down.  He drags Skye behind a huge rock. Then he begins explain what he saw. "They, what they're doing down there, it's just so worng!" Brent says. "What are they doing then?" Skye asks totally confused about the situation. "They are experimenting, on humans! I think I even recognize some people from the bus," Brent says. They silently sit behind the rock for a while. Suddenly, Skye thinks up an idea. "We have to rescue these people!" she says. "Do you have a plan then?" Brent asks. "I think so," Skye says optimistically, "we just need to wait untill nightfall. Usually, most Spheresys officers go to sleep inside some barracks. And there's minimal security." "So, you'd like to break into that building and free every living person?" Brent asks. "YES! I'd like to do that!" Skye says. "She seems pretty happy with herself," Brent thinks. "How are we going to do that?" he sceptically asks. "As I just said, security at night is minimal! Usually just two men. We could easily take them out with our guns!" Skye says proudly. "How are you so sure about that?" Brent asks suspiciously. "Well, one of my dads used to work for Spheresys, as a guard for some sort of facility," Skye explains, "he told me stories about this regime Spheresys holds up. They have a standard day shift. These men have to work from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. After 6 P.M. an alarm will sound and signals the end of the day. The night shift, however, exists solely of volunteers from the day shift. And as you can imagine, not a lot of people want to work a 36 hour shift." "What do you mean by 36 hour shift? Don't these volunteers get the next day off?" Brent asks. "No," Skye says, "Spheresys doesn't allow that, so the guards that choose to work night after their day shift, have to work the next day shift aswell." "That doesn't sound really fair," Brent says. "No, but does it really matter?" Skye asks, "I am more worried about the other thing I was told." "What's that?" he asks. "Well, according to my dad, the people that mostly volunteer for this night shift aren't people," Skye says, "they are aliens. Mostly from the Triangulum Galaxy." "You mean that galaxy where those lizardpeople came from?" he asks suprised. "Yeah. And thanks to the humans from 150 years ago, when we first met them and decided to wage war on them, they started to train their troops in this weird martial arts they use on their planet," Skye says. "They are practically undeafetable," Brent interrups her, "Let's come up with a good battle plan, then! What time is it?" Skye checks her watch. "It's 3:30 P.M.," she says, "we have two and a half hours to come up with such a plan."

After two hours of careful planning, Skye and Brent go over their plan one more time. "So, we need to split up. You'll stay here, and I'll start going up the mountain again and come back down from the other side of the building," Brent says. "Yes, we are really lucky this mountain goes all around this plateau!" Skye says. "I'll take one of these laserpointers and signal you when I'm in place," he says, "you'll need to distract these guards with your laserpointer. When they're distracted, I'll make my way down, sneak up at them and kill them." "We have no other choice," Skye says, "If they are lizardpeople, that's the only way." "By the way, I saw some binoculars sitting on a table just behind that window," Brent says, "Would you like me to get them?" "Couldn't you take them earlier?" Skye asks. "Ehm, well, I was a bit shocked at what I saw there. I was more concerned with getting to safety," Brent says ashamed. Skye puts her hand on his arm to reassure him. "So, he's scared too?" she thinks. "It's okay," she says, "I understand. You got freaked out. Thank you for being so concerned about our safety," she says and gives Brent a warm smile. "Thanks. I was scared you'd be angry at me," he says, "and angry at myself for being scared." Brent laughs at the idea of him being afraid of anything. "You know what? I'll go get those binoculars," he says and stands up. "Should I come with you?" Skye asks. "Nah, just stay here. You shouldn't move around so much. Your knee still looks painful," he says. "It does. I'll just stay here," Skye says, "just be really careful!" "I will," Brent says and walks back to the building.

Skye starts preparing the things for their plan. She pulls out the laserpointers. "Why are there so many of these things?" she thinks as she pulls out 20 lasers.  "We'll just need two. Maybe I can make something from the rest," she thinks and sits thinking for a while. "Those binoculars probably won't have nightvision on them. And I'll need to see what kind of people are guarding, or Brent'll kill them. I can make an attachment for the binoculars!" Skye starts pulling the lasers apart and starts building her device. She pulls out some tools from the bag and builds a nightvisor that she can slide onto binoculars. She puts it to her eyes, to check if it works, and it does. "Yay! It works! I'm so great!" she thinks.



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