To Die For

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The year is 3020. Life as humanity knew it has ceased to cope. Poverty and disease has spread on a massive global scale. Scientists spend millions of dollars on research to find a serum for immunity. For eternal life. But only for the wealthy will this be available. As years progress the need for the serum grows more and more necessary in order to survive. Now the scientists take the matter of life and nature into their own twisted hands...

Submitted: March 20, 2014

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Submitted: March 20, 2014



Death. For some it seems so terrifying, a burden we must all face one day. To me, death is the ultimate gift.

I stepped out of the elevator into the lobby. The lobby was almost deserted. Offside I witnessed several people cower beneath the violent blows of guards.  Begging, they wished to be released. Clenching my fists and gritting my teeth I pressed on to the front of the lobby. Standing in line I continued to watch the beatings. The room sickened me, the smell of blood and urine hung in the air. I did not notice the line move before me.


Looking up I saw the attendant waiting to be seen behind his glass booth. He tapped his fingers along rhythmically as he waited for me to approach him. He was thin and had withered greying hair, dressed so immaculate, he didn’t belong to the scene.

“Can I help you?”

“Yoku’s 5 o’clock.”  The attendant raised one eyebrow.

“You’re Mr. Tenzin? Wealthy benefactor of Corporation?”

Flashing him my ID card I gave a confident smirk, he inspected it for a moment. I fashioned a fake yawn and tapped my foot.

 “My apologies, right this way.”

Straightening my coat I followed his lead. He chattered away to his wireless device, laughing at the stupid puns he made. I could hear every word. Turning his head to make sure I was still there he quietened his voice. We walked onwards through narrowing hallways. Guards passed us, pushing along trolleys with unknown contents, but were draped in stained white sheets.

Each room we passed was sealed, locked from the outside. Coming from them were unworldly cries and screeches.  Curiously, I paused before one of the doors. Trying to peer through the glass window I attempted to see the cells contents. It appeared empty. I looked closer. The room was almost completely dark, except for the slither of light looming in from the window. I could hear moaning, something was in there.

“Patient 69884, male, mid-forties. He came to us with an acute skin condition, wide range of internal organ failure and various other symptoms, historian physicians would have labeled his ailment tuberculosis, but we know better in this day and age.”

Turning around I witnessed the man speaking to me. I knew his face, but hopefully he didn’t know mine. My guide realizing I failed to follow him returned to my position.

“Doctor G?mon, apologizes for the disturbance. This is Mr. Tenzin, he is the benefactor of your program, but doesn’t realize his boundaries…” he flashed me a glare.

“That is perfectly alright, curiosity is our main goal here. It never hurt anyone, well almost.” The attendant chuckled at the Doctors sick sense of humor, I remained perfectly still. “Hmm well, I have never heard of a Tenzin, but Yoku is waiting for you so we probably shouldn’t keep him waiting. I will escort our friend, you may leave.” With a nod my guide scurried back the way we came.

“This way.”

We walked for what seemed an eternity, the walls echoed with the desperate cries of the many patients.

 “Why…” without realizing, the word slipped past my lips.

“Pardon?” the Doctor turned, he focused on my features one eyebrow raised.


“For the greater good of mankind, Mr. Tenzin. We live in harsh and cruel times. The world has changed, and thus we too must. Here, let me show you the handy work of your donations.”

There was something sinister about the way he spoke. It brought back memories I have suppressed for as long as I can remember. Memories of screaming, darkness and the bellowing voices. One of those voices I was remembering more and more as the doctor spoke to me.

He led me through the building, past many locked rooms. Each door released an orchestra of desperate screeching and screaming. My skin crawled. The memories were flooding back. On we walked.

“Subject 004, ten years old, male. No known biological afflictions, charts status normal.” The doctor spoke to his colleagues as they took notes. It was so long ago, their faces I do not remember, but the Doctor I could never forget.

  “Subject 004, named Katsuo, how do you feel?”

My mouth was too dry to speak and my mind was so heavy, I couldn’t respond. I lifted my head to look at the doctor’s handy work. What I saw was something of nightmares. The doctor had opened my chest up to reveal my insides. Although I couldn’t feel anything, the sight began to send sharp pains up my spine. I was just a boy, how could I understand.

  “Mr. Tenzin, are you still with us?”

I was back inside those haunted walls, only this time I was no boy. The doctor led me to a secluded room, it seemed different from all the others, somehow darker. Something about it frightened me, like I was back on that slab myself. He unlocked the door, my heart moved into my throat trying to escape. He gestured for me to go inside, hesitantly I followed. I had to keep up this charade, just for a little longer.

  “This Mr. Tenzin, locked within this room is the secrets of this place. My life’s work and all Boss Yoku and I ever hoped to achieve. Alas, we have yet to succeed our dream of creating… eternal life.” The Doctor’s eyes were filled with a look of complete madness. He turned on the lights, and revealed his life’s work. The walls were covered with shelves of jars, each filled with contents unknown. In the middle of the room was a surgery slab, surrounded by rows of various machines. Each one beeped in a familiar chime, everything was so familiar. I was haunted by the contents of the room. I wandered mindlessly into the room, I had to see what was in those jars. I could hear my mind shouting to stay put, to run away, but my body lurched forward. I peered into one jar on the third row, the contents were murky and old, but was still easily identifiable. It was the remains of an infant, a mutated infant.

“Many attempts and many failures. I once thought I had created the perfect specimen, but he was still the ultimate failure…”

I stared absently at the infants, thousands and thousands. Some jars contained only certain body parts, such as brains and hearts. They must have been older specimens.

“And what happened to this…failure.”

“I cast his useless body out into the world outside these walls. He would be long dead by now, the eternal life serum washed out of his body, the antibodies attacked and killed the virus, in turn eventually killing him I suppose. Nothing personal, just for science. Well, we’d better not keep Yoku waiting…”

We left the room and walked onwards in utter silence. So he believed the boy to be dead, if only. We reached our destination, the top floor, Yoku’s office.

Nothing personal, just for science. His words rang in my mind like an echoing bell. It boiled my very soul. I couldn’t control my hate anymore, there was no need to keep up this game. I pulled from my pocket a hidden knife, fools didn’t think to search me.

I took my moment, with one quick hand movement my hidden blade entered the Doctor’s neck. Starting from the back of his head I slid down, severing every nerve in his spinal column. My prey wiggled like a worm on a hook as I dug deeper. He gasped, not even able to scream. Blood splattered everywhere.  I could hear him spluttering, attempting to speak with his dying breath.

“Why…” I pulled my mouth to his ear. I wanted my words to be the last thing he ever heard.

  “Nothing personal….” His eyes widened as I dug deeper. I released my victim’s writhing body. He would die in a matter of hours, slowly and painfully. He would suffer for the years of pain and fear he afflicted on me, and for my brothers and sisters locked away in that room.

I barged through Yoku’s locked door, it was easy to break down. The room was almost empty, except for Yoku sitting at his desk and his few bodyguards.

“Ka…Katsuo?” he stuttered.

“Hello, Father.”

“Katsuo… It… It cannot be…You’re… You’re dead…” Yoku stammered, failing to believe. Raising from his chair, he signaled his men to attack.

The killing didn’t take long. They were not important to me, each died quickly and painlessly. I gave them each the final gift. A pool of blood filled the ground. It was just me and him. As it was always meant to be. He sat back down, excepting his fate.

“How did you ever find me?” 

I did not speak, only stared. I pulled from my coat pocket a scalpel. Yoku gasped, he knew what it represented.

“G?mon! Is the subjects testing working or not! I’m tired of your excuses.” The two men argued over my limp body.

“At first it did appear his body was accepting the serum, but as you know it isn’t always a guarantee, what with different DNA strands…”

  “You said this one would be different! That is why you insisted on a clone test subject, to be sure it would work on me!”

“Yes but…”

“Dispose of it, I don’t want this thing anywhere in the building. Dump it outside the city walls. The world will kill it eventually. We will start again soon, this time a complete clone, no mixing DNA!”

“Yes, Yoku. As you wish…”

I leapt over his desk and was upon him. I moved with agility, he had no chance to defend himself. He fell beneath my blade. The scalpel tip was in just enough to slightly pierce his heart. Blood began to stain his shirt. I looked down at him, his face was an aged mirror of my own.

  “Katsuo, please no…” I pushed my blade deeper into him. He moaned with such agony.

“You thought the world would kill me, it only made me stronger!”

I pushed deeper. With each heartbeat I pushed the blade further. Further and further it entered his chest. He gasped and squirmed beneath me. His chest eventually imploded, blood squirted from him, splattering my face. Yoku’s eyes begged for mercy.  I could see his body was starting to shut down. With one final push I had sliced Yoku’s heart in two.

A few seconds passed. I sat in silence, everything went blank. I had finally gotten my revenge on the two men who cursed me. They believed me to be dead, believed their experiments had failed…that I too was a failure. But I was given eternal life. Yet like a tragic joke of irony, I had nothing to live for.

Revenge and hate was all I knew in this world. Now they were gone, there was no reason no live. I couldn’t live because of those men, and because of their cruelty I could also never die.

Death. It is the ultimate gift…

© Copyright 2020 Gailiel the Bard. All rights reserved.

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