The Imam

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Future event in the middle east.

Submitted: March 09, 2015

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Submitted: March 09, 2015



~~The Imam

The man entered the Imam Khomeini Mosque through the main iwan (gate) at around midnight on July 5, 2016, the last day of Ramadan.  He was an old man and he walked with an old man's shuffle slightly bent over with worn sandals that made a shush shushing sound.  He wore no topee (Muslim head covering) and his body garment was a simple unadorned off white robe that reached nearly to his feet.  His hair was long mostly white with a few streaks of gray and it looked unkempt and unwashed if anyone had noticed.  But no one particularly noticed him at that time of night as few were there and he appeared not to notice anyone or anything, not even the amazing blue tiles in ceiling and walls where the electric lights made a dazzling reflection.  On reaching the main prayer hall he sank to his knees and began the Isha (night prayer).

His prayer was from the Quran 5:32 "...if anyone slew a person -unless it be for murder or spreading mischief in the land-it would be as if he slew the whole people..." over and over again for perhaps a half hour.  Ordinarily this would not be out of the ordinary except that the old man was praying in English which was noticed by one of the other worshipers and reported to a guard. 

The guard entered hurriedly and hearing what appeared to be a foreigner attempting to impersonate a Muslim and defiling the Mosque grabbed him by the neck with his left hand pulling a truncheon with his right struck the man a blow across the forehead over his right eye.  Blood began to flow from a three inch long gash in copious amounts onto the floor when the guard attempting to get a better grip slipped in the blood and fell backwards with a mighty yell and a sharp crack to the back of his head.Two other guards just entering the hall noticed a man kneeling and their compatriot prostrate in a pool of blood.  Assuming the worst the two began to beat the old man into unconsciousness. 

Dragging the old man across the plaza leaving a trail of blood they threw him into a small cell at the local police station to await higher authorities in the morning.

8:00 AM  Ishwata prison, Tehran, Iran

The night guard before leaving for home brings a jug of water and a small loaf of dry bread to the man bought in around 1:00 am last night.  Peering through the crudely welded iron bars over the small window in the studded steel door he sees the prisoner pretty much as he was last night when he came except now he is sitting upright with his legs crossed, arms in his lap and eyes closed.  Opening the cell door to bring the tray in he notices something odd but it doesn't sink in initially.  He hesitates, looking closer, analyzing what is unusual.  Trying to wrap his brain around what he is seeing.
Surprise turning to terror the guard drops the tray with a crash and dashes out the door to the night sergeants desk where the sergeant was calling his mistress as he was about to leave.Unable to make anything intelligible from the guards loud ramblings the sergeant walks down the hall to the now open door to the old man's cell and at the threshold says to no one in particular "he's floating".  The mistress who's still on the phone says "who's floating?"  The sergeant replies "the old guy we brought in last night for assaulting a guard at the Khomeini Mosque."  The 14 year old mistress says "cool, send me a photo and find out who he is, text me".  The sergeant being indulgent to his mistress sends her a photo and thinking quickly sends one to his wife as well, just to maintain good familial relations.

Now students of history will note that significant turning points often hinge upon seemingly trivial unimportant seeming events.  This is one of those seemingly unimportant events and it starts when the indulgent sergeant says to the old man "Who are you?".  The old mans eyes open slowly staring directly into the sergeants and says in a firm clear voice "I am Rasul al-Mahdi and I have a message from Alla the mighty and glorified for the Supreme Leader of Iran grand ayatollah  al-Sistanti".  The sergeant couldn't help himself and asked "What is the message?".
"Stop the killing" was the reply. 

Dutifully the sergeant texted both answers to wife and mistress and then cursed himself for a fool realizing that the leaker of this information could be in serious, as in head losing serious, trouble.  He texted wife and mistress entreating them not to share the texts with anyone else but it was already too late. 

By 9:00 am over 50,000 Iranians had the photo and text from the Iranian internet which is almost totally closed to the outside world.  Almost but not quite.  There were leakers and by 10:00 am there were 1 million people around the world with both photo and text of an old man in a dirty robe with dirty hair a bloody right face, numerous burses and scrapes floating a foot over the dirt floor of a Tehran jail cell warning the Supreme Leader of Iran to stop the killing.

By the time the Supreme Leader heard what had happened, interrupting his lunch, there were perhaps a few people in northern Siberia who had not heard.  However the Supreme Leader was both intelligent and clever taking immediate steps to restrict further revelations (jailing the guards, sergeant, mistress, wife, children and basically anyone else who had had direct contact with the situation.  He composed a press release stating that the local Tehran police were investigating an assault in a Mosque on a guard by a westerner posing as a Muslim and that further information would be forthcoming as it became available.  Last he sent for Abu Mar the Quds elite interrogation expert telling him , find out who this man is quickly using any methods but cause no permanent damage to him.

No one could resist Abu the snake master interrogator.  Torture, honeyed tongue, persuasive logic, promise of immense reward or threats to family and friends, Abu always got the information.  But the old man was different, none of the usual were necessary.  He asked the questions and the old man answered at length and without duress.  It made Abu uncomfortable.  So much so that he pulled out the old man's toe nails without the old man so much as twitching in hopes that he would get answers he hadn't asked questions about.  None were forthcoming.

At 3 pm on July 6, 2016 Abu Mar returned to the Supreme Leader with the following information.

The man now calling himself Rasul al-Mahdi and a Muslim was formerly Heber Johnson of Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA.  A state in the US's upper middle west.  He is 75 years old and a retired engineer educated at MIT with a PHD in advanced reentry thermodynamics for space craft.  He worked for Lockheed Martin in their "Skunk" works for 30 years before retiring.  His wife is deceased now four years and his children are grown pursuing successful technical careers.  No grandchildren.

In July of 2014 he decided to convert to Islam after having a dream wherein he claims that Allah, the good and merciful, told him to go and pray at the Kohmeini Mosque and deliver the message to your excellency.He studied for a year and was admitted to the Unity Mosque in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in December of 2015 where he established a record of piety and regular attendance.  On April 23, 2015 he sold his house and all his goods converting them to cash and gold buying an American Airlines ticket on flight number 312 to Ankara, Turkey.  A bus took him to Karakose in eastern Turkey and then to Van where the bus line ended.  He then paid a local driver to get him to a remote section of the border where he crossed into Iran on foot.  He hiked to Tabrize, Iran and again took a bus to Tehran where a cab dropped him off at the Kohmeini Mosque at Midnight yesterday.  Mr. Heber had no identification or money on him when arrested nor anything but his robe, naked underneath. 

I have spoken to our intelligence organization who has contacted the Congressman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who is on our payroll and the Senator from Illinois who is also on our payroll both verifying the information is correct.  Our agents in the CIA and the FBI both verify Mr. Heber has no connection with either organization.
Mr. Heber seems to be who he says he is and has shown an extraordinary resourcefulness in getting here.

Are you telling me honored Mar that you think this man is from Allah the great and good?

No indeed excellency it is impossible to believe that a doddering old infidel posing as a Muslim convert could be the Mahdi, blessings be upon his name, the bringer of the end of times.

I concur, it's some damn CIA cheap magicians trick to slow our plans down to establish the Caliphate.  Nothing can stop us now that we have a ten year deal with the Americans.  We will have over one hundred 25kt miniaturized nuclear warheads with the intercontinental missiles to send them by the end of this year.  The first they will know of our capabilities is when twenty missiles wipe Israel off the map.  With our remaining 80 missiles in deep hardened sites they won't dare retaliate.  They will make us invulnerable and our destiny inevitable.

Honored Mar there is one other thing however, how did Mr. Heber pull off the levitation stunt?  He was searched carefully both before and after entering his cell, right?

 I cannot speak to how carefully when he was put in but certainly after the levitation both he and the cell were searched very carefully and no apparatus or ropes or mirrors were found. 

Did you ask him how he did it?

He was surprised at the question and said he didn't know he was doing it and certainly not how.  Apparently a case of involuntary levitation.

Perhaps I can find out honored Mar.  Bring him to me in greatest secrecy.  Let the messenger deliver his message, eh.

After dismissing Mar the Supreme Leader had meetings with the Supreme Council, head of intelligence, head of the armed forces, the Russian ambassador reviewed requests for information from around the world.  The pressure was beginning to build for more information on the "floating prophet".

8:00 pm July 6, 2016 Office of the Supreme Leader, Tehran, Iran

Mr. Heber was brought before him.  They'd cleaned him up a bit.  The blood was gone, the gash stitched up, a new robe, a bath, clean hair and new underwear but he remained unimpressive to the Supreme Leader.  Still old and shrunken taking short shuffling steps with short breaths he looked like a man with not much longer to live.

So Mr. Heber the messenger tell me what is your message?

 The message I bring from Allah the merciful is simple "stop the killing, dismantle your 100 nuclear missiles and their bombs, disband your armed forces stop supporting military aggression with Hamas, Hezbola, Palistine, Libya and around the world.  Spend your resources on the poor and foster peace."

You ask much Mr. Heber.  Dismantle everything we have built and abandon our plans nearly achieved?  Why should I believe you carry Allah's, the good and merciful, message?  Can you levitate for me here in my office?  Can you perhaps perform a small miracle like turning my water into wine?  No?  And what would be the consequences if I don't agree to do what you ask?
You have till 12:00 pm on July 7, 2016 to make your decision and a further 48 hours to accomplish the destruction.  Should you fail on either account all that you see, all that you have built and planned for will pass away as if you never existed.

Mr. Heber are threatening me, are you prophesying my death?

No excellency I am no prophet just a simple messenger with a simple message but I will tell you that I see another path for you if you accept the message.  That path leads to a mighty Caliphate based on peace, justice and mercy.  A benevolent Caliphate where Sunni and Shia and Jew and Christian and people of all faiths or no faith can live in harmony and prosperity.  One from which you will be remembered and revered as a great uniter, a great leader and a great peacemaker for a thousand years.

Allah the great and powerful loves you so greatly that he gives you this last chance at redemption, a chance at forgiveness.  I urge you to take it.

Mr. Heber you are simply pathetic.  You don't have to wait for my answer, it is no, never will I give in to your simple minded attempt to subvert our plans.  We are a strong nation under the protection of Allah the great and have nothing to fear from anyone anywhere.  Be gone from my sight before I kill you myself.

8:00 AM July 7, 2016 Headquarters of the Supreme Leader Tehran, Iran

Honorable Mar I have of course decided not to accept the message as it is a false message from a false prophet.  I will announce a trial to be held for assault on the Mosque guard and that the photo is a fake.  A twenty year sentence should be adequate.  Also I want you to find out how Mr. Heber knew about our 100 missiles.  Again use any method but no permanent damage.  We want him in good shape for trial. Again use any method but no permanent damage.

Yes excellency.  I should point out that small crowds are appearing in the streets demanding to see the Prophet Mr. Heber.  I have called up the Quds reserves just to be on the safe side.

Thank you honorable Mar.  Keep me apprised of any new developments.

12:00 PM July 7, 2016 Headquarters of the Supreme Leader Tehran, Iran

At precisely 12:00 PM the man calling himself Rasul al-Mahdi died suddenly and quietly in his cell.  The meeting of the Supreme Council received that news at the same time that the crowds in the street heard it from the prison guards.  A great roar went up from the street heard in the council room.  Honorable Mar hurried to the Supreme Leaders side with the information that the crowds were out of control and that the army had sided with the street.  Only the elite Quds held their ground but they had no chance once the crowd decided what they were going to do.  He advised the Supreme Leader and the Council to evacuate the building and go to their underground bunker for safety. 

Nonsense said the Supreme Leader, they will rally to me when they see me.  There is no cause for undue alarm.

That's when the street came for them.  After they had seen the battered and beaten body of the man called Rasul al-Mahdi the prophet in his cell the crowd went wild and like beasts they shredded the leaders responsible.  Once again peace in the Middle East was born in blood.  But already you could see the new leaders emerging taking control.  They were young, educated, middle income men and women technology savvy marching into the future.

As the Supreme Leader was being carried over the heads of the crowd he began to see his error and as the ax came down to sever head from body and soul from body his last thought was a fervent prayer to Muhammad, blessings be on his name, for forgiveness.  And as his soul began it's journey the great hand of God reached down to hold the tiny soul in the palm of his hand and enfold him in his bosom for ever more and everpeace.

8:00 AM July 8, 2016 President of the USA's office Washington, D.C.

The president, state, VP, Intel, Joint Chief and Nat Sec advisor were meeting in the oval office to discuss the Iran situation while listening to a live feed from the former Supreme Leaders office.  It had been a major CIA coup to put a bug in that office and it was paying off handsomely. 

The VP was saying what a wonderful job the President had done in handling the Iranian situation when the President turned to him and said "Charlie what in the world makes you think I or anyone in this room had anything to do with this?"

The VP struggling said "of course Mr. President, plausible deniability and all that but an old guy from Oshkosh, Wisconsin of all places changes the course of world history in three days all on his own?  It's impossible to believe.

Charlie, asked the President, are you a Christian?  Yes Mr. President, why do you ask.

Because Charlie I think we just witnessed the hand of God over there and we should all be praying that it doesn't hover over Washington, DC. anytime soon.


The End














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