No More Time

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Time and its relationship to suffering.

Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Submitted: July 29, 2011



Wander, life, death, life, live, life

Never here, never there,

Where, oh where

In despair?

Trapped in bodies in a world of hell

Burning roots of burning flesh

The smell of a thousand decaying minds

In despair

In the chair

Pointing, laughing, crying

Arm outstretched

Reaching, grasping, undecided

Images flash, blocks of color

Who's the one with the long black tongue?

Hell is here, hell is now

Heaven is just out of reach

Heaven was yesterday, heaven is tomorrow

Heaven is everywhere you look accept for here and now

It always was and never is

Always will be, never here

Heaven never is

Despair, despair

What do I wear?

My funeral is tomorrow

How is my hair?

Money fuels the flame

Just look what Lucy bought

A nice diamond bracelet

Lost in time

Time is but an illusion

Time is just a myth

If everyone lived in the here

If everyone lived in the now

There would be no time

And there would be no war

And there would be no crime

There would be no more

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