Living in Two Dimensions

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A woman named Debra is born from a demon mother and a human father. As a result, Debra lives in two dimensions at once. She can see creatures and things that other humans cannot. After saving humans from several demon attacks, Debra ventures to learn of her condition/abilities and confront the source of what is causing her dimensional rifts.

Submitted: May 05, 2014

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Submitted: May 05, 2014



Living In Two Dimensions

Being born into today’s world can have some consequences. You need to work hard and build a good profile, you need to be tech-savvy in some ways, you need to party hard, and you need to be like everyone else if you want to have the best possible life. Sadly, this is not possible for everyone (at least not at first.) A lot of us are born with, or develop, mental and/or physical disabilities and many normal people criticize and/or do not accept their affected peers for who they are. Some, however, can be affected more strangely than others.

A woman named Debra was born with a rare condition that causes her to see things from another world. This is because she was born from a demon mother and a human father. Her parents went to their own dimensions to visit their families before they were married and the mother suddenly had to be rushed to a hospital in her dimension. The mother telecommunicated with the father and the two met at the hospital roughly in the same location in each dimension. The mother used her powers for the father to support her in her dimension. Debra was coincidentally born in both dimensions and has trouble functioning in both worlds. The mother died in her dimension and Debra accidentally killed her human father.

Debra now tries to function in the human dimension, but the demons from the other dimension jeep using their powers to harm and kill humans blind. Debra had trouble making and keeping friends in her childhood because of her dimensional imbalances. However, she made it through high school and she is in college and also working as a grocery store clerk. During her shift, demons secretly fly around the store and try to harm customers who Debra has to save. As expected, Debra either gets rewarded or into trouble depending on the result. As for Debra’s powers, she can either teleport to one dimension or to other areas of the same dimension/place but sometimes does so unintentionally. She also has super strength and is resistant to attacks from humans and most demons. Despite her lack of control of her powers, she can also sense when people are in danger and will do her best to protect them.

Lately, Debra has been working hard at her store and in her local community for a promotion to coincide with her college degree in Public Relations, which she is currently pursuing. However, the demons have been running more rampant than ever and Debra is getting tired of their dangerous and immature behavior. In response, Debra tries to convince the demons to stop what they are doing, which does not work. Instead, Debra sets up an appointment with a psychic in the human dimension. During the appointment, the psychic senses Debra’s energy and works with Debra to channel the energy. They are successful, but the psychic warns Debra that her abilities only last for a few hours and urges Debra to take a special bracelet that will allow her to channel her energy. Debra thanks the psychic and heads off to the demon dimension after saying goodbye to her human friends.

In the demon dimension, Debra confronts the assaulting demons and asks them why they are attacking the humans. The demons say they simply get pleasure from doing what they do because it is in their nature. Debra does not believe them and does not excuse their behavior. In fact, she demands the demons to talk to their leader. They refuse and attack Debra. After a while, the demons used their powers to attack more of the humans in their dimensions. However, Debra returns the favor and saves the humans from harm. However, a demon unknowingly slashes Debra’s bracelet and her powers begin to destabilize. As a result, humans start to get caught in the crossfire and they begin to take over. However, Debra ties the bracelet back on and channels her powers to try to restore the bracelet’s power. Debra is successful, but realized she only had an hour to stop the chaos that the demons were causing.

Debra fights the good fight for days on end and nearly passes out. The demons begin to overwhelm the humans and it seems like the demons cannot be stopped. In the nick of time, however, one demon yells at the others to stop their attacks and the demons obey their leader. Debra, barely alive and barely conscious, is questioned by this and asks him why he stopped them. This demon introduced himself as Jaravix, leader of the demon race for all eternity. Jaravix tells Debra that he stopped the demons because of Debra’s heroism and dedication to stand up for the people she cared about no matter what. Debra and Jaravix talk for a while and Jaravix agrees to make his demons convert to peace if Debra agrees to take some time out of her day to learn about the demon people and to get in better touch with her demon side. Debra agrees, though she takes the agreement with a grain of salt just to be safe. The demons clean up the messes they have made and Debra now evenly spends her time in both dimensions so she can learn about both of her demon and human heritages. She is also in better control of her powers and the demons agree to help Debra and the humans if she keeps her word. All is well and restored for now, but who knows what could happen next? In the end, we can all conquer whatever life throws at us if the goals are achievable, we believe in ourselves, and we let nothing stand in our way. We all have our limitations and society forces us to adapt to new standards and technologies. It is usually not an easy road, but it can be worth it in the end depending on the hard work and commitment we give.

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