Psychic Doings - Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Rhonda has angered Madame Linsky, who makes Rhonda suffer through physical and psychological torment.

Submitted: June 02, 2014

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Submitted: June 02, 2014



Rhonda lands on the sidewalk unharmed. Madame Linsky approaches the doorway.

“And I was being gentle now,” says Linsky. “For you, it gets worse from here.”

Madame Linsky goes back into her shop and slams the door. Rhonda stumbles as she rises to her feet.

“She’s crazy,” says Rhonda, “I wonder who hired her to spy on me.”

Rhonda’s cell phone rings.

“Hello?” she says.

“Hey Sis. It’s Kam.” Kam says.

“Hey, Little Bro.”

“How’ve you been?” says Kam.

“I’m alright,” says Rhonda.

“Great. So I got a new advertising gig for a Ruby Tuesday’s in town and I was wondering if you’d like to come with me to the restaurant to celebrate.”

“Are you kidding? I’d love to. It’s our favorite one, right?”


“Great. I’ll be right there.”

Rhonda hangs up.

“Well, my life isn’t a total waste,” says Rhonda.

Several minutes later, Rhonda walks up to the Ruby Tuesday. Kam is sitting down at a table visible from the front window. Rhonda and Kam see each other and Rhonda rushes inside the restaurant in excitement. As she walks in, her surroundings distort themselves. Rhonda falls to her knees and puts her hands on her head. Kam rushes to her side. A couple of waiters follow.

“You okay, Sis?” asks Kam.

“Yeah, I’m just dizzy. It’s just a headache,” says Rhonda.

“Ma’am. Are you okay?” asks a waiter.

“Do you need us to call an ambulance?” asks a waitress.

“No.” says Rhonda. “Thank you, but I’m fine.”

The siblings and the waiters walk back into the restaurant. The waiters continue their jobs and Kam shows Rhonda to his table. Kam and Rhonda sit down.

“I guess you’re still woozy from being in the hospital,” says Kam.

“Yeah. Being in the hospital does that to you,” says Rhonda. “It happened a lot to me during all that therapy.”

A waitress walks up to them holding a plate containing a glass of wine and a glass of beer.

“Hi. I have one Bud Light and one Chardonnay,” says the waitress.

Rhonda takes the Bud Light and Kam takes the Chardonnay. Suddenly, Rhonda’s glass explodes, the shards missing her face as they travel at the speed of a racecar. Rhonda screams and a waitress goes to check on her.

“Is everything alright?” asks the waitress.

The waitress is shown from the front. It is Madame Linsky.

“It’s no big deal, dear. It seems you have a firm grip. In your case, these glasses are fragile,” says Madame Linsky.

Madame Linsky laughs. Rhonda screams again.

“Kam. This woman is not a waitress. I know her.”

The waitress who was Madame Linsky is now a teenager.

“What do you mean?” asks Kam.

“I’m sorry,” says the waitress. “We’ve never met before.”

“You sure you’re alright, Sis?” asks Kam.

“Yeah. I’m fine. I’m probably just seeing things,” says Rhonda.

“Would you like to try a non-alcoholic beverage?” asks the waitress.

“That’d probably be best,” says Rhonda. “I just need to clear my head.”

“What would you like?” asks the waitress.

“I’ll have some unsweetened tea,” says Rhonda.

“I’ll take the Bud Light and get you your tea.”

The waitress takes the Bud Light and walks off. Kam and Rhonda get their drinks and order their meals. The waitress brings them their meals. As they eat, the siblings spend their time catching up. Later, Kam and Rhonda leave the restaurant through the front door.

“Thanks for dinner, Kam,” says Rhonda.

“No problem. It was a great way to celebrate you completing your therapy. I’m sorry you had a couple of, uh, episodes in-between, though,” says Kam.

“It’s okay,” says Rhonda. “I’m sure I’ll have some headaches for a few weeks. We probably should’ve gotten those on camera.”

“Huh? Why?” asks Kam.

“For your Gamestop commercial, silly,” says Rhonda.

“Ha,” says Kam. “We could have. You could have beaten your console or chainsawed your couch.”

“Ha ha. That’s hilarious.,” says Rhonda. “Well, I’d better get home.”

“Alright. I’ll call you tomorrow,” says Kam.

Kam walks off.

“Bye,” says Rhonda.

Kam turns around. His face morphs to look like a demon possessing him.

“I’m having fun. Aren’t you?” asks Kam.

Rhonda pretends to ignore this. She smiles and waves to Kam as she walks away.

“She’s getting to me. And she’s winning.” Rhonda says as she refers to Madame Linsky.

Rhonda walks home, but she starts to stagger after a few minutes. People around her move away from her. To Rhonda, the people look and sound like demons.

“Hello,” one citizen says.

“Lookie, lookie. It’s our little playmate,” another citizen says.

“You’re not demons. You’re people. She’s tricking me,” says Rhonda. “Anyone. Please help me,” Rhonda mumbles as she tries to scream with proper enunciation.

“Shut up, drunk,” an angry citizen says. Rhonda stumbles to the citizen and grabs his jacket.

“Please listen,” Rhonda says. The citizen looks surprised. He punches Rhonda and knocks her out.

“That’s what drunks get,” says the assaulting citizen. Everyone walks away. Rhonda wakes up.

“What happened? Ow, my head. My gosh, this hurts. I need to get out of here.”

Rhonda picks up her cell phone and calls her parents’ house. Her mom answers the phone.

“Hello?” Rhonda’s mom asks.

“Mom. I don’t know where I am. There aren’t any street signs. The shops are all closed. There’s no one out here. Call the police. Hold on.  I can’t stand up. What? No.”

Rhonda screams.

“Hello? Rhonda? What’s going on? Rhonda?” Rhonda’s mom asks.

Rhonda screams again and cannot stop. In her mind, her body is falling infinitely into Hell. Rhonda screams at the top of her lungs. As she falls, demons appear and scratch and tear her body. In reality, she screams and tears and scars appear from the demonic hallucinations. Nearby citizens gather and watch Rhonda’s ongoing horror. Some citizens call the police. Rhonda’s dad listens to Rhonda’s screams and takes the phone.

“Rhonda? Honey? Hold on. We’re calling the police.” Rhonda’s dad hangs up.

Rhonda’s body twitches and thrusts as the demons continue to torture her. In Rhonda’s mind, Madame Linsky appears as the demons continue to torture her.

“Now do you regret doubting me?” asks Linsky.

“Get out of me now,” says Rhonda as she is being tortured.

“No,” Linsky says. “I’m not finished with you.”

“Why are you doing this?” asks Rhonda.

“You haven’t learned your lesson, yet,” says Linsky. “You scar me, I scar you 1000 times more. And why should I stop? I’m having so much fun punishing you.”

“I was right to not trust you. You’re insane.” says Rhonda.

“Maybe, but I enjoy my work whether I’m helping or hurting my patients,” says Madame Linsky.

In the real world, Rhonda’s scars and tears worsen and her screams get louder. Someone rushes in.

“Out of the way,” she says.

“As far as you know, this may never end,” says Madame Linsky.

The citizen throws a liquid on Rhonda. The demons scream in agony and flee from Rhonda’s body. Madame Linsky gets angry.

“Don’t think you got lucky. I’ll be back for you,” says Linsky.

Linsky disappears and Rhonda passes out. In the real world, sirens go off and an ambulance arrives. Rhonda is taken to the back of the ambulance and is rushed to the hospital. Rhonda’s parents sit in the back, staring at their unconscious daughter. The ambulance arrives at the hospital and Rhonda is rushed to a room. Rhonda’s parents wait outside. Rhonda’s mother cries and Rhonda’s dad hugs her for support as the two watch the doctors operate on Rhonda. Hours later, a doctor escorts Rhonda’s parents to Rhonda’s room. The three walk inside.

“Thank you, doctor. We really appreciate this,” says Rhonda’s dad.

“You’re more than welcome,” says the doctor.

“So, what’s wrong with her?” asks Rhonda’s dad.

“Well it wasn’t pretty,” says the doctor. “She’s suffered massive internal injuries and scarring, a punctured lung, severed veins, several broken bones. She’s barely alive right now. Her recovery won’t be easy.”

Rhonda’s mom tears up.

“How long does she have?” asks Rhonda’s mom.

“It’s hard to say,” says the doctor, “but I’d estimate from a few days to 3 weeks.”

Rhonda’s parents break down and hug each other. Rhonda’s dad turns his neck.

“Thank you, doctor,” says Rhonda’s dad.

The doctor leaves the room. Rhonda’s parents walk over to her bed.

“Please hang in their, dear,” says Rhonda’s mom.

“Rhonda. Whatever happens,” says Rhonda’s dad, “You were, are, and will be stronger than ever.”

Madame Linsky appears in the room unseen by anyone.

“We’ll see,” says Linsky.

© Copyright 2020 gamer825. All rights reserved.

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