The Parkour Accident - Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Now with others, Chris seeks to find the answers to what happened.

Submitted: September 16, 2014

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Submitted: September 16, 2014



Questions. Someone knows. Somebody has to know. That cinder block wasn’t there before. Did it fall off the building? Did someone put it there? What happened? This is a mystery that has been lingering over my head since I died, no pun intended. I do not need to say that my mind has been gushing for the answer to this question. I would be intending a pun if I said it like that. Anyway, when I died, I woke up hear in Heaven. I was surprised. It was just like anyone, especially like any religious person, could imagine. The angels were loving and caring. A harp was playing in the background. The place was surrounded by puffy clouds all around and a harmless shining light in the distant sky.

I did not think I belonged here in the slightest. When I got here, a heaven-like figure approached me. I was scared at first, but he told me it would be okay. He was just a glowing white light at first (with a blue light surrounding the white light.) The light slowly faded away into a human-like figure. The figure revealed itself as my grandfather, who revealed that he would be my spirit guide. We hugged and he said he would help me learn the truth of my death and help me attain inner peace. My grandfather was a wise, kind, and gentle person when I was younger. He was a 10th-degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate. We were very close way back when. Sadly, he died from prolonged injuries from a car wreck when I was seven. But now I’m happy. We’re back together and he’s gonna help me solve how I died. So far, let’s just say that granddad’s done a great job in maturing me. Believe me. I was not as nice, calm, respectful, or as wise as I am now. Like I said, we have my grandfather to thank for that.

To solving the crime scene.  I know this crime should be simple to solve, but there’s no clear picture of what happened. My spirit guide was only so powerful and we could only see what happened through my eyes. I’ve been trying to make my friends come through to me through my spirit guide, but that did not work out. I couldn’t do anything that would get them to notice I was there. All I could do was make a chair leg break or make a glass tip over and smash into pieces. I could only do things that caused them to get hurt, ironically. I thought I was not making any progress, but maybe it was a sign. Maybe I was unknowingly communicating to my friends in such a hazardous way that it is meant to symbolize what happened to me (kind of.)

Back to solving the crime scene. I’m serious. Anyway, after I gave that a thought, I asked my spirit guide about it and he decided that I should keep doing it to them. I tried these tricks on each of my friends who was at the incident wherever they were. I did things like make them spill their drinks and food (in public and at home), walk over banana peels and fall (very cliché, but I like it), I made windows and cash machine displays crack, I even made one of my friends’ backs go out (do not worry – it wasn’t Jenny’s.) All of my friends did not get it at first, but after a while (I would say an ongoing 2 to 3 months or so), they thought about it and remembered that the accidents reminded them of what happened to me. In fact, Jenny called everybody and they agreed to meet each other at the church where I died. This was it. This was, is, my chance to reach out to them. I only wonder how they all came together from this exactly?

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