Doing something good but ending something miserable

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The protagonist lived an extenuating lifestyle when he was a teenager. And the person he wanted to get away from the most has come back into his life somehow and ruined all his plans for his future career.

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012




He told me one last story. He used his aged ruined voice like an old man’s hands to pick the lock on his past. “There’s a time and place where everyone goes to the other life. Passed the clouds, son. And that power is in your grasp. I won’t hold it against you if you decide to leave me.” I was disgusted at the way he tried to lure me in to help him. After all the misery he has forced onto mum and me. Mum was out in the lobby waiting because I had to have a proper conversation with him, face-to-face for the first in years.

At the age of thirteen, I was forced to stay home and help with household chores because my mum was cleaning people’s homes and this lame excuse of a father was recently fired for turning up to work drunk. After that he stayed at home watching television, drinking beer, out gambling what little money we had, or selling what little things we had around the house.

At the age of fifteen I had to go to work day-in-day-out because my mother became ill. My life was miserable. My grades were non-existent, had only one friend who would actually talk to about my problems but half the time he would be chasing girls, which I could’ve been doing as well. And to top it all off I was a social. People would whisper as I walk through the corridors. “Gross, isn’t he the boy that stinks like heck? Ew, gross, I can smell him all the way from here.” And others would yell. “Go back to the garbage dump you piece of crap!” and laugh as they run away.

Every night I come home I would fall down face front onto the ground and with any little energy I had left would let out a big grunt out of anger. “This is all your fault, do you think I want to suffer? Just get a job, find some money! DO SOMETHING FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!” and with that I would let a burst of tears flow across my face. They were tears of anger, torment and sorrow. But no one would hear them.

And now I stand in between two pathways. Between life and death. This surgical hospital was meant to help people, heal people and care for people. But I was a man built in hell, fueled by the fire which surrounded the lands of the underworld. Therefore, I wanted to burn this man which lay in front of me. But I couldn’t. He let out a little croak “son I know I had been hard on you for the past few years…” I interrupted in a loud burst, “A few years which felt like an ENTERNITY. A few years which you went around gambling money which was meant for mum’s meds!” He closed his eyes and whimpered, “I know but if you do this for me I will change, I swear I will change!”

I left nonchalantly saying, “Give me a moment.”

I stumbled outside over to where mum was sitting. She stood up and had a melancholy expression. She asked sincerely, “So what is your conclusion?” My mind was blank and I was lost in my own world. I decided at that point in time to do what was right but ending what was miserable. “Mum do as you please and do it quickly” I grabbed out my Visa Debit Card and gave it to her with a piece of torn out paper.

PIN: 3298

Get everything in the deposit quickly.

Don’t ask questions, mother!

There should be about $25, 000 in my bank and go on with the payments of surgery for the geezer.

And most importantly mum,

I love you. And I’ll miss you

She had a concerned look on her face but she didn’t hesitate to look back as she left when she read the note I had written.

Aged 27. Saved that hefty sum for 9 years now. I was planning on moving out into the big city and open a business. I always wanted to open a bakery. Always loved making cakes and pastries. Now the business is gone, my life savings are gone and my dream is gone. Despair, sorrow, hatred and anguish built within me. But I couldn’t see any ties that would have me stay within this world. I grabbed out my phone and called the only person who still remained by my side even in such hardships. “Hey, it’s me.”

“Oh hey man, look I’m kind of busy right now.” He quickly said while trying to maintain a friendly tone.

The sound of two girls laughing hysterically filled the background on his side of the call.

“Still chasing girls are we?”

He left out a friendly laugh, “Uh, yeah. So what is that you want?”

“Bring the bag,” I replied in a serious tone.

The tone of his voice changed from friendly to serious as well. “What? Are you ser-“

I interrupted expressionlessly, “Come to Hopes Hospital’s roof with the bag.”

And I cut the call. I made my way up to the roof and waited in the cold, cloudless night. I turned around to the sound of the door opening behind me. No one was there but a duffle bag and vodka as requested, waiting in front of the door. I grabbed the bag and bottle and headed over the fence. A sign on the fence read, “Five stories high. Your life is more important than you think.” I clicked my tongue and climbed over to the other side of the fence and opened the bottle. I took a long swirl of vodka before putting it down. I opened the bag and found this lovely device. A rope which many use to pass onto the afterlife and I was about to join the ranks of fellow comrades. I tied the other of the rope to the fence and looked down. I cheerily proclaimed, “Let’s put on a show ladies and gentlemen.” I widened my eyes as if I were in a magical performance. I saw in front of me a white staircase leading to the moon. I took a step onto the first step and let gravity take place. Without so much of a struggle, the lights were out for me. Doing something good but ending something miserable.

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