The Day of Regret (Part 1)

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The brothers, John and Rob, who are at war against a rebel groop who are called the Grycatack, when one day Rob is kidnapped and John must race against time to try and save him, until things start to go wrong.

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Submitted: January 15, 2013



Chapter 1

It was just another day of war for the brothers John and Rob, walking around the old metal base walls,

risking every moment of their lives, but to them, that was life.

It was always hard when the rebels, called the Grycatack tried to assault the base,

but the brothers always seemed to manage when together.

As the two brothers were patrolling one night, they heard the alarms, and

instantly expected it was an attack from the rebels.

They saw the other troops scramble inside, and into back rooms.

The brothers had no idea what was happening.

Soon, John heard a painful scream, and he quickly turned around.

He saw a soldier stab Rob in the leg with a short knife,

and another soldier hit Rob with his rifle, to knock him out.

Jack was frozen with fear, and before he could act, one of the soldiers

noticed Jack and threw and flash grenade.

The two soldiers dragged Rob away, as John tried to regain his vision.

Chapter 2

After a long, and lonely night, John finally chose to find his brother, despite

the orders he was given. John got prepared, by getting the weapons

and food he needed, andtook one of the provided military vehicles.

When he was ready, Johndrove off in the direction of the Grycatack's base in anger

of what they did the other night. After a day and a half of driving,

John finally came across the Gryatack's base.

He took some time to scout out the base, before sneaking in

well no guards were looking. He came across several guards patrolling a room,

so many guards it was almost as if they were protecting something valuable.

John waited outside the doorway to see if he could hear anything that might have been helpful,

All he could hear was a scientist talking about something called the N-49, a poison.

The scientist told the guards to bring the test subject to the room.

John tried to follow the guards to find out if they would lead him to Rob. The guards entered the

room, and two went up to a man, and went to untie him. John noticed it was Rob, and

went to take out the guards in the room. John managed to take them out,

and get to Rob. But just before John was able to untie Rob, he heard a loud shout,

saying "Don't move!". John could tell there were too many guards aiming guns at him

to fight back, so John had no other choice but to give up.

Chapter 3

A soldier grabbed John and forced him to stand up, and then took all his weapons.

Right before the soldiers did anything else, a man walked in and told the

guards to stand down. The man looked like a higher rank, maybe even a leader.

The man told John that he could leave safely, but for one thing, John would have to do his worse

nightmare, having to shoot his own brother. "You have to shoot me, John, you can do it." said Rob.

John was given a small pistol, and was told to shoot Rob.

John held out the pistol, his hands were shaking, sweat was dripping down his forehead,

he couldn't think straight. The man shoved John and yelled at him again, and told him

it was his life, or Rob's...

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The Day of Regret (Part 1)

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