Our extasy

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this is how i like it nothing rough just nice and slow and peaceful

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011





Kiss, kiss, kiss

Gentle at first

Sweet, tender, loving

But we both know where this is going

We can't get enough, she or I

We're addicted

Addicted to each other’s bodies

Addicted to our own love

The kisses become more ardent

She wants me

She wants me badly

I kiss her harder

Feel her shiver on top me

I love when she does that

I love feeling her on top of me

Her knees barely reach the bed

My belly forces her legs apart

I hate it, but oh how she loves it

And she loves me

She moves her hips back and forth

Sliding down off my belly

Resting on my hips

I buck a little

It has grown, oh god has it grown

Pressed onto her knees

It has been a while

And I have grown, oh god have I{ grown

I tease her

Pressing my body into just the right places

She's going mad, I can feel it

Longing for me to just take her

I live for this

For the teasing

Finally, she can take no more

She hefts herself up

I toss her onto her back

Amazingly deft, for so small a woman

I lower my weight onto her

Kissing her up and down

Up and down

I need her

iBut it is her turn to tease

I force myself between her legs

She gasps

Shee knows exactly what I’m doing to her

She bucks against me

Her body taking over

That warm, warm flesh....

In teasing me, she's only prolonging my own desire

I'm going even more mad than her

Finally, I cave

Sit up on my haunches

I grab her legs

In one fluid motion

I’m inside of her


Relief, ecstasy

I make love to her

Gasps, moans, sighs

She's breathing heavy, oh so heavy

The exertion is almost too much

Her heart is pounding in her chest

Ecstasy and pain muddled together

Both begging for release

We finish together

She collapses on top of me

Spent, out of breath

I kiss her

Anywhere my lips can reach

She’s laughing

Delirious with pleasure

I run my fingers through her hair

Kissing the top of her head

Enjoying the feel of her body against mine

For the moment

We are one

Flesh indistinguishable from flesh

Hearts beating in time

Pulses slowing

Eyes closed

Fading slowly into sleep

Warmth and love and sleep, blessed sleep

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