My dad lives in my head

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Just a short story I wrote years ago and would like to know what people thnk.

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013



A little girl named Hannah

with a bow in her hair

loved her house so much

because her whole family was there

In the house that she loved

there was he mum and dad

and three gold fish

named harry, larry and chad

they lived in a house

atop a great big hill

where she'd have so much fun

its like time just stood still

but lately something had changed

that she did not have a clue

because her dad was missing

from the house and from her view

she checked every room

looked behind every door

she looked all over

for the dad that she did adore

but everywhere she looked

was completly bare

she could not find him

her dad just wasn't there

"i can't find my dad"

hannah said with a frown

"he musn't be here

he must jave gone into town"

so she hopped on her bike

and with great care and skill

rode as fast as she could

down the great big hill

when she got into town

she looked high and low

she looked in all the places

she thought her dad would surely go

she thought she saw her dad

at the laundramat

but it was only a man

wearing a similar hat

she thought she saw her dad

buying her cakes and sweets

but it was just the smell

of the familiar treats

she thought she heard her dad

laughing with joy

but it wasn't her dad

it was the sound of a toy

"i can't find my dad"

hannah yelled to the air

"i'll go ask my mum

why his not anywhere"

so she hopped on her bike

and rode back up the hill

to the house that she loved

where time would stand still

when she went to the kitchen

she found her mum there

staring down at the floor

alone in a chair

"i need your help mum!"

hannah said as she ran

"i cannot find dad

i'm hopeing you can"

when hannah told her mum

about her long day

it didn't make her smile

she just looked away

"i'm seeing dad everywhere

i'm hearing him too

but when i look for him

none of its true"

her mother gave her a hug

"hannah its all in your head

we'll go see him tomorrow

but for now its off to bed

hannah thought long and hard

while she went off to bed

she couldn't understand

how her dad was in her head

"what does she mean?

where is my dad?"

hannah decieded to question

harry larry and chad

she just couldn't get

what her mother had said

there was just no way

her dad was living in my head

early the next morning

her alarm started to beep

hannah was so thrilled

she jumped right to her feet

"today will be good!"

she said to harry larry and chad

"todays going to be the best

because i get to see my dad!"

she ran into the kitchen

and she found her mother there

dressed in all black

with even a black bow in her hair

"i'm ready to go mum

i want to see dad

i'm ready to stop feeling

so lonely and sad!"

so they got in the car

and drove for awhile

her mother didn't talk

she didn't even smile

they turned down a lane

and the car started to slow

hannah was quite confused

because this place she did not know

there were a whole bunch of stones

with a whole bunch of writing

to hannah this place

was quite dark and quite frighting

she walked hand in hand

right next to her mother

till they stop at a stone

that had the name of her father

"here he is dear

right in front of your view

why don't you tell him

all the things that are new"

hannah looked at her mother

whose face was filled with woe

how THIS could be her father

hannah just didn't know

"this isn't my dad!"

hannah was sure of that

"my dads tall and sweet

and always wears a hat"

"this is your dad now

so don't make a fuss

he has to live here

he can no longer live with us"

"i don't believe you!"

Hannah she did disagree

"dad doesn't live here

he lives with you and me"

hannah tried to run away

she wanted to hide

but her mum was too quick

so she remined by her side

this was far too much

for young hannah to take

her eyes they felt hot

her lips started to shake

she cried in the car

all the way home

she had never felt so sad

she had never felt so alone

Hannah's mum picked her up

and carried her to he room

"you'll be ok dear

it'll all make sense soon"

but hannah she did not listen

all she could do was cry

the only thing she could think

was the question why why WHY?

hannah felt like she'd cried

to the point that she was dead

but she knew that she wasn't

cause there was a strange feeling in her head

she rubbed at the point

where there was that strange feeling

it was particuarly odd

cause her head felt like it was peeling

then without any warning

she lept from her bed

cause right in front of her eyes

her dad jump right out of her head

"dad i finally found you

i've been waiting for so long

i knew you would be around

i knew mum was wrong

hannah flew through the air

to hug her dad so tight

but she went straight through him

which gave her a firght

"hannah my dear"

her dads voice it was sweet

"where your mother took you today

is now the only place we can meet"

"when you saw me today

in different parts of the town

i was never really there

only in your head i was around"

hannah wanted to question

these words of her dad

but she kept her mouth closed

because great knowledge he had

"i know my dear daughter

i'm all you want to see

i know its because of only love

why you deeply miss me"

"but always remember

just because i'm not in view

that doesn't mean i'm not near

that doesn't mean i'm not with you"

"but dad no wait

i just want you by my side

because without you life is hard

i only want to run and hide"

"i know my dear daughter

this is hard for you to take

but you'll remember all of this

when you finally wake"

"you see this is all just a dream

while you lie in your bed

because all you can think of is me

so thats why i'm in your head"

hannah began to understand

the point her dad was trying to make

this harsh truth of reality

she was slowly starting to take

"hannah please remember this

we're never truely apart

so long as you remember me

i'll always be in your heart"

with those last words she heard

Hannah woke up with a smile

because hannah was happy

for the first time in a long while

"everythings ok now"

she told harry larry and chad

"i feel a whole lot better

all because of my dad"

"dad ca't live here anymore

but i know we're not apart,

because he doesn't live in my head...

...he now lives in my heart!!

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