death gift

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in this story there are three brothers one is alix second is willium and third is john they are magician and challange the death and death kill two of them

Submitted: July 17, 2011

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Submitted: July 17, 2011




There are three brothers in a villiage. One is Alix second is Willium and third is John and they all are magician one day they all goes to next village and  There is a river in there way. The river is without brige they make a brige with magic. When they move,sudenly one shadow stop there way  and the shadow is death and death fell loser. Death said that you are first who cross the brige but death is not happy he said that i give you gift which you want. Alix said give me world's most powerful gun.He give him a gun.Willium said that i want a stone which bring back the peoples who died.He give him a stone and last john want a magical cloth .when john wear cloth he does not seems to anyone.Alix kill his enemy which is very powerful and alix become famous.One night when he sleep someone take his gun and kill him.Willium roll his stone and his wife come back but she is not happy because now he is not living there.Willium suside because he want to go with his wife.Death kill both of them because death is jelous from three of them.He did not able to kill the third one because third is very clever and did not bleave on death and he wear the cloth and death do not able to find him.

This story tells you do not beleave anyone very easy.

by:- Prabhkirat Kaur

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