A story about a man... woman... oh just read it.

I woke up to discover that overnight I had grown two perfectly formed breasts. They weren’t there when I went to sleep but they were certainly here now. I got up in just underwear - as usual - and went downstairs for breakfast.  Mother took one look at me, screamed and jumped head-first out of the window.

The upshot to this tragedy was I was left £2,000 in her will. I checked online to discover a plastic surgeon that would remove them for exactly this amount. I saw him that very day to discover to my dismay that this related to just one breast being removed. He offered a special discount of £3,000 for both but I didn’t have that sort of money. Thankfully he had an alternative: instead of removing the breasts I could have my penis removed and turned into a vagina (this was £2,000 exactly). I agreed and I woke up after the operation with a very sore groin.

I popped home and scoured Mothers wardrobe. I was soon staring at myself in ball gown, gold jewellery and very high heels.  I entered work looking fabulous. Unfortunately nobody recognised me nor did they believe me when I told them who I was (me). That’s when I noticed I was naked and then I realised I was of course dreaming.

I woke up and felt my chest and groin; no breasts, penis back. I went downstairs and told Mother all about the dream. She shed a tear, told me she had always wanted a daughter then promptly jabbed herself in the chest with a kitchen knife.

The End

Submitted: December 06, 2013

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