The Gold Watch (part of "High Society" series)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is part of the "High Society" saga, published weekly on the ONIN London website:

It is Charlie's 25th birthday and he is about to get some rather bad news.

Submitted: May 06, 2014

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Submitted: May 06, 2014



“Totally understand, makes complete sense” young Charlie Malbery said.

He lay in his big bed, hung-over, staring up at his Father, Ernest, who looked down at him sternly.

“You’re twenty five today, about time you got a job and we stopped your trust fund eh?”

“Quite right old bean,” Charlie said, wishing he’d go away so he could return to sleep where his head no longer banged. 

But then his Father sat down on his bed. Oh no he wants a chat. In the effort to feign good cheer to make his Dad leave, Charlie had charmed him into lingering.Charlie sat up; failing to contain a yawn.

“No more of this sleeping in until 12am eh Charlie, yes it’ll be good for you having no money.”

“Quite right, can’t wait not to have it. Still, maybe my birthday isn’t the best day to begin this fantastic austerity. Perhaps once the celebrations are all over, in a month or two once the smoke has cleared.”

“No it starts today” his father said firmly, standing up and looking his angry self again. “But don’t fear I have gotten you a gift.”

“Oh yes?” Charlie said. I bet its shit.

His Father withdrew his old golden pocket watch. It is shit I was right.

“My father gave this to me when I was your age and now I’m giving it to you. It’s a family heirloom Charlie, this is a big day for you. A rites of passage.”

He handed it to Charlie whose hangover was getting worse and worse.

“The great thing about watches compared to mobile phones is you can just look at your wrist and there’s the time. No scrambling in your pocket as it were. Although this is a pocket watch… there’s a kind of beauty in that I suppose. Thanks Dad.”

“I knew you’d like it. Now get out of here now boy, you’ve got a job to get!”

“Here here!” Charlie shouted.


An hour later, Charlie was at The Savoy with his friend Denny Rogers. He’d known Denny for a few years and his Father had never approved of their friendship. Denny was everything Charlie wanted to be: streetwise, impulsive and adventurous.

“Doesn’t look like it would fetch much to me mate” Denny said, examining the watch.

“Please Denny, I’m on my arse financially.”

A waiter passed by as he said this.

“Bottle of bubbly please my good man, two glasses.” When he left, Charlie said quietly, “Borrowed the old man’s wallet.”

“I could give you a couple of hundred for the watch mate…”

“Really?” Charlie said crestfallen. “That’ll barely pay for our lunch.”

Charlie was selfish when it came to family sentiment but he was a generous friend. Denny had never once paid for his meal with Charlie – and they always ate at The Savoy.

“As you’re a mate, I’ll make it three hundred.”

“Really, oh thanks Denny.”

They made the exchange.

“But you save that money buddy, don’t waste it on me. Besides, I’ve gotta meeting to get to.”

They shook hands and Denny soon found himself outside staring at a new prized possession. For in his hands he held The Malbery Pocket Watch: last estimated to be worth £450,000…


© Copyright 2020 Gareth Brown. All rights reserved.

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