Still holding onto hope

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Hope is a doubled edged sword, used correctly it can win wars, but in the wrong hands it can compound ur sorrow ten fold. yet still, i hope.....

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



Hope is a drug just like dope,

I smoke a rock in a pipe an feel the knock an I wipe out.


Too many dreams,

it seems I was short of the mark my thoughts just lead to the dark.


Need to feel more, must be deeper,

she said "I'll teach yer", I squeal  an reach a point were I've hurt her.


Broke in half, my heart,

don't no were it is, stop an start, the path leads to token friendship.


Part of me try's, wants to fly, an escape,

needs a space ship to get high, can't take no more shit!


You know why I cant not cry

look me in the eye, an say were done, an dusted, I've busted it.


Please, please, release my pain,

its still the same, should seize the moment, but i wait in vain, it will never ease.


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