the dark side of life

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A description of my feelings, written on the train, leaving my love behind for the last time...

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



Punished by me, there's a dark cloud rising, full of poisonous ricin, can't you see I'm so angry.

You gave love to me for free, I saw red, no need to be washed or fed wen inside you feel dead.

I used to fly, now I'm grounded instead, think I'll jus stay in bed on my own.

Still got my mobile phone that don't work, 3's help desk is run by a jerk.


I'm slowly breaking, I cant stand the pain. you say I can do it but I'm going insane.

Smash the pane of glass, remove the picture, its you an me but I'm no longer with ya.

So its just me, seen plenty of them before, on the office floor, treated like a whore, cept u don't get paid.

But you do get laid, wish I'd laid them out cold, I was never that bold, now its too late I'm too old.


I'm not faking, my life's so fucking frustrating, always waiting, mind full of hating, my hearts emaciating.

Bitter from your sweet taste, then it went sour, salt in my wounds means my soul will never flower.

Confusion, delusion, I'll never move on, lost all that I love from their emotional intrusion, now I'm undone.

Picture this, a perfect life, its not mine I crossed the line long ago, I acted un-devine I'll pay the fine, an you gotta go


Helpless without inception, plant our dream in my head an change my perception.

Except theres an exception, I have no exemption, for my past I must pay, each an every day, I need divine intervention.

Why did I mention the past? Finally found love at last, but the part I've been cast cant find love.

I detest lust, for it they turned my dreams to dust, dried out, washed up, washed out.


What's it all about? What for? Why'd they do it? You say if I get thru this shit I can benefit.

Well that line jus don't fit, What will i get? Just upset and sadness. You used to bring gladness.

But you wont give any more, and as i walked out you're door, my heart hits the floor, and i hit a new low.

Times up, now I know the final score, coz I fucked it up you cant love me like before.


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