I miss you bailey.

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My poor cat, would just like to share its story.

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



When i was younger i was getting my first pet, this was my two cats, sam and bailey, they were great allways playing together and generally really healthy, but barely embarked onto their life they were diognosed with something called f.i.p (Feline infectious peritonitis), , and this was a deadly disease with a high chance of no survival, the only reason we noticed was they seemed sad, not playfull, we saw itprogressively get worse, they were kittens just lieing around, one seemed to want to play but couldn't, while the other was a bit more active, it wasn't looking good for sam, he just lay there, when we took them to the vets he seemed to have it worse.

Then there was something really disturbing, my cat bailey's stomoch had started to swell, he could barely move, it was heartbreaking, they had to be contained as to not effect other cats prior to this but they couldn't jump let alone run, we just let them go outside but it got even worse for bailey, his belly made up 50% of him, he still wanted to play and when he tried to catch that be he tried to move , but couldn't, i think thats when he realised he was going to rest soon, it was so sad to watch, all we could do was make the best life we could for him, we stroked him and fed him, just to atleast enjoy a small amount of life, which was left.

Soon he couldn't move, we let him rest in bed and as i went to school, i just sat and cried, knowing my cat was at home suffering, i couldn't take it, when i got home my mum told me to wait in the hall, his entire stomoch had came up and my mum wiped it up and we both was in tears, stroking my poor cat who had sadly passed awway, we had to have him cremated and we now have him at the foot of our garden, resting in peace.

Thank you for reading, i cried all through this but i just wanted to share it and my other cat is doing fine with my new cat, they get along great, her name is sally, and my brother has a stray kitten here too and its all going great, rest in peace bailey, this is my story and tribute to you, sorry its a few years late.

The picture is of the stray my brother picked up not bailey.

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