The Dumnezeu Tree

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The Great story of Dumnezeu has finally come to life. Read this short story and find out what happens to Domnul and Rau, Floare and Mesura. Thanks for reading!

Submitted: August 29, 2010

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Submitted: August 29, 2010



Before people ruled the earth and cleared the land of forest and trees, there lived the great Dumnezeu, created by Lord Domnul. Coming from the Trib Marea Padure, he had the skin of an oak tree and the needles of a pine. His feet were like roots and his arm were like branches. From his own flesh, he created the Dumnezeu Tree. He created children from the sap inside, and nurtured them until they could live in the roots of the tree. He named them the Copii. After years went by, the Dumnezeu Tree grew and grew.

Meanwhile, the brother of Domnul, Rau, grew jealous of him, and began creating his master plan to throw his brother off the face of the earth. With granite skin and marble bones, he created the Munte Piatra Mountain. From the dust off the cliff he created his children, which were named Stanca. With every passing year the Mountain multiplied, giving birth to newer mountains. The population was matched with the Dumnezeu Tree in a short time, and Rau’s master plan was almost complete.

With Rau’s Mountain growing and growing, it was soon time for Lord Domnul to learn of his brothers’ mountain. But one thing was kept hidden. Rau had his army ready to fight below the crust of the earth. It was only a matter of time for him to unleash his Rck Iad Armata. But, Rau was clever, and he kept it a secret until the Eclipsa, where the Dumnezeu Tree was at its most vulnerable moment.

“How many days until the Winter Solstice begins, Klun?” asked Rau.

“Thirteen days, sir.” replied Klun.

Klun was Rau’s son. He was in charge of the Armata.

“Do you think they know, Klun?” Rau asked eagerly.

“No, their powers cannot see through rock. I think that’s why you two are brothers,” Klun answered.

Yes, Rau chose the Winter Luna de iarn? for his attack date. With the leaves fallen and the limbs brittle, the Dumnezeu Tree would be like breaking a toothpick.

At Dumnezeu, Domnul was gazing at the stars, noticing that the Winter Luna de iarn? was approaching.

“Floare,” said Domnul.

“Yes, father?” replied Floare.

Floare was Domnul’s second child. She was the head of resources. She lost her beauty when Rau banished her from his kingdom.

“Noticed the stars lately?” Domnul asked her.

“I have, Domnul. Everyone has. But we are scared. The food sources are dropping, and gatherers are dying. We’re trying to find the cause, but we’re too late. We only have five hundred gatherers, and there vanishing every day. If we don’t send Mesura to the Gods, we won’t survive. I ca-“

“NO! I’m not asking for help one more time, Floare. You know as well as me, I hate to ask. I live to give, not to receive,” Domnul interrupted angrily.

“I’m sorry, father,” Floare said weakly.

“You don’t have to apologize, daughter. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have yelled,” replied Domnul.

“…..We need to figure out something, though,” Floare suggested. “What about Uncle Rau? Maybe he can lend us resources until Winter’s over”

“I guess he would. He’s always been helpful. Send Mesura to Munte Piatra Mountain. Give Mesura this letter before he leaves, Floare,” Domnul said.

Floare hurried down to the entrance and to Mesura’s room. He was lying by his window watching his dragon hover above the lake on the grounds.

“Mesura,” Floare said.

Mesura didn’t answer. Floare soon realized he was asleep. She walked toward him and poked his back. Still, Mesura didn’t answer. Floare then shoved him to his side. Mesura’s face was stone and his eyes were glass. Mesura was dead.

Rau was sitting on his throne, giving orders to his wife, when the floor in front of him broke open and a root slowly slid out. The root turned into a log, and then took shape of a man. Once the log was upright, Domnul stretched out of the wood and onto the cold stone floor with a disgusted look on his face.

“RAU!” yelled Domnul.

Rau hurried his wife away and stood three feet in front of his brother.

“Why such a rude interruption brother? And, for what reason?” asked Rau

“You know damn well why I’m here Rau!” Domnul angrily replied.

Rau slowly walked back to his chair. Without saying one word, he turned around and sat down.

“I assure you, Mesura was nothing,” said Rau.

“HE WAS MY MESSENGER!” yelled Domnul.

Rau looked down and contemplated what he was going to say. He lifted his head back up, and smiled.

“You know why I killed him? You want to know? I killed him because I’m tired of you being able to ask for help whenever you need it. I killed him for your own good. You have no courage, just like when you were a kid. I have been murdering your gatherers. I have been raiding your resources. It’s time someone else took control, Domnul, someone who can put up a fight.”

Domnul looked up at his brother as if he was the devil. Before he could utter another word, Rau started to talk again.

“At this very moment, your precious kingdom is being destroyed. My Armada is taking over Dumnezeu and its Copii. Don’t try to escape, because you can’t get your roots through my Mountain again.”

The stone around the room began growing, and Rau said, “Goodbye brother,” without any remorse. Rau vanished in between the rocks and it continued to grow. Domnul was crushed with the massive weight. All that was left of the Mountain was a few boulders, and a pile of branches lying beside them. Rau has taken control of Dumnezeu.

The Dumnezeu Tree was set aflame by Hilen, and Rau soon showed.

“Welcome to your new kingdom, sire,” Hilen excitedly said.

Hilen was the commander of the Armada. “Good job. What of Floare?” Rau asked.

“She’s in the throne room. I have four guards surrounding her,” replied Hilen.

“Well then, we might want to pay her a visit,” Rau said with happiness.

The two men began making their way to the top of the tree, rotting with every step they took. Once they reached the Throne Room, Rau took the liberty of smashing the bark door and swiftly made his way across the chamber. Rau looked evilly into Floare’s eyes, his stone cold, hers as beautiful as a blossom tree, like two opposites colliding.

“What did you do to my father?” Floare asked with great dignity.

“Why so much angst Princess?” Rau answered with greed in his voice.

Floare looked straight into his face every inch of her overwhelmed with anger.

“You killed him! You killed him without any feeling that he was your brother! You killed him without any thought! You killed your own blood, Rau!” Floare yelled.

“I wouldn’t talk to the king like that,” said Rau.

“MY FATHER IS STILL KING!” Floare yelled once more.

Before Rau could reply, the whole tree started to shake, and wood chippings began falling from the ceiling. Rau yelled orders to his men to keep Floare where she was, and started to run out the room with Hilen. Jumping across the holes were the path fell and dodging branches from the sky, Rau and Hilen quickly descended towards the entrance. Barely missing a giant log, Rau lost his footing and tumbled down the loosened path, scrambling to get back on his feet. Hilen wasn’t that fortunate though, after falling off the path and hitting the base of the tree. Rau found the path again and started running again. Ten minutes of rumbling and stumbling, he was out of the Tree and onto still ground. He caught his breath, and then looked back at the tree.

“Oh my God,” Rau said with a blank face

The Tree was turning into Domnul, taller than the clouds. Rau couldn’t believe what was happening, and before he could contemplate, Domnul began talking with a booming voice.

“Rau!” Domnul yelled.

Rau said nothing, sweat pouring from his face.

“You thought you could kill me with your powers? We are kin; nothing we can do to each other can harm us!” Domnul said with a voice louder than anything.

Rau came back into his consciousness and realized what had happened. He turned around and started to walk away from his brother.

“Don’t you dare turn your back on me again Rau!” Domnul demanded.

Rau stopped in his tracks. For ten seconds, silence bled through the scene. Without warning, Rau began transforming into a giant boulder based beast, black slate and granite. Meeting the height of his brother, he turned to him, and raised his fist.

The two titanic beasts began rioting with all their might. Both determined to kill each other, their massive punches and kicks caused the earth to tremble, creating gigantic holes in the crust. The two brothers fought on until they were standing on a part of the earth that was just big enough for them to stand on. Domnul, releasing punch after punch upon his brother, noticed something strange. There were no visible structures on the horizon, but then saw a massive root slowly sliding down to the catacombs of the earth. His palace was disappearing into the ground. He made a split second decision to run for the tree and save his daughter who was trapped in the room on the top tower, helpless. With only two large steps across the patched ground, he leaped for the root, with only a foot to spare, and dragged his home back to earth. Rau realized what had happened, and jumped on top of his brother, with only a shield of bark protected Domnul from being smashed. Domnul grasped the tree and started to wrap the remaining trunk and body around his chest, making sure that Floare was behind his head, protected from the fight. Rau opened his mouth and spewed fire, like the pits of a volcano, and directed the flow of fire towards his brother, where there was no way of defending the inferno. Floare noticed the sudden change of temperature, and used the remaining water resource to make their own river of water to defend against Rau’s.

When the two masses met, there was a great explosion, wiping the two fighters off their feet, both barely falling into the chambers of earth. Floare used all of her power to create a vine of flowers and weed to make a whip the size of Domnul and Rau combined, and Domnul quickly obliged for the massive whip and began striking his brother backward into a narrow peninsula, all sides surrounded by holes. With one great smack on his brother’s chest, Rau tumbled down the endless cliff towards the magma center, and melted down to only a pebble, which shot straight up and landed by Domnul’s foot. Domnul morphed back into his normal self, with Floare in a small wooden carriage supported by four wooden beams in the sky, and held the pebble in his hand. Before he could throw it on the ground, it skidded out of his hand and rolled toward his daughter. The pebble turned into a rock, with every speed it grew, then into a boulder. It struck one of the columns and Floares carriage began dropping down to earth. Domnul sank into the earth, and hastily began making a bush the size of a crater, with leaves of a maple, and anxiously watched the carriage drop mile by mile. At the last second, he turned his head and closed his eyes tightly and prayed for the best. He heard the leaves rustle and a thump. He slowly turned his head back to the bush, and found his daughter, lying lifeless on the bed of twigs and leaf.

A single tear ran down Domnul’s face, as he dropped to his knees and cupped his hands over his face. He looked up, after noticing a great pool of light surrounding the bed. Three orbs of light appeared above his dead daughter, and collided into her body. Floare lifted up like a ragdoll thirty feet above the bush. The light grew around Floares body until Domnul could not see anything for the bright light. The three orbs climbed out of her body and started to spin around her, humming a whimsical tune, with each note the orbs grew smaller. When the song was finished, the orbs were gone, and Domnul could see again. His daughter was standing right in front of him, more beautiful than ever, with bright brown hair and a flower necklace and a dress made out of water and vine. With every move, her body swayed in the wind. Domnul unfortunately noticed that she could not talk, but she withdrew a single seed from the palm of her hand, and lightly handed it to her father. He assumed this was his new palace. After receiving the seed, Domnul joyfully watched his daughter float into the sky, and right before she disappeared into the clouds, a single piece of parchment landed on the ground like a feather, and read, “I will see you when our home is finished” Domnul didn’t wait one second to plant the seed. With the almost dried tear off his face, he dropped the bead of water onto the fresh patch, and stepped back to watch his palace grow twice as large as before, with wooden columns supporting a tower of twigs and branches, and a staircase leading up to the top tower. He ran up the steps, quickly making his way to where, hopefully, his daughter would be waiting. He ran into the entry way and saw his daughter sitting on the throne.

“DAD!” yelled Floare.

“Sweety! I’m so glad that you survived!” Domnul replied.

There was a long silence, for then the two relatives stared at each other, and then hugged for ten seconds.

There were no words to describe what they felt, so the two began working on the palace, making more Copii for their civilization. The tree thrived, and soon enough the whole palace was full. Grass grew amongst the rock covered earth from the historical fight, which was written down to pass on from generation to generation. More palaces grew on the earth, each with different leaders, and finally, the enemy was no longer clear to see. There was no plague. There was no death. Everything was as it had been.

That was the story of the Dumnezeu Tree. That was the story of life.

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