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This is the first story that I have ever attempted to write. Mainly about a elderly man that becomes what most would consider a modern day Robin Hood. Please do not kill me with the negative comments. Oh, and by the way this is not finished, just needing some sort of encouragement to finish it I guess.

Death had a heart.

By Gene G Wolf

This is a rather unusual story of an event that not even a child with the wildest imagination could believe.Here is a story that will take you from hatred to sadness and back again. This is a very most unusual tale. A story that will make even the most righteous of people, second guess themselves.For this may be one of the darkest and unexplored occurrences of the human mind.Nothing else to say here, nothing except that what you judge and who is judge is all based on you

It’s a hot summer day in June of 1984.Kids are just being let out from school for summer vacation, and in a few moments will stumble across a man who makes his living selling over priced dolls on the street side corner.A pitch man if you will, and very good at it.He will become a minor illusion in these kids’ lives, but for him it will have cost him his own.

This is just a normal day for Mr. Lou.Selling cheaply made toys out of his briefcase to small children’s parents as they walk by.A rip off some might say, epically since the money Mr. Lou makes mostly goes back to supporting his favorite brand of scotch.Mr. Lou; now in his late sixties knows every street corner and sidewalk that parents walk their little ones home on.Selling toys; toys that he collects for free from visiting the Salvation Army and then turns around to sell them to small naive children at twice the price.Oh yes, Mr. Lou is very smart indeed.For he only sets up his shop next to the sidewalks, and walkways of the upper class schools, seemingly taking away from the needy as he gets these dolls and toys from the less fortunate neighborhoods.A heartless man: who very shortly will become face to face with fear.

Mr. Lou looks at his watch as it reads three o clock, just seconds before he hears the sounding of the school bell.He begins to smile as he knows that It won’t be long now until the profits come rolling in and he can go back home to his scotch and whiskey.As he begins to prepare his station, he notices a man sharply dressed walking towards him.“Here they come now” Mr. Lou says to himself as he quickly prepares his presentation.

As the nicely dressed man approaches, Mr. Lou puts on his game face and with a sharp smile begins his routine.“Hey mister, please tell me you can spare a buck for a good cause.”The man quietly kept walking by Mr. Lou as he had his hand out in for some petty change.“Oh well, there will be others.”By the term others, Mr. Lou was right.For within the hour he had managed to make on average twelve dollars from each parent that would make a purchase.And to ensure this, he posted a sign out in front of him that read, “MADE BY THE BLIND.”A rather cheap and low gimmick to pull, but for Mr. Lou there was no such term.

By the second hour business was getting thin and he soon decided it was time to pack up and head home.While collecting the remainder of his things he thought about the different areas he could set up on tomorrow.After he finished packing hisbeloved dolls,he closed his briefcase, picked up his sign, and headed on his way. Being very pleased with the money he had earned within the two hours of standing on that corner.As he was walking towards his house, a little girl approached him with a dollar in her hand.“Hey mister, could you please let me buy a Barbie doll from you?”Mr. Lou stopped and turned to the girl, noticing she only had a dollar.“Sorry little girl, but I have to keep these dolls for the next block up.”The little girl began to cry and Mr. Lou interrupted.“Don’t cry sweetie, I will be back soon enough.”Mr. Lou continued walking as the girl sat on the sidewalk in tears for a Barbie doll.As he looked back to take another glance, he noticed a man in the distance smoking a cigarette.The same man that he had seen earlier, paying little mind to him, Mr. Lou continued on his way home.

Submitted: November 06, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Gary Gene. All rights reserved.

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Juliette LaBelle

...I don't get it... I mean, it was well written, only one typo ( he held his hand out in for petty change ) but I expected more... Am I missing something?

Wed, August 17th, 2011 10:33pm


yeah, you are missing and that is due to the fact that I have not been able to finish the story, maybe I should unpublished the thing until finished, sorry this is just one of those things where a idea comes in my head and then I totally forget to elaborate or complete the story

Wed, August 17th, 2011 6:00pm

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