My Life This Time.

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Mans life from birth to death compared to a stream, the start to the finish.

Submitted: October 26, 2010

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Submitted: October 26, 2010




AlI was aware of what was the sound of the heart beat and the sound of the bloodit was making,as it was being pumped through the heart, it waswarm and I felt safe. Now the heart beat has quickened and there seemed a need for me to push. I've felt this need before but this time its different, all of a sudden its light, even though Icant see I know its light. What are those smells? What are those sounds? Now I'm pulled this way then that way I dont like thisand to let them know I screamed as loud as I could. Later I realised that this is my birth, I've been born on the earth plane.

I compare this to, or like a drop of rain. First the clounds are peaceful in the sky then the wind of change blows. The wind brings more clouds together, the moisture builds up and a drop of rain is now on it's way to the earth, all too soon it crashes on the hill side on the earth plane.

Soon my five senses begin to develop, I learn how to crawl, then to walk, then to run and then to run faster, it wasn't easy or simple. The bruises I received because of the falls, tumbles and trips are plain to see, you would have thought I would have learned to slow down, but it was not to be. It seems the older I get the more I fall down but there were always more exciting things to do or try and that seemed to drive me on to do more.

Back to the drop of rain that now has been loined by others forming small puddles in the ground when they overflow it's the start of a very small stream and pulled by an invisible force, gravity it's the birth of a stream. Guided by the contours of the ground and joined by more drops of rain the pace quickens, the race is on.

In my life I've got a good job, a nice car and I can take very good holidays, life is a dream. I get the feling I need someone to share my life, a partner, a wife.Call it fate or just the way things happen because I have found my perfect partner. We live life to the full, the normal knocks and setbacks that life throws at you doesn't have any affect on us. We live in a fine big house with a nice garden and at the front the big lawn was well maintained making everything look better and now we look to the future to start a family. The first baby is born and it's a boyhe's perfect in every way, in a short time he has given us the desire to have another baby. The second baby is a girl that adds to our happiness and now we plan for the future for our children, we want to give them a better start in life to what we had. However life had other plans that we didn't know aboutthat wecouldn't possibly have guessed.

To return to the stream, Im so strong and fast that any obstruction I might come up against I can quickly over ride or just push it to one side. Now another stream has joined me and I am bigger and wider. The twists and turns I take can not hold me back, two more small streams join me and I've never been so peaceful.

Soon after the second baby was born my wife fell ill and soon after she died. This is not what life is about, we havent done anything wrong, why was life punishing me and my babies? I dont know what to do, Im told what to do, Im given things to do, friends help me, but nothing seems to happen. For the first time in my life I felt lost, the bottom of my life has dropped out there is no foundation, my main spring has gone. How, can I do the things that were planed for my children? Working and looking sfter my two children proves too much and I lose my job. Then I have to sell the house, my dreams are fading and it's a full time job looking after the two children. I do my best but its not good enough I look for help there is none. Life is not getting any better, I'm swimming against the current in the river of lifeand I'm going backwards. I'm now mad, angry at myself frustrated at not been able to do the things that was planed for my children I scream at life, "COME ON DO YOUR WORST, YOU CAN'T HURT ME ANY MORE, COME COME ON". I didn't have long to wait for a reply. It came with a knock on the door, They have come to take my children away. I carn't do a thing to stop them my are num, my stomach feels like its in knots the pain in my heart I've never felt such pain now my throat I cant talk it feels like its going to bust, I can hear my heart in me pounding like a big drum its going to burst im now losing my sight because of the ters in my eyes, life has now ended, I have no more fight. Day turns into night and night carries on and on, time has no meaningtime gose on hour by hour, day by day. I feel secure with this big ache that is with me continuously and I lean to take comfort in it, this is my companion in life.

The river is so big, so strong and so fast but it was soon to meet its match, it came in the shape of a watrefall and as it flows over the cliff and crashes on to the rocksthat had been ripped off the side of the cliff before its strength has been split and it flows into a very big and deep lake. Cocooned by the great lake the river has lost all of its power.

One day I awoke and I noticed the heaviness that had been my constant compaion was not with me, this was a strange feeling and I wondered why? Later I decided to go for a walk its something I have not done for a long time. My walk took me down a little lane it was late spring time, the weather was good and I was feeling happy with myself. As I walked down the lane I noticed the small branches growing out of the hedge and the way they were growing they would catch people's eyes as they walked down the lane. I got the idea of bending back the small braches and threading them back into the hedge without breaking them. This now seemed to be my only purpose in life and after a week you could see the difference. On the second week a man pulled up in his car, he admired the hedge and he wanted me to his hedge around his garden the same way, I accepted the challenge after all I've nothing eles to do. It took me about a month to do it and when I had finished he paid me. I have learned in life to expect nothing and everything you get will be a bonus. We sat talking one day and I found out that he'd got plenty of money, but he was not a healthy man. He couldn't walk very far or lift anyhting like a bag of shopping, he couldn't go up any stairs that's why he lived in a bungalow. I couldn't help thinking to myself, he's got the money but not the health and I've got the health and no money, but to see him the way he is I'd rather be me. On his lawn at the front of the bungalow there was two bushes, I asked him,"Would you let me do something with them?, I would need to cut some branches to make them into a different shape." He said "That's alright, Ill be interested to see what you do with them." The next day I started on the bushes, Id got a picture in my mined the way they should look, It took me some time because Ihad to train the bushes ti grow into different shapes. When at last I had finished you could see one was a boy and the other was a girl, my children. I've never told anyone about my children and I never tried to see them. When they were taken from me I felt so helpless and weak, I couldn't face them because I had let them down so very much and the longer I left it the harder it got to make the effort. I never stopped thinking and wondering on how they were. I had two plaques made with their names on and placed them at the bottom of each bush. Time went by and thanks to this gentilman I got a reutation of a tree designer and my nane was passed on far and wide when they were talking about trees.

Where the water has made its exit from the lake the ground was wide open like a great plain only this plain was flooded in all directions for miles. The water also supported a lot of life, weeds where fish could hide, tall grasses where birds nested and trees that liked their roots in water. There were no obstacles, no restrictions every where was flooded, the water had given life to the earth.

The man now in the autumn of his years was reflecting on the past life, the plans he and his wife had made for family and how he had worked hared to make his family secure and to give his children a good start in life. He smiled to himself as he thought, now he's a rich man, he wants for nothing but he hasn't got his wife or his children, he thought about them alot fromm time to time. The reason why he did not go and try to fined them, he was frightened and scared of the fact that his children would reject and disown him, so he thought let sleeping dogs lie. Miles away there was a wedding going on and some photographs were been passed around and one was of the two bushes that had the shape of a boy and girl. Whe one of the ladies saw the photo it was the names on the plaques at the foot of the bushes that aroused her interest. She asked, "Could I borrow this photograph?" and off she went to look for another person who mat be interested. She found the young nam and showed him the photo, he inturn went to his sister, when she looked at the photo a glimmer of hope came into her eyes. They had made many attempts to find there farther in the passed and each time it had come to a dead end. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained, " said the sister, with that they decided to make inquires.

It didn't long for them to find out where the man lived, he was that well known and very well liked. Soon they were at his bunglow and were standing outside the little gate. Looking passed the gate there was a large lawn and on the lawn sittong in a chair was an old gentilman reading a book. "Excuse me" The brother shouted, "I wonder if you could help us." The old man looked up from his book and beckoned to them to come in. "How can I help you ?" asked the old gentilman. The brother and sister looked at each other, then the brother asked, "Are you Mr Woodward, Mr John Woodward?" "Yes I am" the old gentleman replied. The brother and sister looked at each other again hesitating they had been down this path so many times before. The brother then gave Mister Woodward the photograph of the bushes that was of a boy and girl. The brother then asked, "Did you do this?" "yes I did"replied John, and at that time he felt a little uneasiness in himself but dismissed it. "Well" said the brother nervously, again he looked at his sister. John felt this unwasiness again this time it was little stronger but again he dismissed. "Its just that when we were young we were taken away from our father by the authorities and we have been trying tom fined him." John could feel the sister's eye on him searching John's face for a sigin, searching with hope. In John the uneasiness came again much stronger now John was trying to control it. "How can I help you" asked John. The reply came "The names on the plaques, they are our names I'm Callum and this is my sister Emily." For John the world had stopped, the words were like the sound of thunder he could not remember getting up from the cgair and going into the bungalow. The uneasiness had gone but in its place it was like a grate eruption of guilt all his fears and years of bured emotions had just exploded inside of him. He made his way to the back of the bungalow to the kitchen, by now he was sweating , shaking he felt like his head was going to explode. He could hear his hart beating like a big drum his throat he could hardly swallo he grabbed a towel and held it over his face and let out an uncontrollable scream. Callum and Emily were left on the lawn they were also crying but their tears were of joy having found there father even though John had not said anything.

After ashort while Emily went into the bungalow, she could still hear john crying and when she got to the kitchen she could see John had buried his face in a towl trying in vain to muffle the sound of his crying. "Dad" Emily said as she put her arms on his shoulders, the sound of her voice and the word dad made John sob all the more. A moment later John blurted out, "Forgive me, forgive me I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Moments later Callum entered the kitchen, John turned to face his son in an instent all three were locked together with there arms around each other locked in this embrace with tears of joy streaming down there cheeks.

Far off in the disranced horizon is the start of asmall mountain range and in this mountain range is a valley and with the lay of the land and the pull of gravity the river is guided into the valley. Once the river has entered the valley the current grows stronger as it flows across the valley floor. Im the mountains two more rivers have fromed and once again guilded by the contours of the land and the invisable force gravity the rivers will meet. At this point there is much turbulence and it gives the effect that the water is boiling, After this the river is much wider and slower

Back at the bungalow all has calmed down, they talked long into the night. Next morning John was walking round the lawn that suronded the bungalow thinking of the previous day lost in a world of his and happy with it. Then he heard a voice say "Dad" he turnd to see Emily with a cup of tea, John smiled the giggest smile he could along with a tear inhie eye. Aftre breakfast Calumm asked John, "Well dad what's your plans now?" John without hesitation said, "I would like to spend the rest of my days with my family, If I can." "We would like that very much, but what about your business?" Asked Emily. Sell it, I've more than enough money so I dont have to work anymore, Ill spend the rest of my life with your children." He laughed and then said, "My granchildren." A moment of silence then Emily said, "Why dont you teach us the business, we could keep it in the family." John looked at them saying ,"If thats what you want thats fine by me, I will teach you all I know and can." After that John enjoyed life to the full, the family was happy and the buisenss was good and expanding. Now some years later John was sitting in s chair on the lawn reliving his passed at this momenthe was happy and content, he looked towards the sky and , "So god, this is what life is all about, THANKYOU.

As for the three rivers now as one it slowly flows passed villages, towns and because of the slow moving current people enjoy swimming, fishing and boating, as for the river its self its journey will take it to the big waters THE SEA.

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