Power of Love continued

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The power of love

The Man Who Sleeps With Horses

It was afternoon the phone rang, it was the vet he wanted to speak to Alan with regards to make arrangements to see a gentleman that he had told him about some time early. Arrangements were made and they were soon on there way, the vet had told Alan that they would be out all day. When they arrived Alan could see it was a large bungalow with stables and outhouses and outside was an old man sitting on a bench seat enjoying the sun. The vet was now introducing Alan to the old, “this is Mr, Ben,” the old man put his hand up and said, “Just call me Ben.” Alan shock Ben’s hand Alan’s mined was racing. So this is the man that’s going to help me, I like him his hands were small and soft and yet firm, his eyes are so clearer for an old man and many thought’s went through Alan’s mined. Ben now looked at Alan eye to eye and winked, it took Alan by surprise then Ben said, “Now Alan vet has been telling me that you would like to tell me something or should I say you have had an experience that you would like to tell me, but first let’s have a cup of tea.” Ben went inside and soon returned with the tea, “Now Alan tell everything and don’t leave any thing out.” Ben said. Alan looked at the vet he felt a bit uncomfortable telling a complete stranger about his experience, the vet nodded as if to say go no tell him it will be alright. Alan started and once he started he seemed to relive the entire experience and emotions al over again, when he finished with the first experience he turned to the vet and said, “ I haven’t told you about this one.” Alan then started to tell him about the incident he had with the poachers and again he was reliving it he started to laugh when he got to the part where the poacher’s ran across the river like the keystone cops all three men were now laughing. When Alan had finished telling them he looked at Ben and asked, “How did Big Jim know I needed help, why was there one scar? It was like it had never happened. Ben had listened and watched Alan all time while he was telling him of his experiences. Now it was Ben’s turn, he looked at Alan saying, “You have a marvellous gift and that is you can heal animals, or to put it correctly as I understand it animals can be healed through you.” Alan did not expect this he didn’t know what to expect but did not expect this, he sat there dumfounded. He turned to the vet but he was not there, he saw his cup at this moment he wanted some support to try to understand, he asked Ben, “where’s the vet? Ben told him he had to go something imported to see to. Alan then asked Ben, “How I’m going to get home? I don’t know where I am.” Ben smiled saying, “Don’t worry Alan you can stay the night, I think you have a lot of questions to ask and we’ve got a lot of talking to do,” and they did.

Next morning Alan came down stairs he could hear Ben on the phone. “Yes all right I’ll come,” then there was a pause, “O K I’ll be ready.” Then Ben put the phone down Ben told Alan, “That was work a race horse owner has had one of this horses go lame and he wants me to help him, he’s sending a car round to pick me up, I was just wondering would you like to come ?” Alan was taken back and did not know what to say, then Ben said,” Good that means you’ll come, I think you should ring your sister and tell her that you’ll see her when you her, sometimes these things can drag out a bit.” Everything seemed to fall in place like a big jig saw puzzle each peace just fell in place one after another and Alan was very keen to find out more of what they had been talking about, the ability to heal animals and he could have the gift. Soon the car was outside; it didn’t long for it to arrive at the stables a well dressed man was waiting to meet them. Ben and Alan got out of the car the well dressed man introduced himself saying, “Hello, I’m Mr, Hatfield, Jack Hatfield Ben shock hands and introduced Alan saying, “ This is Alan is hear to help me.” Mr, Hatfield shook Alan’s hand he then turned to Ben saying, “I was told by some friends that you could help me, Ben then said, “I’ll try but I can’t guarantee anything. Alan was in, he may not have known it but another peace had just fallen into place. Ben said, “Right where’s the horse?” “This way gentleman,” Mr, Hatfield said as he led the way to the stable. When they got there Ben could see the horse was lying on a bed of straw it had a big wooden splint on one of its front legs. The horse lifted its head up and looked at Ben for a moment they had eye to eye contact then the horse let his head fall back on the straw. Mr, Hatfield then said, “We’ve given her a sedative to help easy the pain.” Ben nodded his head as a sign that he understood then told Alan, “Can you kneel or sit next to the horses head and do what we talked about.” Alan did then Ben turned to Mr, Hatfield saying, “Can we take this wooden splint off?” “Yes by all means,” replied Mr, Hatfield. When Ben got the splint off he started to work on the leg muscles. The horse seemed to fall into a deep sleep, Mr, Hatfield left and there was only the stable lad with instructions to get Ben and Alan anything they wanted or to contact him if needed. Sometime later Mr, Hatfield returned to the stable just as Ben stood up Alan was also standing now flexing his arms, shoulders and back, during the healing Alan had not moved, he was not used to sitting in the same position for a long time so movement was welcome. Ben went to Mr, Hatfield and told him, “We can’t do any more tonight we’ll wait till morning and see what it bring.” The horse was still in a deep sleep, Mr, Hatfield then said, “I’ve got an evening meal prepared for you and there are two rooms for you so you can stay the night.” During and after the evening meal they had a good talk about the horse then they retired for the night. Ben was the first to awaken he went in to Alan and soon they going to the stable, no one around and when Ben and Alan went into the stable the horse was upstanding looking every bit a champion. Alan couldn’t believe his eyes. Ben walked straight in to the stall and stood in front of the horse, they just stood there looking at each other, for Alan time seemed to stand still and he got the feeling that Ben was talking to the horse and of cause the horse was some how talking to Ben he was aware of a feeling satisfaction and looking at the horse he was thinking how beautiful he was. Just then the horse turned and looked at Alan eye to eye Alan was captivated by the horse as it stared into his eyes. A moment later the horse turned back to Ben he was now feeling around it’s leg, Just then one of the stable lads came in took one look and went back out. Soon the lad returned with Mr, Hatfield and as soon as he saw the horse happy and excited he asked Ben, “Is he going to be alright?” Ben was still feeling the horse’s leg, Ben replied, “I think so, but if I was you I’d rest him for two weeks them build his training up slowly and I think he do well.” After breakfast and a talk Mr, Hatfield had a car to take Ben and Alan back home. When they got home Ben asked Alan, “Well, what do you think? Did you enjoy it?” Alan answered, “Yes, yes I did and what you said before is right but,” before Alan could say any more Ben held his hand up and said, “Don’t worry, it will be alright and you have a lot more to do and learn if you want to.” Alan Replied with a smile, “Dose that mean Ill be talking to animals like you?” Ben turned and smiled saying, “Oh yes.”

When Alan got back to the farm he tried to tell Ann his sister all what had happened and just like a good sister who loved her brother very much she sat and listened to him, She knew he needed someone to talk to so he could come back down to earth. Alan did not realize it but more peaces of the jigsaw had fallen into place. About a month later Alan was sitting at the kitchen table, the phone rang Ann answered it then told Alan, “It’s for you; it’s a Mr, Forsyth sounds posh.” Alan took the phone with a puzzled expression on his face for he did not know any body by that name. “Hello” he said, the voice on the phone replied, “Hello am I speaking to Alan?” Alan replied, “Yes” The voice went on, “I’m Mr, Forsyth and I have a rather sick horse, I’ve been in contact with Ben but he is out of the country at the moment but he did recommend you, can you help me?” “Yes I can try,” Alan replied with out thinking. “Good, are you still at the farm”? The voice asked, “Yes” Alan replied, Then he was told I’ll send a car to pick you up at ten in the morning, will that be alright,” Alan again replied, “Yes” Good, I’ll see you tomorrow , by,” then the phone went dead. Alan stood holding the phone trying to grasp what he had committed himself to. Ann then asked, “Well what was all that about? He sounded very posh.” Alan sat back down at the kitchen table and told her all about it. “I think it would be a good idea for you to go and pack a small suit case just in case, you might be away longer than you think.” Ann told him. The next day the car came ten o clock, Alan grabbed his case and away he went. After about an hour the driver turned off the road and went down a small country road with a very high hedge, soon they came to big gate and that opened automatically when the drive pressed a button in the car, the big gates opened. In the distance Alan could see this castle or a big mansion, the diver saw Alan looking at and he said, “Yes that’s Mr, Forsyth’s place, Mr, Forsyth will be waiting for you at the stable I’ll take you straight there.” Alan replied, “That’s fine.” They drove to a building away from the other stables and their stood a well dressed man. Alan got out of the car and the well dressed man came to meet him, his hand was extended to shake hands and at the same he said, “Alan I’m Mr, Forsyth.” Alan said, “Hello.” Then Mr, Forsyth said, “Let me tell you about the horse, it’s a valuable horse but for the last six moths she has been going down hill. The vet has done all kinds of tests and all they know is she’s got some kind of fever and I’m afraid that’s it. I contacted Ben but he is out of the country and he recommended you. I do hope you can help.” Alan replied, “Well I can’t guarantee I can make the horse well again, but I can try.” Mr, Forsyth seemed happy with that by saying, “Goon man good man.” They went in to the stable the first thing Alan heard was of the horse trying to breath and as soon as Alan entered the stall time seemed to stand still. He put his case down took his coat off rolled his shit sleeves up and was down on his knees next to the horses head, he then turned to Mr, Forsyth and asked, “Could I have a clean towel and a clean pail full with clean cold water?” Mr, Forsyth turned to the stable lad that was with them and told him, “To get the things that Alan had asked for,” them turned to Alan saying, “Anything you want just tell the stable lad and he will get it for you or if you should want me.”

Alan had felt the horse and he could feel that the horse was burning up he must have a very high temperature, Alan could now feel the power of sprit come in him he knew now that he would not have to think of what to do. The lad came with the water and towel Alan put the towel into the cold water then put it round the hoses mouth he then started to feel all round the horse. He was now kneeling at the horses belly with one hand on the horses belly and the other hand next to his hart his head rested on the horses back. Alan changed positions three times during the night and each time he would replace the towel around the horses’ mouth. It was morning now and Alan found himself lying along the horses back, slowly he got to his feet again changed the towel then went over to the stable lad. He had put himself into a comfortable position and had feel asleep, Alan nudged him saying, “Good morning.” The lad woke with a start but before the lad could say anything Alan asked, “Can we go for some breakfast now?” “Yes sir please come with me.” After breakfast Alan asked, “Can I go someplace to sleep?” Again the lad said, “Yes sir please follow me.” Alan got to his room and there was his case and coat and that’s how it was for the next four days and the horse, well he was showing signs of getting better. Just after that Mr, Forsyth was talking to Alan asking what he thought of the horse and did he think it would recover. Alan told him, “I’d like to spend another week with him at least.” and so it was for the next week he stayed with the horse all through the night. In the morning he would go for a walk on his own, he liked it that way he was his own best friend, life was much better now than in days earlier. One morning he was on his own and a voice so clear said, “Thank you,” Alan in return without thinking said, “You are welcome.” Then he realised he was on his own so who was talking to him, he turned around and standing there not six feet away was the horse he had left in the stall. Immediately a feeling of happiness flooded within so much so that teas welled up in his eyes and lump in his throat, this is what it’s all about he thought. He went to the horse put his arms around its neck and give him a hug; in response the horse lowered his head over Alan’s shoulder as if he was giving Alan a hug. The next day Mr, Forsyth returned from a business trip, he wanted to see Alan to find out what progress had been made with the horse. Both men went to the stall and as soon as Mr, Forsyth saw the horse he was very happy, this was better than he had expected, “Good man, well done,” he said to Alan. Alan was looking at the horse it was eye to eye contact and for a moment Alan was in a different world or seemed to be then a voice said, “Give me six month.” Alan was soon brought back by the sound of Mr, Forsyth’s saying, “What do we do next.” Alan answered without thinking, “I think if you build him up steady for six month and after that I think you will have a champion.” “Good, Ill arrange that, now then is there anything else I can get you or help you with?” Mr, Forsyth asked “No” Alan said then added, “Just a ride home” “Of cause” came the reply from Mr, Forsyth then he went on, “the car will pick you up in, lets one hour will that be o k?” “Thank you,” Alan replied. Alan soon packed with time to spear so he went over to the horse one last time when he went into the stall he said to the horse, “Well big felle, I’m leaving you now so take care of your self once again Alan was in eye to eye contact and a voice said, “Thank you Alan,” Alan was taken aback again looking at the horse he said, “Was that you talking to me?” “Yes” was the reply again the feeling of happiness seemed to fill Alan, and then he asked, “Was you telling me six months?” “Yes” came the reply, Alan then thought I’m talking to a horse and the horse is talking to me he was smiling then a voice said, “Mr, Alan, the car is ready for you sir,” It was the driver. As Alan was backing away from the horse he thought, take care of your self big felle and I wish you all the best and in reply came thank you then the horse whinnied. When he arrived back at the farm house Ann wanted to know everything that had happened.

The Dream

Life back on the farm was good and peaceful or it seemed to be for Alan, Life was worth living working with Big Jim and practising his new gift, talking to Big Jim. This particular day a letter came for Alan, “Who on earth wants to write to me,” he wondered while opening the letter, there was a cheque for a thousand pound. In shock he read the letter it was from Mr, Forsyth thanking him for saving his horse. Alan showed Ann the cheque and then the letter, when Ann had read the letter Alan then said, “I didn’t ask for any money that was the last thing on my mined all I wanted to do was to make the horse well again. Ann then said, “Well Mr, Forsyth must think you are worth it, well done.” About two weeks later Alan had a dream and it was so real that he could and would not forget it. He was standing at the side of a river and he had the feeling that he had to get across to the other side, on the far side there were people waiting for him. He dived into the river and started to swim across as he got near the far side the people gathered all along the river bank waiting for him, just then a lady came with a rope the rope was thrown and Alan grabbed the rope he was then pulled out of the river. In the excitement just for a brief moment he saw the lady as she turned a waked away. Next morning Alan got up and got on with working on the farm doing all different jobs that’s got to be done and of cause improving his new found gift talking to horses he would learn a lot from Big Jim and that would help him in the future. About seven months later the phone rang Alan was closest so he answered and a voice asked, “Is that Alan?” Alan recognised the immediately and replied, “Yes is this Mr, Forsyth?” “Yes it is” was the reply” Alan then asked, “How’s the horse?” Mr, Forsyth told him, “He is better than what he’s ever been, and that’s what I’d like to ask you, would you like to go to America?” Alan said out loud, “America, what for?” Mr, Forsyth then explained, “I was at a meeting in America and I talking to one of my friends And he has a horse that’s gone lame and no one can make it better, I told him what you did for my horse and he’s willing to let you try, it is or was a very valuable horse, but if nothing can save it then he will put it down.” Alan replied, “I’d like to try” but before he could say anything else Mr, Forsyth said, “Good man I thought you would, now Ill tell my friend and he will send the tickets and instructions in a letter, not to worry everything will be arranged and taken care of, by,” The phone went dead and Alan was left holding the phone in disbelief. In the jig saw of life another peace had just dropped into place, but Alan didn’t know it. Ann had come in when Alan said “America” so she wanted to know more Alan was standing holding the phone that had gone dead she said, “Well tell me.” Alan smiled and said, “You are not going to believe this.” He then told her what Mr, Forsyth had said and when Alan had finished Ann said, “Right lets get your pass port and all the things you will need put them in a case so that when the letter comes you can go and not have to start looking for things.” It didn’t take long for the letter to arrive, tickets and instruction of what to do and times to be at different places. When he arrived in America the letter told him to look for a man with a big card with his name on, after customs Alan was scanning the crowed of people that was waiting for loved ones and friends and there was the man with a big cared, Alan walked up to the man and told him, “Hi I’m Alan from England.” The man dressed like a cowboy said, “Hi Alan, can I ask you some question for security reasons.” After that it was in a car to another plane then in another car and after about an hour this big ranch came into view and in front of the ranch was a big well dressed man, he’d got to be the boss Alan thought. When Alan got out of the car the big man came hand out stretched to shake Alan’s hand and at the same time saying, “Hello Mr, Alan I’m Mr, Drinkwater, Tony Drinkwater I believe we have a friend Mr, Forsyth.” Alan replied, “Yes, that’s right but please call me Alan.” The big man said, “O K call me Tony,” he continued, “As soon as you have settled in Ill take you to the horse.” Alan said, “That’s O K Ill see the horse now if it’s alright.” Tony took Alan to the stable and on the way he told Alan the history of the horse. As soon as Alan saw the horse he could tell that it had been a big horse but now it bones was starting to show, he got the feeling the horse felt sorry for herself. Alan stood at the door just looking and round one its front legs he could see a dark coloured haze, he’d never seen this before. This was another peace of the jig saw that had just fallen into place but Alan never thought of it. The horse didn’t bother to look at the men standing at the door, Alan decided to try and talk to the horse. At first there was no response but after the fourth time the horse turned its head towards Alan he’d made contact now the horse had seen him Alan walked over to her, he was talking to her all the time and when he was in front of the horse, the asked, “Are you talking to me?” Alan replied, “Yes and I’m going to try and help you to be fit and well again.” Alan then asked Tony, “Could I have a bow of cold water a towel and some more straw for the horse to sleep on.” Tony gave the orders to two stable men that were there and it was done in no time. Alan could feel that his sprit friends were with him and now he told the horse to lie down on the straw. The horse told Alan, “No it’s painful to get down and it’s more painful to get up so I just stand.” Alan told the horse, “Ill try to help you.” Alan felt another rush of power come through him as he put his hands on the horses leg he could feel the heat coming from the leg, after short time Alan then put his hands on the horses head, it was like in slow motion as the horse went down Alan kept his hands on the horses head for couple of minutes, the horse was now fast asleep. Alan then washed his hands and another rush of power came through him but this was different his hands felt like blocks of ice not the heat that he’d felt before; he placed his hands over the dark coloured haze and on to the horses leg, the power of sprit had taken over. The next thing Alan knew it was morning and as he came out of the stall he saw two men they had made themselves comfortable and had gone to sleep, Alan gently woke them saying, “Morning gentlemen.” They both woke with a start they were full of apologies for falling asleep. Alan put his hand up to stop them apologising then asked, “Could I have a shower and breakfast and then I would like to go for a walk?” After he came back from his walk he met Tony, Tony asked about the horse, Alan told him that he’d spent the night with him and it’s a matter of time. Tony then said, “Mr, Forsyth told me that you sleep with horses.” Alan just smiled and nodded his head, Then Tony said, “You’ll be ready for some sleep now?” “I would and that would be very welcome,” Alan replied. That’s how it was for the next eight days on the ninth day the horse was up on his legs all day, now Alan could sleep in a bed at night, a welcome change. Alan changed the times of healing to the evening time so the energies could work on the horse all night while she was a sleep and in the morning they would go for a walk, Alan and the horse. By now Alan was talking to the horse just like we talk to each other and because of there walks that sometimes took them close to other horses Alan started to talk to them as well. One day Alan asked the horse, “Is there any rivers or lakes near here?” the horse replied, “Yes, Ill take you.” With that the horse started to walk in a different direction, soon they came to the river. It wasn’t big or fast flowing but it was a welcome sight for Alan other horses had fowled them. Alan sat on the bank watching the horses it reminded him of the children back home in England how they use to play in the river at the village. Just then his thoughts were disturbed by a noise coming from behind him; it was Tony he was on horse back, he came up along side. After greeting Alan he said, “It a long time since I have seen anything like that, the horses, they look like they are enjoying it.” “Yes they are.” Replied Alan. After a short while Tony said, “Well its time to go back,” there were two men with Tony they were also on horse back and Tony told them to round them up. Alan put his hand up and said, “Wait Tony.” Alan stood up, he looked straight at the horse he had been healing and the same way he had been talking to the horse before he did so now, he asked the horse come to him. At that time the horse was having a drink from the river almost immediately the horses head come up and turned towards Alan then it came to Alan. Alan and the horse stood facing each other then Alan told the horse that we all have to go back home, the big horse turned to face the other horses then all the horses started to walk in the direction of home. Tony and the two men never said a word they just watched, they kept looking at the horses and looking at Alan as if they were trying to see something, but there was nothing to see. Tony told the two men to go with the horses then he dismounted and started to walk along side Alan and the big horse that had been healed. Tony looked at Alan as they were walking and said, “If I didn’t know any better I would say you can talk to horses, but that’s imposable.” He turned and looked at Alan, Alan looked at Tony smiled and winked, then said, “Of cause it is.” Tony had to think about that, after a short time of silence Tony asked Alan, “Well what are your plans now Alan?,” Alan answered, “Well you don’t need me any more now the horse is ready for training not too much at first, but I think everything will be alright. So I think Ill be going home.” “I’d like to have a little talk about that if you don’t mined”, said Tony

That was how it was going to be for Alan, he was now in the circle of rich and famous for some people it was a joke but for others he was a wanted man and he would travel form coast to coast north, south, east and west everybody that was in that circle who had horse that was lame wanted Alan. He was at a Mr, J J Jackson’s place a very rich man and well known. This particular day J J asked Alan, “Have you ever been to horse race meeting?” Alan had to say, “No.” This would be different he thought, soon the day come and J J took care of everything, Alan had a security tag and J J told him, “If you have any problems then tell them you are with Mr, J J Jackson and they have to get in touch with me, O K.” “O K and thank you.” Alan replied. He was walking passed some horses that were waiting to come out to race that’s when he heard his name Alan a quick look round and Alan didn’t see anyone that he knew. The name come again Alan this time as he looked round his eyes come to rest on a big horse that was looking straight at him it stopped Alan in his track, Alan started to walk over towards the big horse and just as he got near it two men stopped him. They were security and one of the men asked, “Who are you and what do you want?” Alan told them. “I’m with Mr, J J Jackson” One of the men went off and other told Alan, Just stay there mister.” A moment later and the man came back and who should it be but Mr, Forsyth, Alan was more than pleased. Mr, Forsyth told the men that it was O K and he would take it from here. “What on earth are you doing here?” asked Mr, Forsyth. Alan hastily explained then asked, “Can I see the horse?” “Of cause come on.” Mr, Forsyth replied. Alan could only stand and gaze at the horse, he remembered the first time he saw the horse and now Alan turned to Mr, Forsyth and said, “Is this the same horse?” “It is,” came the reply. Just then someone wanted to speak Mr, Forsyth so now Alan was on his own with the horse, now they could talk. Alan told the horse how happy he was to see him and how big he was, then the horse butted in and told Alan, and I am more than happy to see you, you are the last man I expected to see, what are you doing here? Alan started to explain when Mr, Forsyth came back and asked, “Well Alan, do you think I’ve got a winner?” Alan looked at the horse and at the same time stroking his head asked the horse, “Do you think you can win?” The big horse answered while still looking at Alan, “Now I’ve seen you I will win.” Alan then turned to Mr, Forsyth and said, “Oh I think you have a winner.” Did the horse win, oh yes and Alan was there to welcome him back, Alan felt so happy and so proud he wasn’t bothered if any spotted the tears of happiness in his eyes, he walked back to the stall, at this time on one else mattered Alan and the horse were talking. The horse he was excited because he had won the race and Alan was also very happy. Too soon it was time to leave farewells were said Then Mr, Forsyth came to Alan, “I’m glad I found you here you are.” And at the same time he gave Alan an envelop, then said, “There’s a thousand dollars in there for you,” Alan said, “What a.” Mr, Forsyth put his hand up to stop Alan then said. “You told me that the horse would win so I put a little bet on for you and that’s your winnings, oh don’t worry I made a lot more but that’s to say thank you.” Alan was speechless; soon it was time to go back with Mr, J J Jackson. After that Alan was soon on his travels again

One day after giving healing to a horse the owner of the place Mr, W Stone asked Alan if he had ever been to a rodeo, Alan told him, “No I haven’t.” “Good Ill take you to one this week end,” said Mr, W Stone The week end soon come up and they were off to the rodeo, Alan was with some of the ranch hands they were all together in a big coach and the ranch hands were telling Alan some tales of what had happened in the passed. When they got to the rodeo Mr, W Stone turned to Alan and said, here we are I’ve told Ed to stay with you so any place you want to go just tell Ed and he will take you.” Just then a one of the ranch hands came and stood next to Alan. Mr, W Stone introduced him to Alan, this was Ed then Mr, W Stone said, “Look after this man Ed and show how a rodeo works.” “Sure thing W” Ed replied. Ed took Alan to a point where they could see most of the rodeo and he was explaining what was happening and what would happen next. After a short while Alan asked if they could go over to the place where the horse and rider come out in to the arreanner. “Sure thing come on,” Ed said, they had only been there a short time when there was a loud squeal Alan new at once it had come from a horse in a lot of pain. Alan heard some one say, “Get a gun and put the horse out of its misery.” Alan started make his towards the horse the crowed were gathering and as if by magic the power of sprit was in Alan everything seemed to be in slow motion as Alan was pushing men aside. His hands now were burning he was at the railings where the horse was trapped, the ear pacing squeals had no effect on Alan in fact to Alan all was quite. Alan then pushed both hands through the railings and placed them on the horses back and belly, almost immediately the horse stopped squealing and just laid still. All was quite and after about five minutes Alan took his hands away the horse got up turned looked at Alan, Alan looked the horse straight in the eyes and said, “Go for it big felle and be careful.” The horse nodded its head up and down turned and ran out into the arreaner kicking and jumping. The silence was now broken by the shouting and cheering men were pushing to shake his hand or pat him on the back, then a voice was heard, “Are you the man that sleeps with horses?” Ed then said to Alan, “Do you want to get away from this?” Alan said, “Yes.” With that Ed took hold of Alan’s arm and with one pull that almost pulled Alan off his feet they were off. the crowed were now shouting, “That’s the man that sleeps with horses.” Ed was making his way passed the crowed pushing men aside with one arm the other hand had a tight hold of Alan. Just then there was a brake in the crowed and Alan just for a moment saw a woman just as she was turning away from him and started to walk away, Alan new he had seen her before, but where. Another pull by Ed brought Alan back to reality as they ran down an ally way up some steps along another passage up some more steps; soon they came to a place Ed said, “We’ll sit here.” Ed certainly new the area because the people that were sitting there were not aware of what had happened on the other side, Alan and Ed stayed there till the end the Ed took Alan back to the coach. Mr, W Stone was there and as they got to the coach Mr, W Stone said “Alan, Ed had a bit if excitement,” as he nodded his head the he turned to Alan and said, “I’ve had call and some one needs your help and they would like to know if you could be ready for ten in the morning?” Alan said, “Yes that’s ok, do you know where I’m going?” “No, they just said that if was ok a car will pick you up at ten in the morning and I’ve got to let them know as soon as possible.” Then Mr, W Stone got on the phone to confirm that it was ok.

Next morning the car was there ten on the dot, Alan was ready and away he went, where to now he thought. After a two hour ride then three hours by air then another two hours car ride they arrived at a big ranch and as the car came to the front of the ranch a man that was older then Alan came up to the car. He had a much tanned face white hair and a white beard and tash just like the old cowboys; Alan could not but like him. The cow boy smiled and said, “Mr, Alan.” Alan smiled then put his hand out to sake hands and said, “Just call me Alan.” The cowboy then said, “I’m Mac and I’ve got to take you to the log cabin, do you want anything to eat or drink?” “No I’ve been looked after, thank you,” Alan replied, soon they were on the way again, Mac told Alan, “The boss sends her apologies but business first and the boss will see you in two or three days time.” Alan then asked, “Is there no sick horse?” Mac replied, “No all you have to do is relax, you’ll meet big Tom he’s half Indian and his wife Mary, they will look after you, anything you want just ask and they will get for you.” After about one and a half hours drive they arrived at the log cabin, Big Tom came to meet them and when Alan shook hands with Tom he felt as if he was shaking hands with an old friend and his wife Mary was very friendly. Tom asked Alan, “Is there anything I can get you Mr, Alan?” Alan looked at Tom and smiled saying, “Please call me Alan and the only thing I would like after all that travelling is a good night’s sleep.” Tom nodded his head and said, “Ill take you to your bedroom.” The next day after breakfast Alan stood outside this log cabin which is like a small hotel admiring view when Tom came to him and said, “Good morning Alan Is there anything you would like to do today?” Alan turned to face Tom and at the same time smiling replied, “No I think Ill just sit here and enjoy the view.” The next thing Alan was aware of was a big blanket had been put around him, he looked at his watch it was 6 pm, and he’d been a sleep all-day, after the evening meal Alan when to bed, and that was Alan’s life for the next two days. On the third day Alan had gone to a big tree that was about fifty yards away from the big log cabin, that’s what Alan called it. The tree offered plenty of shade and next to it was a table chairs and sun loungers; again he went into a deep sleep, again when he woke the big blanket was round him, Alan smiled and thinking, well done Tom. Just then he aware that there was someone else he turned his head five feet away was a lady reading a book. She smiled at Alan and said, “Hello Alan,” she now put the book down and moving towards Alan with her hand out to shake his hand saying, “I’m Jane, the boss” Alan started to apologise but Jane butting in said, “No need to apologise, Are hungry?” Alan them realised he had been a sleep most of the day, he replied, “Yes” Back at the log cabin a meal was ready for them during the meal Jane asked Alan, “What would you like to do tomorrow?” Alan replied, “I’ve no idea, all I’ve done is eat and sleep since I got here.” “Good” Jane said then went on, “Would you like to go round the lake by boat?” Alan agreed. Next morning Alan and Jane went down to the lake, it was a steady slop down for about one hundred and fifty yards of grass that was just like a lawn and off to the left was a small jetty with it was an out house in side a boat. Jane did all the checks and off they went Alan asked Jane, “How big is the lake?” Jane told him, “Fifteen miles long and one mile wide” Soon they came to a little island it was so peaceful so calm, the lake was like a mirror the reflection of the pine forest that covered the side of the mountain and the sky was like a mirror, it was so perfect, Jane asked him, “Do you like it.” Alan smiled and said, “I do and now I believe it, places like this really do exist.” Then Jane asked Alan, “Can you take these two boxes to the table up on that rock?” “Yes,” Alan replied but just as he was picking the boxes up Jane was picking up a radio, flair and a rifle; Alan looked at the rifle and said to Jane, “Are we expecting trouble?” Jane smiled and said, “Wild bears can swim and this lot is for just in case.” After the meal and some light hearted conversation Jane said, “Alan, Please accept my apologizes,” she paused as if waiting for a response, Alan was puzzled he was trying to think what had she done wrong, then she continued, “It was me who kind of kidnapped you from the rodeo. I kept hearing these stories about an Englishman man who slept with horses and as a result he made them well again and never asked for any money. Now you have travelled the length and breath of this country and it seems to me that you haven’t had much time for your self, so I just had to fined out more about you.” Alan looked at Jane smiled and in his thoughts he thought, I like this lady but why would she do this. His thoughts were interrupter by the sound of Jane’s voice she was saying, “So only a hand full of people know where you are and they will not tell anyone and now I’ve got some people working on the people that you have helped they are asking for a donations to be paid into an account and all you have to do when we get back to the ranch is sign the documents and the money is yours.” Alan was speechless; there was a moment of silences, Jane broke the silences by saying, “I hope I have not afendered you?” Alan again smiled and looking at her said, “No not at all, I find it different that someone should go to all this trouble for me.” From this moment they both got on like a house on fire and for the next two days Jane showed Alan all round the lake and the pine forest that surrounded the log cabin and the lake.

The horses Cuddle

On the third day they went back to the ranch as they got close Alan saw this horse it was standing on its own in the coral, it was mid day and the sun had no mercy all the other horses were under some shade of some big trees or in the stalls, Alan could fell that something was wrong. Alan asked Jane to stop the car, old Mac was the diver he come to a halt. Alan then asked Jane, “What is wrong with that horse?” Jane told him, “That’s Old smoky and he is the meanest bad tempered and ugliest horse there is nobody can do anything with him.” Alan opened the door and started walk towards the horse, Alan could feel the power of sprit inside him and as he got closer he started to feel the pain that the horse was in. Alan was now close to the horse, only the railing of the fence separated them, now he could talk to him. The horse stood perfectly still as the suns rays beat down mercilessly. After several attempts there was no response from the horse then Alan saw the water trough a few yards off to one side Alan took off his hat filled it with water and offered it to the horse, the horse turned away from Alan. Now Alan had to clime the railings but this would mean he would be on the inside of the coral and would not have the protection of the railings should the horse start on him. Again Alan talked to the horse saying, “Come on Smoky I only want to help you.” A moment of silence then the horse asked Alan, “Why?” Alan then went in front of the horse then said, “I can only feel some of your pain and I would like to help you.” Silence again, and then the horse told Alan Others have tried and failed. Then Alan said, Come Smoky try and drink some water,” and at the same time Alan put his hat that was full of water right under his nose, Smoky causally sniffed the water then took a sip then waited as if it was he was trying to make his mined up to drink the rest or not, a moment later the horse put his head into Alan’s hat and drank all of the water. Alan put his hat back on went over to the trough put his hands in the water, the water was nice and cool and this made Alan’s hands cold. He came back to the horse and told the horse, “I’m going to put my hands on you and I just want you to relax I’m not going to hurt you.” While all of this was tacking place Jane had told Mac to go to the stables and get some of the boys ready just in case she knew that if Smoky decided to go wild then they would need all the help they could get and all Jane could was stand and watch. Now Alan put his hands on the side of the horses’ neck near the ear he slowly let his hands slid down the neck to the chest and shoulder then down one of its front legs, back up its leg to the back and side along to the hind quarters. This was the danger area if the horse was going to kick out this was the perfect time; Alan knew this so went very slowly. Down the leg then slowly back up now down the other leg and up over to the back and side to chest and shoulder down the font leg then back up to its neck to the ear. Alan stood in front of old smoky looked at him and said, “I want you to go to your stall now.” Then Alan turned and started to walk towards the stable, for a moment the horse did not move. Alan had gone about twenty yards then old smoky started to follow, Alan kept on walking slowly soon the horse was right behind him when they got to his stall the horse walked straight in. In the stable Mac, and a few of the workers were there they knew what Old Smoky was capable of, Jane had followed close behind Alan and the horse. Alan asked Mac for a bowl of cold water and a towel and some more straw for the horse to lie on, Mac Looked at Jane she nodded Mac and the men that was there did what Alan had asked. Alan could feel sprit coming in to him his whole body was tingling he put his hands in the bowl for about two minutes then took the bowl to the horse, the horse had a good drink and when he finished Alan put the bowl down. Alan’s hands now were tingling but not with heat this time they were very cold. He stood in front of the horse and asked the to lie down on the straw, Old Smoky told Alan it hurts me to lie down and its harder for me to get up, Alan then told the horse Ill try and help you. Alan them placed one hand on its forehead and the other next to its ear a minute later Old Smoky went down just like in slow motion on top of the fresh straw that had been put down.

Alan was now on his knees next to Old Smoky, spirit was now in control and all that Jane, Mac and the men could see was Alan’s hands on the horse. After a while Jane told Mac, “I want someone here all the time and if you want me then you come and get day or night, Jane remembered some of the stories about what Alan had done before and she had a feeling this could last all night. It was about five in the morning Mac had fallen asleep and when he woke he thought he would see if Alan was alright, the horse was alright but off to one side Alan was curled up in a ball as if he was in great pain Mac went to him feeling for a pulse to confirm he was alive then went to tell Jane. Jane soon arrived and gives the orders for the men to take Alan to one of the bedrooms in the big house she phoned for a doctor to have Alan check over. When the doctor had finished he reported to Jane and told her he could not find anything wrong and it seems that Alan is in a deep sleep and in his opinion he will come out of it at his own time, but if you need me just get in contact and Ill come out. Alan was in bed for three days, on the third day Alan started to move he opened his eyes looked around but did not recognize anything as he turned in bed Jane came over to him and with a smile said, “ Hi, how are you feeling?” Alan slowly focusing on Jane then said, “Jane, where am I? How did I get here?” Jane smiled reaching for a glass of water and said, Have a drink and then I think you should have a shower and shave then come down for something to eat and Ill tell you all that happened. After the meal Jane and Alan went outside and sat down on some bench seats he was thinking over what Jane had told him and silently smiling to himself. Jane then asked him, “Would like to see Old Smoky only I don’t think you can call him old now? Alan nodded his head and at the same time said, “Yes I would”. They made there way over to the stable and on the way Jane told Alan. “The next day when you were in bed Smoky got up and for two days he has been eating drinking running from his stall out of the stable down to the water trough where you first saw him then back into the stable looking around then back out again to the water trough looking up and down the road that we came along, he’s like that most of the day.” Jane and Alan were now in the stable, Smoky was not there they went to the other end that opened on to coral where Alan first saw Smoky. As they got there Alan looked off to the far left and standing at the water trough was Smoky, Smoky slowly tuned his head towards Alan then like a runner as he starts a race as soon as the starting pistol is fired Smoky was soon at full speed racing towards Alan. At about twenty yards smoky stopped and dust from the ground came up as a small cloud as used all four legs to come to a sudden stop. Alan walked towards smoky, smoky started towards Alan they up close eye to eye contact, then Alan heard the wards Thank you Alan, Alan replied You are very welcome. With that smoky lifted his head and put it gently over Alan’s shoulder then bringing his lower jaw on to his back gently bringing Alan closer to him in response Alan put both his arms up on smokes neck this was a show of affection, the horses cuddle.

Cupid’s Arrow

That night when Jane and Alan were talking, Jane suggested that Alan should go on a holiday, “That would be nice” Alan answered, “Would the log cabin be alright,” Jane asked, she knew Alan loved everything about it. “That would do nicely,” Alan replied. Jane picked the phone up and everything was arranged. The next day after breakfast Alan went to see Smokey, he told him he would be going away for a week and he would see him when he got back. When Alan got back to the big ranch house Jane was ready in the station wagon ready to go. As they drove away the road took them passed the stable and then the coral and that’s when Alan heard his name been called, he looked at Jane, it wasn’t her then he look behind him. The railings to for the coral were about fifty yards away from the road and he could see Smokey running as fast as he could to try and catch up with Jane and Alan. On seeing Smokey Alan asked Jane to pull over and stop the car? Jane did then ask, “Why? What’s wrong?” Alan was still looking at Smokey then said, “I don’t know, but I get the feeling something is wrong.” Jane could now see Smokey as he was rearing up on his hind legs and with his front legs he seemed to be clawing at something but there was nothing there. Alan got out of the car and went across to Smokey, Smokey was now standing still at the railings and as soon as Alan got close and before Alan could say anything these wards came to him. Alan I must come with you. Alan was surprised at this and asked, “What’s wrong Smokey?” The reply came back, “I don’t know, but I feel I must come with you.” “O K wait” Alan said as he patted Smokey then turned and went back to Jane. When he got back to Jane he was hesitating on how to explain just what Smokey had said, then he said, “I can’t explain it, but Smokey wants to come with us.” Jane looked at Alan and after a moment’s pause she said, “Well, what do you think?” Alan was thinking then replied. “I’ve never come across this before and Smokey seems very insistent that he comes with us, so I think we should take him with us and see what happens.” With that Jane picked the phone up and got in contact with old Mac, she told him to get the horse box ready and bring Smokey up to the log cabin. Then Mac said, “Yes boss but what if he doesn’t go in the box? You know what he’s like at times.” Alan heard Mac and told Jane. “Tell him Ill tell Smokey he’s got to go in.” Then Alan turned and went back to Smokey he told the horse about the arraignments then Smokey turned and ran off to the stable kicking up little pockets of dust as each hoof came in contact with the earth. Two hours later Jane and Alan arrived at the log cabin and later Mac arrived with Smokey. For Alan the log cabin and the hole area, the big mountains, the very large lake and the forest that seem to be endless. The air was so clean and the sky seemed to be perfect every day, what more could a man want, Tom and his wife have got it made to live in such a place. The days that followed Jane took Alan all around the lake and each time they left in the boat till they came back Smokey was waiting at the waters edge and when he could see that Alan was safer he seemed to relax again and when Jane took Alan riding on horseback in the forest then Smokey would go with them.

This particular day Jane had been on the phone for most of the time it was business and Alan was enjoying walking along the edge of the forest down towards the lake, he was about five hundred yards away from the log cabin. Big Tom was doing the normal little jobs that come with maintaining the Log cabin at such a high standard and as for Tom’s wife she was in the kitchen preparing food for the evening meal. This is why Alan love the place it is quite, clean and always fresh, but this tranquillity was not to last. With out any warning Smokey came galloping as fast as he could straight for Alan he was whining and screaming as loud as he could. When he got to Alan he put himself between the forest and Alan, Smokey was kicking his hind legs up in the air then his front legs were up kicking out. Alan was taken by surprise but he was more so when he heard the very loud and ear piecing sound of a mountain lion, Smokey was spinning round kicking and jumping and making as much noise as he could. The mountain lion had now broke cover from the edge of the forest it was hungry and it was going to get the horse or Alan. Alan stood there helpless he couldn’t do anything all he could do was watch as the mountain lion kept attacking and each time Smokey knocked it away. The mountain lion saw an opening for his attack and with a might pounce it landed on Smokey’s back Alan’s hart sang as he saw this, this must be the end he thought and the last he saw was Smokey running kicking and jumping as he ran into the forest with so much power in the two animals Alan feel useless and helpless he started to run to where Smokey had gone into the forest. Just then Smokey came running out with out the mountain lion on his back, Alan’s hart now jumped for joy but now he could see that Smokey’s back was covered with blood. Alan was trying to calm Smokey down. They were nearer the edge of the lake so Alan took his shirt off and started to wash the blood away from the claw marks and deep scratches that the mountain had made, Alan was now covered in Smokey’s blood he didn’t care Smokey was back safe.

Back at the log cabin with the sound of Smokey and the mountain lion fighting filling the air Tom went for a rifle and so did his wife, Jane was on the phone her thought was for Alan they all came running down to where Alan was. Tom took up a position between Alan and the forest just in case the mountain should come back and Jane just ran straight into the water on seeing the blood on his shirt she screamed, “Oh my god Alan are you alright, where are you hurt?” Alan told her, “I’m alright its Smokey not me.” Jane throw her arms around Alan’s neck told him in a voice that was next to crying, “If any thing had happened to you I don’t know what I’d do.” At That moment Alan warped his arms around Jane. That’s when cupid released his arrow, his aim was true and his arrow straight, it pinned both harts together, no one on earth will ever separate them. After a few moments Jane turned to Tom and told him, “I want two helicopters two dogs and two teams of men now.” Tom relayed the orders to his wife she ran back to the log cabin Tom stayed as rear guard just in case the mountain lion should try again. Wet, bloody and very happy they made there way back to the log cabin, Alan told Jane, “I must see to Smokey first.” That’s alright replied Jane, “I think I’ve got some explaining to do on the phone.” As soon as Alan got Smokey into the stable he could feel the power of sprit with in him and so he started to work on Smokey. When he had finished Tom was there he had been watching Alan and when Alan came out of the stable Tom said, “The great sprit is very strong with in you and he will walk with you for the rest of your days, he will always protect you.” Alan smiled looked at Tom and said, “Like today.” Tom just nodded his head and repeated, “Like today.” It was later when Alan got out of bed and when he went down stairs Jane was there to greet him with a smile as always. Jane told him that Smokey was alright, Then Alan asked, “Did they find the mountain lion?” Jane told him, “Tom went with them and as far as they could make out when the mountain lion was on Smokey’s back with him jumping and kicking his hind legs up he must have done this when he ran under a big branch that was low and had grown out over the trail. Smokey must have jump with such power the mountain lion most have hit the branch with his back and that must have done some damage because not far from the branch that had the fur from the mountain lion they found him under some bushes, he didn’t bother to run away he just laid there groaning so the men had to shoot him so he wouldn’t suffer any more.” When they went to see Smokey he was happy to see Alan and Alan was happy to see Smokey and on Smokey’s back all that could be seen was two little black marks that was open wounds the day before and Alan didn’t pick up any after affects from the horrific experience the day before. As Alan and Smokey were in eye to eye contact Jane asked, “Can you really talk to horses?” Alan turned to her smiled and said, “Of course.” Jane was silent for a moment she wanted to believe him be there was just this doubt. Alan could see this in her so with a smile he asked, “How can I prove it?” Silence fell again on Jane for a moment, and then she said, “Can you ask Smokey, what he did to the last vet that came to see him?” On the word vet Smokey’s head went up and he looked at Jane. Alan sensed the anger in Smokey so he started to stroke him, then he asked Smokey the question. The answer soon came back and Alan was smiling, Jane butted in saying, “Well what did he say?” Alan still smiling said, “Well he said the vet hurt him so he chased him out of the stall and out if the stable and he would not let any body come in to the vets coat and bag, every time some one tried he chased them back out, and when he was ready he went out of the stable down to place were I first saw him.” Jane just stood fixed to the spot her mouth open and with a gasp said, “Oh my, you really can talk to horses, that’s exactly what happened.” Jane and Alan turned and walked out of the stall followed by Smokey.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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