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a poem reflecting on the past and the ties to the present

Submitted: May 19, 2013

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Submitted: May 19, 2013





Memories flash across, 
disjointed collages from long ago 
disturbing the present, 
disrupting thoughts 
unsettling current worlds 
ghostly unseen intruders 
clamouring to be heard. 

The weight of the past 
dragged forward in time 
by invisible spider webs 
clutching for a hold, 
clasping onto thoughts 
sights and sounds. 

Each gossamer thread 
wending its way 
backward in time, 
some a long while ago 
dragging a heavy burden 
as if ploughing sand, 
some float lightly 
kites lifting skyward 
threatening to leap 
ahead once more. 

A vigorous shake 
tangles the threads 
jumbles the kaleidoscope 
the present zooms into focus. 

Another shake 
the glass breaks 
and the threads 
lie in the dirt 
their burdens disappearing 
into the mist of the past. 

At least for now. 
At least for a while.

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