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A deep view of the world from my heart and mind.

Submitted: April 25, 2014

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Submitted: April 25, 2014



I woke up, in this realm of insanity. I could no longer here myself think. no birds, sun or air. No nothing, it was as if I had vanished, or was it vanished?

Has the world gone?

Am I even awake?

Society stripped, humans no longer exist, programmed like robots following orders.

What's normal?

Do we even know?

Or is it mere rules set by controllers of the world? Money on computer is nothing but number, this false entitlement. Busting ass, killing ourselves for numbers? Enslaved or we don't eat, have warm shelter or have clean water.

What kind of world is this?

We're all on the ride together. Why can't everyone live in peace and enjoy our time while living?

Why is the world so tense?

Money shouldn't buy happiness but in this power driven, money obsessed world it does. As we use more and more of earths resources, leaving nothing more than a Stone Age for our future evolution, we miss the beauty of this planet and all it has to offer.

I picture a world where everyone notices that 10 thousand year old tree, which has seen more of the world than us or that noise as the sea crashes into the rocks or the colours of nature, a world where we help and be kind and generous to one another.

A world filled with so much love that every man, woman and child wake up feeling awoken by the power that love can have on you.

A feeling so good that you see your vision of a better you! We can follow our passions or follow the crowd. It's up to you?

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