Banana Ann " Words I Love"

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Banana Ann sees words that she loves

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013



Banana Ann


Words I Love




On Monday Banana Ann woke, before the sun came up

She didnt know what time it was because she didnt have a clock


Ann sat-up in her opulent divan and turned on the bed side lamp

and saw a book upon her book shelf that had written the word “Dance”




So she pirouetted out of her eiderdown and plie'd on the floor

A sight so wonderious, the likes the world had never seen before.


The crowd gave her a well deserved standing ovation

and a complementry congratulatry basket of a well know foot lotion


DANCE she said ,dont mind if I do

so she did with a stretch and a twirl and a kick in a loop


Ann loved the word Dance


D.A.N.C.E. Dance !




On Tuesday around noon Ann started to croon with some song on the radio

not knowing all the words was perfectly fine cos she new how to make up her own


with a Doh and a Ray and a Bong and a Faw Sow Law Tee and Bing

Ann opened her mouth and left a big holler Oh how I really do love to sing




Ann pick up the hair brush and made a Cher pose and started to sing down through her nose

''If I could turn back Time''


The audience went wild and crazy and threw roses to Ann

Who admitted quite openly it was the first time she'd sang

in front of a crowd that is.


SING she said, dont mind if I do

La la woopty tra la hookie waa who



Ann loved the word Sing


S.I.N.G. Sing !




On Wednesday around Lunchtime Ann felt a bit peckish a rumble was heard

Just a small little nibble about enough for a bird would sufice she mused to her self

as Ann looked up high onto the kitchen shelf


On the shelf was an extraordinary big old book

on whos cover was written in bold letters the word cook




Ann loved to cook all sorts of food, it made her dribble and drool, espically Pickled Pie and Soup, and utencels that made ice-cream into a scoop


Ann Loved Terrines and Trifle and Pasta and Spudz, curries and stews and all sorts of goods

it made her all warm on the inside with notions.


COOK dont mind if I do

Ann whipped herself up a scrumptious Ragout


Ann loved the word cook !


C.O.O.K. Cook !




Thursday was wet and a misery outside something to do for the day that was in it Ann had to decide

I'll make a boofon on top of my head she said and parade like a movie star so she did


Ann searched in the Dress-up box for combes, clips and ties, false nose and mustash and googeldy eyes, dont think so !

and written on a tube block capitals just there. on a tube all glitzy was written the word Hair




Ann loved to do hair crimping and waving and curling beehives up styles, down styles or swept to the side. Buzz cuts skinhead Plait and Crop, Afro Bun and Bob or just sticking up


Combing out knots or nits was a terrible chore but someone had to face into this hair-raising gore

She poofed the Cats and Mohawked the bird and made dolly look delightfully obscure.


HAIR dont mind if I do

Ann dashed up a quiff, so daring and new.


Ann loved the word Hair


H.A.I.R. Hair !






On Friday after a mouthwatering supper Anns Mammy did shrill, Its BUBBLE-BATH time sweet Bannana If you will.

Ann Grabbed a fresh towel and wipped off her clothers then sauntered and tiptoed to the bath bowl.


Ann put in one toe to the steaming water so hot, And thought oh thats perfect and into the Bathtub she got.

A squirt of bubble foam, to make a bubble Hat, and written on the bottle was the word Bubble-Bath




Ann loved Bubble-Baths, They made her relax, and it gave her time to spend with her favourite Ducks.

Dracky, and Wacky, Beekie and Pie who always foolishly get soapy suds in his eye. Silly Duck!


Ann small swimmed to the taps and then to the slope, squishing and pinching the now sloppy soft soap.

Splashing and kicking her water filled Boat. And generally acting the silly billy goat.


Bubble-Bath dont mind if I do.

Wheres the soap its turned into Goo. Eww


Ann loved the word Bubble-Bath


B.U.B.B.L.E-B.A.T.H. Bubble-Bath !




On Saturday Evening Ann jumped on her Bed, She moped around tossing her head

Bord out of her mind with nothing to occupy, Ann sat on Carpet and gave a big sigh. Im bored.


Then, Ann saw the word “Television”, There big and bold , So she stretched on the sofa like she was told.

She snuggled with cushions in her favourite Yellow wollie sox, Till her eyes were like saucers from watching the Box.




Ann Adored Television, It made her whimsey and cry,

she watched a docomentry all about Birds that cant fly. Poor Birdies.


Cartoons, Sing alongs, soaps and an interview, and a chewey Bar advertisment all sticky and Blue.

Pop stars so famous, Actors so rich, Gossip and Opera, soda and Crisps.


Television, Dont mind if I do

Now wheres the remote, Oh Boo Hoo !


Ann loved the word Television


T.E.L.E.V.I.S.I.O.N. Television !




On Sunday Night as the Moon was high,

Ann peeked a yawn tilted up to the sky


For just one minute on her bed she would lay

to think of the wonderful words all week she did spy


And in her Dreams as Ann closed her eyes

Sleep was the word that appeared in her mind




Ann was devoted to sleeping, Dreams, Pillows and Duvets and twinkley lights

All snuggled up tight for the night

So not a peep or an eek or a tweet or a fright

Sleep time was here not far out of sight


Sleep, dont mind if I do

Then AnnTurned over for her Fluffy snooze


Ann loved the word Sleep


S.L.E.E.P. Sleep !


Good Night Banana Ann !



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