Cherry Tammy "The Wand"

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Cherry Tammy Finds a Wand and gets in to trouble.

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013



Cherry Tammy


The Wand


Cherry Tammy found .....?

A Wand !

by the bush near the Pond

she reckoned it was lost by a fairy

With some kind of fairy name Glitzy Mary



What pot luck Cherry Tammy was having

So lucky she didnt sleep on in

till eleven

which was so typial

Other wise some other fruit would be standing here

playing with this coolest

found whimsical


A Magic Wand

Can ya believe it ?

Cherry Tammy never found a thing before

But had lost many ..about a score

but that was just silly things like keys and jewelery

but she never lost her love of



A curious look appeared in her eye

a cheeky smile,

well more like a sly, squinty shifty eyed devious look


She swong around to face her trouble

and whip up some magic hubble bubble


What will I do first she said with a Savage grin


as she stooped behind a rubbish bin,


Peering out over the top


to make a plan

and reap mayhem




Oh the excitment is way too much


She might just burst


She had to calm

bring her heart beat down

and find a happy place


Beyond goose bumps

and shivers and shakes



she winced

with Joy


A gazillion, amazing ideas fly through her head

Make a rocket from the garden shed

and fly me to the Moon on a spoon


Turn smelly boys and their silly cars

into slugs and snails and greeny nose faux pas


She giggled at her amazingly sharp mind


Cherry Tammy you're a genius

through gritted teeth

she'd wimp


On her magic tricks and foul play

Cherry Tammy would not scrimp


Cherry Tammy tip-toed and

creeped so no one could see

Than she menaced,


inched and peeped


From bin to Hazel Tree


She stood straight as an arrow

in its shaddow to hide


Then peeked to the left

and gooed to the right


Rose her Wand

Up to the unarmed daylight


And it glittered and glowed

with power and command

As she stirred the magic from wrist and hand


Then up along the the magic Wand

the wonderious spell did flow


And just like that she turned the neighbours Cat


in to a big black squaking crow


caw caw


Mufty, it got an awfull fright

from fur to feathers in the broard daylight


The humilation she felt

To be wearing rough course feathers

and not a soft fur pelt


Cherry Tammys Screamed with sheer delight

This was like having double pudding

watching a late movie on a winters friday night


She buckled over with the laughing pain

at this fun-tastic hocus-pocus

to see the look on Muftys face

was super-cool and priceless


More more more

she screamed with elated extacy


The first wily spell Cherry Tammy cast

made her feel real free


Her head was light her mind was full of delicious witchery


So she turned a Tramp into a Prince

And a Nun into a bee

a Wasp into a balloon

and a teapot into a pea


A Baboon into a Turnip

A shrub into a ball

A Hat into a spider

that made a woman skin crawl


A Candyfloss into a cloud

that made its owner float away


A chicken into a Bunny

that was considered fowl play


This naughtiness made the Mammies on a bus

scream and sway with fury

as Cherry Tammy turned a toffy apple into a great big Lorry


As Cherry Tammy convulsed and rolled about at her lovely fun guffaw

A crowds did gather angerly and they began to roar


Something must be done about this crazy Fruit


and a farmer said in all his sincerity..


Ive got a wellington boot


what good would that do said one of the ladies on the bus


put it over the wand and dilute its magic chaos !

Said the farmer


and reverse this

redicioulas mess

and confusion

before theres someone badly hurt or an unmerciful explosion


So he slung the boot with accuriate exacution

because two year ago he was the world champion


It landed right on target

and covered the wand


Then they confiscated it

and took it back to the pond


Gave it too the fairy glitzy mary

who reversed all the mess

It wasnt easy she did confess

bless. She did have a pretty fairy dress.

Made of grass.


Nearly everyone cheered. But Some were still mad

But most were over it and happy and glad


Then Cherry Tammy went to Naughty Step

for a year or two

which made her think about her naughty crime

again she'll never do.


So Cherry Tammy thats what you get

for being oh so bold

So dont go saying you werent warned and

that you were never told !


The End

© Copyright 2017 GaryMacSweeney. All rights reserved.

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