Lou Lou Lemon Cartwheeling

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Lou Lou Lemon wakes up one morning to discover that she is the best in the world at CARTWHEELING... Yahoooo

Submitted: May 02, 2011

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Submitted: May 02, 2011




Lou Lou Lemon woke on Saturday screaming

but not from a nightmare or a really bad feeling

you see while she slept and was tossing and squeeling

she discovered that she was the best in the world at Cartwheeling

Then spinning out of bed and into her clothes

her lemon dress so lemony, her bright light lemon shoes

over the matt and over the kittens

beautifully named rittens mittens and pittens.

She cartwheeled over knickers and twirrled perfectly over pies

she turned and spun so much it seemed to cross her Lemon eyes

lemon tights lemon socks lemon buttons and lemon shoes

and when she thought of a cow said im glad i dont have lemon hooves

Passed the great big window cartwheeling with joy

she twirlled high up over her favourite toy

passed the lemon curtians spinning the floor

ready to go and off out the door

First to the batrhroom brushing her hair

getting the knots out with delicate care

Pretty green ribbons tied up in a bun

cartwheeing in the bathroon was oh so much fun

Then upside down while brushing her teeth

her hands on the floor to the cealing her feet

washing her face swiveling with cheers

scrubbing behind her citrousy ears

she was up sidedown flipping her head

thinking she liked cartwheeling was much better then bed

Then while upside down she felt a bit weak

So she turned right way up to ajust and to tweek

then a number one and a two( we'll say no more)

she was spick and span and was cartwheeling some more

she cartwheeled in the hall and down the sloping stairs

with so much busto gusto and very little fears

she cartwheeled past the picture that hung upon the wall

of old and wrinkley great aunt zest who was thin and pale and tall

she was the bearded relation who loved to dance and croon

a tone and pitch and grace she had could send a grown man to the moon

la la la la la la la la woop dee do woop de day la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Lou Lou cartwheeled like a pro on to the kitchen chairs

ate a great big breakfast of waffels, beans, ham and pears

orange juice chilled, plump peppers olive roasted

and twenty three slices of wholemeal bread buttered and toasted

A great big burp and a bigger appoligy

then cartwheeling over the table with a wee hee hee

A blushing lou lou lemon, chartwheeler extrodinare

was a natural at twirling, so there

Now from the sparkeling kitchen window, lou lou lemon spied

it was most deffinatly a splended saturday out side

Lou lou carwheeled with grace out into the yard

she made it look so easy and it wasnt very hard

she says

over a bucket and over a spade

then over a goose who had just laid

a gianormous golden egg studded with diamonds rubys and pearls

we'll never be poor again cheered all the fruity girls

When a naughty little robin swooped swiftly from the blue

whipped up the crusted egg and took it far away boo hoo

So lou lou lemon cartwheeled away with a cartwheeling flow

and thought to herself easy come easy go

Lou lou's outstanding cartwheeling was surly a twirly sight

if a gust of busty wind appeared, she just might flight

be carefull lou lou

but lou lou was a lemon and little did she care

as cartwheeling was so delightfull espically in the air

lou lou cartwheeled over a dog and cartwheeled over a bee

a park bench and a sycamore tree

up a mountian and over a hill

a hot apple pie on a window sill

over fruit and over veg

a topery bush carved from a twelve hedge

a horse a cow a sheep and a pig

a chicken and a donkey and a farmer with a wig

that was far to big.

Giggidy jig

over Bees and ladies knees

drinking teas

with honey please

And a soft zepher breeze

Over Trains

under Aeroplanes

Tossing horses manes

And fields of golden grains

The Moon, A spoon a fork and a knife

a cup and a saucer and a Politicans wife

Then with out any warning and to Lou Lous suprise

A gust of busty wind appeared and whipped her up so high

Lou Lou spun and span

and hollered with cries

then plonked in a puddle

right up to her eyes

lou lou felt oh so silly

she shivered and shook

and said

you know I think ive had enough

of Cartwheeling here and cartwheeling there

Ive Cartwheeled so much

Ive muddled my hair

Cartwheeling made Lou Lou tired and she heard a great big roar

It was Lou Lou Lemons mammy tammy who was standing at the door

Lou Lou Lemon, come in for your supper and clean up all this rubble

Then put on your Pijamas she said or there'll be trouble.

So, Lou Lou didnt Cartwheel but strolled upto her room

cleaned and tidied up her mess with a great big sweeping broom

Then she put on fresh Jim-jams and snuggled into bed

And dreamed of all the cartwheeling that was in her lemon head

Sweet dreams Lou lou Lemon, Night Night till morning due

Sleep Tight and bright and be a happy lemon

and may all your lemon dreams come True


© Copyright 2017 GaryMacSweeney. All rights reserved.

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