Even Little Girls Do It Too!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a funny little story I wrote so enjoy!

Submitted: September 12, 2015

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Submitted: September 12, 2015



~~“Alright, you two behave while Bao-Lei and I are gone, okay?” Gary said as he was getting ready to leave with his beloved wife. They received instructions from James for some business that required them to meet up with him in private and their two daughters, Madeline and April (both 8 years old), had to stay home. The two little girls knew how to cook and take care of themselves, they pleaded their mother and father to let them be home in the palace by themselves. The two parents relented and let them take care of themselves.
“Okay daddy!” The two girls said innocently, and with that, the parents left.

The two girls looked at each other with sly smiles, “Finally! And here I thought we would never be able to get some time away from the two.” April said as she flopped onto the couch, her long brown hair that went down to the top of her thighs hanging over the edge.
“What should we do first?” Madeline asked tossing her very long black hair that she refused to cut that had to be curled up at the top of her feet since it dragged across the floor otherwise.
“I don’t know, how about a little TV?” April suggested,
“Sure.” Madeline replied, April moved and her sister hopped onto the couch.

As the girls sat and watched their favorite cartoon, during one of the scenes, the bunny girl was tricked to put a hose in her mouth and her friend turned the valve to full blast. The two watched as the character was blown up into a big water balloon and her friend used her as a water bed. This gave April an idea as she eyed Madeline,
“I could make her pay for that time she ratted me out for a cookie…” April cracked an evil grin, she knew exactly what she was going to do to Madeline later.

The next day late afternoon Madeline was taking a nap in her favorite blue penguin pajamas with the hood over her head, when April entered wearing a gray one-piece bathing suit  with ruffles at the holes of the arm and leg holes and carrying a hose with a roll of duct tape. She snuck up to her sister’s bed, and carefully put the hose into her sister’s mouth and taped it on to ensure that the hose wouldn’t come out too easily, and proceeded to unbutton Madeline’s pajamas, revealing a one-piece blue bathing suit, knowing that she would be even angrier if her favorite pajamas were destroyed. April then headed over to the pump and snickered to herself before turning the pump to half force.

The force of water entered Madeline and poured straight into her stomach, this unfortunately also woke up Madeline, “MMPH!?” Madeline muttered with the hose in her mouth now pumping gallons upon gallons of water into her. April looked over to see her sister making muffled screams as her stomach started to fill up with the gallons of water forcing its way into it. “How are you sis? Feeling a bit heavier than usual?” April asked mockingly, Madeline tried to make a remark, but the hose in her mouth restricted any ability of speech. She instead started to cry and silently begging her sister to stop.
“What’s that? Does little baby Maddie want more? Okay, if you say so!” April said as she went back to the pump and turned the knob to 75% force. Madeline gripped her already expanding stomach grow at an even faster rate, five minutes later, Madeline had to sit down in fear of her back and legs giving out from the sheer weight of her water filled stomach.
“This is for ratting me out for a cookie!” April finally explained her reason for doing this to Madeline,
“I can’t hear you over the sound of all this running water!” April said and she went back over to the pump and turned the water to full blast.

Madeline screamed even louder from the torrent of water now entering her, filling every inch of her stomach, which was now at least three feet stretching her blue one-piece’s fabric farther and farther out. April was laughing her tiny bottom off, Madeline soon started to fidget around in the drawers and pulled out a remote and pressed a button, and the water stopped flowing into her and allowed her to take the hose out. As Madeline ripped the hose out of her mouth and gasped for breath, she rubbed her seven foot stomach, “I… *gasp* feel so… *gasp* huge…” Madeline said,
“It feels… oddly squishy and fluffy… though sis is still going to pay for this…” Madeline heard April approaching.

“Hey sis! What was that noi-!?” April started to say until she felt the same hose she used to inflate Madeline like a water balloon shoved into her mouth.
“Mmm?” April said as she looked at Madeline with wide eyes,
“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” Madeline mockingly said before turning the pump to full blast with the remote. April felt her stomach bulge out just like Madeline’s and she too laid down on the bed,
“I’m surprised you can even fit yourself on this bed in the first place!” Madeline said as she did her best to scoot over to make room for April.

April looked in worry, “You did this to me, so I’m going to do the same to you!” Madeline said waving the remote, “Mmmph, mmmmph, mmph… (There’s no way out of this, I know…)” April said in defeat and she started to cry,
“I guess you took that well, how about I fill you up an extra foot? Then we’ll call it even!” Madeline said, soon the other half of the king sized bed soon was filled up by April’s eight foot stomach. Madeline stopped the pump and pulled out the hose,
“How about we try this at some other time? I like feeling my belly! It feels like a big water balloon!” Madeline said rubbing April’s belly,
“I guess *sniff* I feel really tired tough…” April said and she yawned,
“I guess so… I feel a tired myself too…” Madeline said and the two sisters grabbed the covers underneath them. They pulled with all their might and soon got it free from their massive girths and pulled it over them and they fell asleep.

“Well, James is a complete liar!” Gary said as he opened the door to the house,
“This is why I hate your friend to no end sometimes Gary…” Bao-Lei followed close behind,
“Where are the girls?” Gary asked,
“I think I hear them sleeping upstairs.” Bao-Lei responded,
“I’ll go check on them, okay?” Gary said,
“Okay!” Bao-Lei responded, Gary went up to check on the two,
“Gir- what… the…?” Gary said as he saw his two daughters sleeping with big massive bellies,
“Girls?” Madeline and April woke up and became horrified,
“Daddy!? We didn’t think you would be home this early! Please don’t ground us-!” April started to say while crying but stopped when she heard her father chuckling,
“What’s so funny?” Madeline asked,
“Honey? What are you- WHAT IN OVERLORD’S NAME DID YOU TWO DO TO YOURSELVES!?” Bao-Lei screamed,
“Everything’s okay, I think this is punishment enough, we’ll talk about how we get you two back to normal in the morning, am I understood?” Gary said,
“Yes daddy!” The two girls said,
“Good, then, I guess we’ll let you two go back to sleep, goodnight!” Bao-Lei said and she closed the door and the two went to their bedroom,
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Bao-Lei said,
“Why not? The girls did it too, so why not you?” Gary said holding up a hose, and the two girls could hear giggling all through that night.

© Copyright 2020 GaryMega77. All rights reserved.

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