The New World part 1

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Time has past and the Earth has changed. Isaac a 17 year old kid with special abilities has stumbled into the life of a mysterious young women.

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013



My name is Isaac, I am 17 years old, and I am alone...

172 days have past and there is still no form of human life to be found. I have to keep this log short as I can feel the presence of something big nearby. I didn't sleep last night because a trap had been set off. Unfortunately for me I know nothing else around here travels alone like I do. Although I don't exactly have a choice. Being stuck here without anyone else to keep me company or help me stay safe. Not an easy task, I must get going though. Isaac signing off.

Just as I put the data-pad down I heard something sneaking up behind me, instantly I went invisible and moved quickly toward a bush to hide. I waited for a moment before I decided to scan the area. Nothing in sight, that doesn't mean there still isn't something here. I tried to be as quiet as possible while I moved out from behind the bush and headed for a nearby tree. I figured if I could get above the ground I could get a better view of what might be here. Leaves were everywhere which was going to make this move difficult. Although I still remained invisible I didn't want to rule out the chances of some form of intelligence in my area. If something is here, and this thing is smart, I better be smarter. 

Next minute..


I froze where I was, only a few feet from a tree, the issue is, something is behind me. 
As I slowly turned my head trying desperately not to make a sound, I could feel a hot breath on the back of my neck. This is a bit of a tight situation that I am in.

I ran for the nearby tree hoping for some chance of surviving this monster. I stayed invisible so that it would give me an advantage in this situation. What I was about to find out was that it made no difference, because whatever this thing was, it could sense my presence.

I yelled as I spun around ready to torch whatever was behind me. A blue flame ignited on both of my arms from my hands to my elbows. Completely covering my hands and forearms. Ready to hurl a burning ball of fire. I stopped in attack mode. Just seconds away from setting this thing alight. Although, whatever this thing was, it surely was not dangerous. I have never seen such a confused look on an animal before. This giant creature that looks like a mix between a panda and a lion. Animals that used to be on this planet that are now extinct. Size of a panda, muscular tone of a lion, bewildered look of a confused puppy. Another animal that was on this planet years ago. 

"What the heck?"
Is all I could say after I realised this giant so-called menacing monster was sitting on my gear. I'm starting to wonder if this was worse than an attack. There is no way my food rations are in a good enough state to eat. 

"What do you want?" 
My annoyed tone didn't seem to phase this panda-lion thing. I think I have gotten into a very difficult situation. A giant confused creature sitting on my gear that obviously doesn't understand anything let alone English. 

It's been 3 days now and I just can't seem to get rid of this creature. It follows me everywhere.
"I think if your going to follow me then I may as well name you" 
I said as I found a log to sit on. It decided to sit down right in front of me. With the blank look on this giant creatures face I could see that there was really no point to this. I guess it won't kill me though.
"So we need to find you a perfect name, something that suits you. So your as big as a panda with similar colours, as muscular as a lion, as dumb as a doorknob and you seem to like me."

It was obvious that a regular name wouldn't suit this thing. As I sat there scratching my chin struggling to think of a name, it slowly laid down to get more comfortable, while doing this it managed to bump the log, I had to brace myself otherwise I'd end up hitting the dirt. 

"Look pal, you need to learn to be careful otherwise your gonna squash me."
Instantly I had a lightbulb moment.
"Pal is a perfect name for you." 
I said with slight excitement. 
"Your half panda and half lion, Pal will suit you fine. What do you think."
I asked the doorknob.
He looked up at me and for a second I really felt he understood me, until his tongue slowly slid out of his mouth onto my foot.
"Hmm thanks."

Weeks had past and my half crushed rations were just about gone. I'd been trying to conserve whatever food I had but it's been a lot harder since Pal arrived. He tends to find his own food by hunting smaller animals, but there has been a few nights he has gone hungry. On occasions I will give him something to eat but unfortunately he is just too big, he can't survive on my food, we need to find something soon otherwise I have a funny feeling this friendship will end in a bad way. 

We walked on in search of anything. Constantly stopping and listening, hoping that we can find some form of food soon. At this point I'd even consider eating a dead animal. I'd cook it first of course, wouldn't want to get sick now that I have this buddy of mine to look after. 

Suddenly we heard a sound, I had to try and stop Pal from running after it, I didn't even know what direction the sound came from. I got him to lay down so he would be a little quieter, I headed in the direction I thought the sound came from. Once again I heard it, it was a little louder, either I was getting closer to it or it was getting closer to me. I heard the sound again, it was starting to resemble a voice, a women's voice. Just in case this was going to mean trouble I went invisible and moved toward the closest tree. I tried to keep Pal in my line of sight. I wouldn't want anything to happen to him at all. Branches had started breaking and leaves were being crushed. Whatever it was I could tell was getting much closer. I tried to gesture to Pal to move out of the open by waving my arms around. I was confused as to why he wouldn't even look at me, until I realised I was still invisible. My choices were either become visible again and hope that he understands that I want him to move or quietly make my way over and attempt to make him invisible too. I have never tried it before but I certainly didn't want to take my chances by giving away my position. So it was time to move. 

I slowly walked over to my big furry friend that's the size of a small car and almost impossible to hide. Each step causing little sticks and leaves to crush under my feet. There was no hiding the sound, all I can do is walk as slow as possible so it wasn't too loud. The only noise in the vicinity is my feet and some heavy breathing coming from Pal. It was ok though because he is less then a metre away.

Out of no where he jumps up, he let out a deep growl that sounded an earth quake. As I looked behind me there was a women dressed in a black coat. Long blonde hair and pale skin. She stood there looking down for a few seconds like she was scared of something. Slowly she looked up, straight at my like she could see me. Suddenly a pair of giant wings shot out from behind her. They had to spread at least 2metres either side of her. Pal lunged at her. 

"NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!" I screamed at him hoping he would stop.....

Then everything went black.

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